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How Primetric Completed Redesign 2x Faster and Improved Page Speed by 100%

written by

Dawid Połaniewski

Webflow ​/​ UX&UI Design Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

I’m Webflow Expert & Digital Designer with over 3 years experience​,​ focused on building high quality experience for customers of my customers by Webflow.

The delivered professional was an outstanding specialist, he delivered on schedule, was patient and proactive. The project was delivered on time and according to the specification which is rare in these types of contracts.

Arkadiusz Terpilowski, Head of Growth and Co-founder at Primetric, the Client

Time of the project: 1 month


  • Website redesign
  • Page speed improvement
  • UX design
  • Animation
  • Graphics design
  • Website migration

Effect: Page speed +100%, redesign completed in 1 month.

Working with SoftwareSupp is pure pleasure!

As a member of SoftwareSupp network I connect quickly with the customer. This approach allows me to work in the same style as always!

The important thing is that they take care of both me and the client. For me - they notify me about current customer collaboration status and for the client - by following our project on Project Management tool, and by contacting me to confirm that everything was going according to the plan to finish the project on time.

Dawid, Web Freelancer at SoftwareSupp

The product website is one of the most important elements of a company’s online presence. It shows the company’s mission, the product features and should convince the potential customers to sign up for a trial. It needs to be a well-balanced mixture of informative and sales content.

Designing a new website is a big project that may take weeks or months to complete. The process of reviewing designs, improving copy, and project coordination can be long and seem to be a never-ending story.

However, with the right design expert and project management, the website redesign can be a smooth and easy process. SoftwareSupp assists you with both assigning  a software professional for the job and coordinating the project, so that you can focus on crafting the ideal message for your future customers.

New website for a software company

Having a well-designed, eye-catching, and functional website is a necessity for anyone who offers online products. It’s especially important for software companies because their website might be the factor that influences the potential client’s opinion on the quality of their application.

Primetric provides software for resource and finance management. The application helps you with project planning, scheduling, cost/profit management, time tracking, and reporting.

As a part of their rebranding process, Primetric (previously Grenade Hub) wanted to create a new website that would convey their core message for their clients. They wanted to share their mission which is “to provide a single system for resource & finance forecasting giving you the insight needed to make every project a success.”

Their software of choice was Webflow. It’s a website builder that doesn’t require you to know how to code to design and edit a website. Adding future changes and website maintenance is easy with this tool, so Primetric decided they want to use it for their new company website.

Connecting with the Webflow professional

Starting a project with SoftwareSupp comes with the assistance of a Project Manager who makes sure that the project is being completed on time, according to the client’s needs, and with the maximum efficiency. You minimize the time needed to coordinate the project, so you and your team can focus on the regular tasks. 

With SoftwareSupp, you also cut down on your recruitment and project management costs. You define the budget for the project and figure out the details with a specific freelancer. As compared to regular agencies, working with SoftwareSupp saves you the intermediary costs that are often a significant part of the agency’s final pricing for the project. With SoftwareSupp, the price is estimated upfront, so you know what you can expect and can plan your budget accordingly.

Primetric needed a consultant who would be able to design their new website according to their new brand book. They wanted the project to be done in Webflow, the software that allows the users to build responsive designs without coding.

At SoftwareSupp, we collaborate with experts in different software and technologies. Webflow is a relatively new solution on the market, but it’s getting more and more popular these days.

Apart from the software that you’re working with, whenever posting a project with us, you can add the skills that are required for the project.

We matched the client with a designer that had experience both in graphic design and building websites in Webflow. We also made sure that both the client and the expert are in the same timezone so that the cooperation isn’t affected by the time difference. 

Dawid, the expert that worked on the project, is a digital designer with several years of experience in Webflow/UX/UI. He has a holistic approach towards design and helps brands build a strong online and offline presence.

The Primetric team was impressed by Dawid’s portfolio and they considered his designs to be in line with their product vision. They wanted to make sure that the website would match the message they’d like to convey as a company.

The kick-off meeting and the following tasks

The project started with an intro call during which the SoftwareSupp Project Manager coordinated the schedule of the project and introduced the client and the expert. They were able to start working on the project right away. The Project Manager also helped with the timeline and mapping out the exact scope of the project.

When you work with a SoftwareSupp expert, you can be sure that you get more than simple task completion. The experts that we cooperate with always strive to act as consultants, so they will help you with choosing the best solution for the specific problem you might have.

As Primetric was in the process of rebranding, Dawid helped them with choosing their brand colors and suggested some improvements for their brand book. This helped the client to create a coherent visual communication with guidelines that will be useful for any next project they complete.

Creating a new website is always a great opportunity to simplify the brand’s message and to create a clear communication that unites the visual and written elements of the company’s online presence.

UX and the graphic design

Primetric already had a vision for their new website, so they were able to create an extensive brief. Based on the information from the client, Dawid designed the website structure that they started working on.

Initial homepage structure

Dawid and the Primetric team communicated about all the changes that were made to the initial designs. The client appreciated how smooth the cooperation with Dawid was.

After having agreed on the structure, Dawid designed the homepage using Adobe XD, a web-based UX design tool that enables collaboration between people involved in the project. This view was especially important because the main page defines what the next subpages would look like. The Primetric team was able to add comments in real-time to the website design, so everyone was always up to date about the progress of the project.

Having created the overall design, Dawid moved on to designing the graphics for the website. For the Primetric team, it was important to show the functionalities of their application, so the design included videos that showcased the usage of the application. 

Showing videos on the websites can explain the features of an application in an easy way. It also catches users’ attention and gets them more interested in what the website is about.

Website design in Webflow

Webflow is an online platform where you can “experience the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a 100% visual canvas.” This means that you can make your designs go live without extensive coding knowledge. The software allows the users to work visually with UI, without heavy code. It then saves you time and is budget-friendly, as designers can create fully functional websites without the need to hire significant front-end development resources. Still, Webflow allows to make proper edits to html, css, JS, classes which results in the mix of no-code design with proper code-based attention to details.

With all the graphics accepted by Primetric, Dawid started working on building the website in Webflow. He created a responsive design that looks well not only on laptops, but also mobile phones and tablets. Taking into consideration different screens that the website visitors use is necessary as the general Internet-browsing trends show that the usage of portable devices is growing.

Responsive website design

What really stands out in Webflow is how the software handles animations. This powerful tool allows you to have a real-time preview of the animation that you’re editing. 

With webflow animations, Dawid created a smooth design that highlights six major features of the Pimetric app in one dynamic view.

With the entire design created in Webflow, the Primetric team can easily add changes to the website in the future. It will save them time and resources that they would need to spend on hiring a website developer that would apply the changes related to product development or future business goals.

The website transformation

The new website responds better to the current software trends and illustrates the product’s strengths. With videos and animations, the website encourages the user to interact. It also has an overall better UX design that makes browsing the website more intuitive. 

New Primetric homepage

The old website described all the features in only one subpage without any categories that would help the user navigate and find what they need. You can compare the old design below with the new one above to see the difference.

Previous Primetric homepage

There are also significant changes in the way the product features are presented on the new website.

Old “Features” section

The new design is also minimalistic but it highlights the most important product features with additional background coloring and icons.

New design for the Features tab

Having the website ready is not the end of the redesign process. It’s necessary to stay on top of analytics and track users’ behavior to make the necessary adjustments. This way, you can maximize the conversions rates and improve the experience for your website visitors. Having chosen software like Webflow that makes adding future changes easier is a great example of choosing the strategy that matches the reality of running an online business.

Primetric now has a clear, well-visualized website with proper UX/UI design and can now expect actual improved page speed and conversion rate for its website and product.

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written by

Dawid Połaniewski

Webflow ​/​ UX&UI Design Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

I’m Webflow Expert & Digital Designer with over 3 years experience​,​ focused on building high quality experience for customers of my customers by Webflow.

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