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How JIT Team has built custom reporting script and optimized CRM

written by

Aaron Douglas

Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Expert consultant in tech for business systems and growth.

I am very happy with the performed services and the quality of communication.

Jacek Zawadzki, Head of Sales at JIT Team

Time of the project: 1 month


  • CRM audit
  • CRM system reconfiguration
  • Team training
  • Insights set up
  • Custom reports planning
  • Google Spreadsheets <> Zapier integration

Effect: 1 day a week saved on manual report generation.

Customer's needs and project

JIT Team is a software house located in Gdańsk, Poland, offering services in software development, including multiple technologies such as Java, JavaScript, .NET, DB, BigData and mobile (JS-based and Xamarin). With over 300 people on board, you can be sure that they have the right resources on board for your project needs.

Even though they are an IT company themselves, they turned to SoftwareSupp with the need for support in the below issues:

  • Generating reports in Pipedrive Insights
  • Setting up custom reports in Google Spreadsheets
  • Custom script integration

+ overall CRM setup, audit and configuration.

Upfront estimate

JIT Team had clearly defined goals and expectations when it comes to their Pipedrive CRM account. They turned to us with an issue solving a problem with generating proper reports in their CRM system. Some of the things they were not able to see:

  • - Activities performed by each salesperson
  • - Statistics about the level of contacts they have for each organization (e.g. executive/management/employee)
  • - Weekly statistics of open deals for each organizations

With our support they were able to quickly estimate the cost of the project up front, so from the very beginning they were sure about the price for the service.

Expert’s assignment

JIT Team’s executives needed urgent support as they were in the middle of structuring their sales team and wanted to quickly be able to generate proper data/reports to help them.

They also needed a person with the right set of skills and experience to complete the project.

Once they submitted the project, they were immediately assigned to the person with the right experience (Pipedrive/Zapier/API/Google Sheets) - Aaron, who was supported by an experienced CRM team at SoftwareSupp.

Contracting, agreement and payment

Once the expert was assigned and the estimate was provided, JIT Team was able to quickly accept the offer and process the payment. 

Accepting the project by JIT Team also meant accepting our terms and conditions which include all points related to professional legal agreement such as:

  • - Duty to deliver the contracted scope
  • - Dispute resolution and refund policy
  • - Ownership of the work performed

As the JIT Team requested a separate agreement to be signed, we also signed a regular paper agreement.

Once we made sure to have an agreement in place, JIT Team was able to settle the payment using a preferred payment method which in this case was a regular invoice.

The payment was put on a safe escrow account, waiting for the project to be completed.

Work and project's milestones

Some of the work that we’ve performed for customer included:

CRM audit

We performed a CRM audit to analyze the quality of inputted data and information such as lead sources, contact details and organizations’ data.

Team meeting

We ran a series of meetings to make sure we understand the customer’s needs properly and that we plan the project properly.

Setting up CRM guidelines

We set up CRM guidelines to be followed by the sales team when using a CRM account. The guidelines involved regular CRM setup items such as email integration and information about the sales process to be followed by the sales team.

Pipedrive Insights setup

We set up Pipedrive Insights to make sure that the JIT Team is able to analyze activities of the sales team members.

Google Spreadsheets report setup

We set up the framework for Google Spreadsheets report, allowing JIT Team to get a broader look on their sales activities and deal structure:
- by source
- by contact level in the organization
- by region

Custom integration between Pipedrive and Google Spreadsheet

Together with Aaron, we set up a custom integration linking Pipedrive data to Google Spreadsheet, with the help of custom API and Zapier.


The customer was able to communicate easily through a dedicated platform, including chat, ticketing system and secure password sharing.

They could also keep in touch through email and regular meetings scheduled at their convenience.

JIT Team received regular status updates to make sure they know about the current stage of the project and plan accordingly on their side.

Project delivery

Once the project was completed, the final report was delivered to the customer, including the access to the software and the script integrating their CRM with Google Sheets report.

JIT Team can now analyze the team’s efficiency through Pipedrive Insights. They can also run a custom report from their CRM system, based on their specific needs.

Every Sunday, they receive a link to the updated CRM report in their Google spreadsheet, helping them analyze their sales performance and plan activities for the upcoming week.

A short quote from the customer:

I am very happy with the performed services and the quality of communication.

Jacek Zawadzki, Head of Sales at JIT Team.
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written by

Aaron Douglas

Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Expert consultant in tech for business systems and growth.

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