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These experts have already completed projects at SoftwareSupp.

Nick / HubSpot

HubSpot Specialist

A HubSpot expert with 20+ years of experience running a HubSpot agency. Providing services in the area of HubSpot setup and support, including most complex issues related to marketing automation. Nick has successfully launched a CRM migration project with SoftwareSupp.

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Danny / Zoho

Certified Zoho Expert

Danny is a certified Zoho expert and consultant working on most complex API integrations between businesses' tech systems. He has successfully completed an e-commerce, Pipedrive & Zoho integration project with SoftwareSupp.

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Patrick / Pipedrive

Pipedrive API developer

Patrick is a web developer with 15 years of experience in building websites, including some more advanced custom integrations between website and other lead sources with Pipedrive CRM system.

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Jan / Pipedrive

Pipedrive implementation/consulting

Pipedrive and Zapier enthusiast that has successfully implemented Pipedrive for numerous companies working as their sales rep, including a +15 people SaaS mobile app and +100 people software agency.

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Aaron / Pipedrive

Pipedrive and Zapier integration

Expert consultant in tech for business systems and growth. Over 10 years of experience in software area with projects within Pipedrive, Monday and Zapier area.

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Krzysztof / Pipedrive

Pipedrive implementation/consulting

Designing solutions​,​ connecting apps and automating workflows. Nearly 50 projects realized in business workflow, website building and marketing automation space.

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Our experts work on projects for the below brands:

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Set up your profile in less than 1 minute and get verified in 24h. Get access to potential leads for your services, receive instant notifications about new job offers available and apply for the ones matching your skills and experience.

Present your technology, skills and portfolio to customers

Present your technology stack and skills to potential customers. Add your portfolio, LinkedIn profile and website to improve credibility and increase chances of closing new deals.

Promote your guides and customer success stories to boost your profile

We help you promote your software guides and customer success stories online by providing access to our blog and marketing channels, building your personal brand and helping you generate more leads for your services.

Use our tools to support customers more effectively

Use our meeting system to schedule paid consultations or to work with customers more effectively. Organize work with a built-in ticketing system. Use your own tool stack, when needed.

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Send offers for your projects and get updates about jobs' status

Apply for selected software projects and get updates on customer accepting your offer, requesting an interview or rejecting your proposal.

Set up your availability and use meeting system to connect with customers

Use our meeting system to schedule project meetings with customers or monetize your consultations.

Use ticketing system to collect and answer support queries from customers

Use our ticketing system to organize your communication with the customer, collect support queries and address issues more effectively.

Ensure payment thanks to a safe escrow mechanism

Use our secure deposit to make sure your customer pays a full price for your work.

Get project management support on road to successful completion

Use our project manager to facilitate communication with your customers.

Recruitment & verification process

What you need to get started with SoftwareSupp.

profile submission

Register your profile using a dedicated submission form. Provide all the required information, including your experience, the number of realized projects and skills. Add your LinkedIn, website and portfolio links to your profile.

Verification certification

We verify the information provided in your profile, cross-checking on your social profiles and projects. To apply for job offers you will also need to go through the identity verification process. We might also schedule a soft-skills interview.

project recruitment

After profile’s verification, we promote it in our social media/newsletter and match you with currently available projects. You can also provide materials you'd like to promote through our channels such as blog posts/case studies.

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about the registration process.

1. What do I need to know to register?

We work with experts skilled in the below technologies:
- Pipedrive
- HubSpot
- Zoho
- Salesforce
- Shopify
- Webflow
- WordPress
- Integromat
- Zapier
- GSuite
- ActiveCampaign
+ many more (over 30 types of software solutions)

We accept experts with different levels of expertise (basic - user, intermediate, expert).

2. What services can I provide through SoftwareSupp?

SoftwareSupp is the expert-based agency providing services in the area of technology support, implementation, integration and development, connected with business consulting/know-how.

These include services such as:
- System implementation/integration
- Outbound, mailing system integration
- Data migration, structuring and analytics
- Lead identification technology integration
- Calling system implementation
- Team/individual training
- Store/website setup & support

We might also help you find customers for more business-focused tasks such as:
- Business/technology consulting
- Workflow automation
- Online marketing

3. What kind of support do you offer for experts?

We provide leads for your freelance or agency services.

You can also use our platform and project management services for any projects you run on your own.

We help you promote your guides and customer success stories through our social media channels.

4. How are you different from other angencies and freelance platforms?

We deliver specialists in the software/technology area.

We provide know-how, project management and quality monitoring during the projects making sure they are completed successfully and on time.

We also deliver a set of tools dedicated for software projects (meeting system, ticketing system, access sharing).

5. How much will I get from my service quote?

You always get a full price estimated by you in your quote (some FX translation fees may apply if your connected account is different than USD).

6. Do I need to be certified by software vendors to join?

No, you don't need to be certified by software vendor but in this case we might be running our own certification process (test or interview).

7. What information shall I provide in my offers to customers?

In the price field, please provide your price/quote for the performed service (you always get a full quote you indicate in your offer). This price can be changed later if the customer provides additional information or requests offer change/negotiation.

In additional information field, please provide any information you'd like to pass to the customer, including questions, explanations, project schedule as this information is then received by the customer.

It is not allowed to include in your offer:
- price (you can include it in the specific price field)
- hourly rate
- link to your professional website
- links to your profile on other freelance platforms
- link you your LinkedIn profile
- your contact details (email, telephone number etc.)

All the offers that contain any of the information listed above can be deleted and SoftwareSupp reserves the right to ban such user from applying for any other projects.

8. How can I get verified?

We have 5 levels of recruitment and verification:

Profile verification: verification of your skills, portfolio and experience performed for every person we have joining our network. Without this, you will not be able to have the profile visible on our platform, so you will not be visible to our customers. We run this process in-house within 24h from profile setup and we will notify you if there is any additional information required in this process.

Software vendor verification: during the profile verification process, we also check on your certification by a software vendor/producer (you don't need to be certified by a software vendor to join but if you do, you will be receiving an additional badge).

Identity verification: verification that is required to send offers to customers. When verifying your identity, you will need to connect your bank account (this will be used to send payments for any completed project) and verify your personal details (an ID scan might be required). A verification process is performed by our partner - Stripe. Once you verify your identity, an additional identity verification badge will be displayed on your profile.

Soft skills and language verification: Before joining any project, you will need to go through a soft skills and language interview which includes a simple conversation to make sure you're able to communicate with the customer directly if that's required during the project.

Project recruitment: recruitment for specific projects is performed to make sure your profile and skills match the specific customer's project/task.

9. How to go through identity verification?

Our identity verification process is hosted by Stripe
(you don't need to have your own Stripe account to get verified)

For successful identity verification process you will need to provide the following information:
- Country
- Bank account
- Personal or company information (an ID scan might be required)

We recommend setting up an account as individual, if possible as identity verification process for individuals is much shorter and convenient.

If you want to change the type of account, we recommend setting up a 2nd account, copying the information included in your first expert profile as this will be the fastest way to successfully go through verification process. You can also contact us to change your account type, however, this might take up to 24h.

-> Link to identity verification page

10. What if my country is not on the list of supported countries?

If your country is not on the list of supported countries, you will need to use an alternative method described on the identity verification page and in our guide to identity verification.

For this method:
Once you complete the project, please send your invoice to and we will transfer your remuneration directly to your bank account.

-> Link to identity verification guide and alternative method

Our software experts

+250 software experts

Matt / Pipedrive & Shopify

Pipedrive & Shopify Consultant

Certified Pipedrive Expert Partner. Helping grow sales and reduce time spent on manual tasks by providing support in CRM configuration and integration. Automating lead identification, distribution and CRM mailing automation processes. Executing data migration & data structuring.

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Paul / Pipedrive, Asana

Pipedrive, Asana & MailChimp consultant

Productivity blogger and consultant specializing in CRM, project management & mailing automation. Pipedrive CRM Certified Expert. Helping customers make the best out of their CRM technology with the right automations and integrations. Expert on Asana & MailChimp integration.

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Gabriel / Zoho

Certified Zoho Partner

A Certified Zoho Partner with 8 years of experience and 100+ realized projects. Providing services in the areas of consulting, training, custom development, APIs, data migration or integration with calling systems.

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Jason / Zoho

Zoho Consultant

A certified Zoho specialist working on consulting, customization and automation of CRM processes. Working with customers on building a customized CRM experience to achieve goals and accelerate business growth.

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Jose / HubSpot

HubSpot Golden Partner

Golden Agency partner of Hubspot and part of the Hubspot Partners Counsil. Has worked with 15+ clients advising them on how to create an Inbound and Sales Strategy.

View Jose's profile

Meghan / HubSpot

Elite HubSpot Partner

Elite HubSpot Partner, providing services in HubSpot consulting, implementation, data migration, analytics, visualization and marketing processes.

View Meghan's profile

Our experts work on projects for the below brands: