Extending Sharetribe Flex with backend capabilities

Sharetribe Flex is a complex, production-ready system for building an online marketplace. However even in Flex there is a limit of default customization that you can do. In this article we will explore how to push past those limits.

Filip Ogonowski

JavaScript Developer

How to Build an Admin Functionality in Sharetribe Flex

How to use Sharetribe's built-in dashboard for triggering particular actions for the marketplace? Learn more in this explainer article.

Robert Mazelle

SoftwareSupp Sharetribe & React Developer

Integromat Not Working? Here are Three Common Mistakes

In this post, I’ll provide you with three of the most common struggles I see when working with my Integromat clients.

Andy O'Neil

SoftwareSupp Integration Expert

Top 5 Tips For Migrating To Webflow

The Webflow platform impresses with its key features: a user-friendly visual editor of web pages, a built-in CMS for quick management of store content and products, stunning animation effects, and more.

Rhami Aboud

SoftwareSupp Webflow Expert

Scoping session - How to run an effective scoping for your project?

What is a project scope and how to plan your project with SoftwareSupp? Use our scoping tool or book free scoping session with a SoftwareSupp consultant.

Agnieszka Mutwicka

Software Consultant

App Onboarding – how to guide new users to your platform?

Onboarding is a sequence of steps explaining the most important functions of your website/app to new users. As a developer using the product every day you may overlook how complex it becomes, especially for fresh users.

Rafał Płoszka

React Developer

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