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Certification Process

All SoftwareSupport Freelancers need to complete verification and certification

On average only 5% of applicants get certified and 1% of applying freelancers regularly work on SoftwareSupp projects.

Step 1 - Profile verification

Profile verification

We verify our freelancers checking on their skills, experience and confirm they match the position.
Important! Only freelancers that have provided relevant information can have an active account at SoftwareSupp.

Step 2 - Vendor certification

Vendor certification

During the profile verification we also check on certifications provided by software vendors.

Important! Our freelancers don't need to be certified by software vendors but if they are this information is presented on their profile to customers.

Step 3 - Identity verification

Identity verification

Our freelancers need to confirm their identity by submitting appropriate information and documents.

Important! Only freelancers that have successfully completed our identity verification can become the members of our network.

Step 4 - Soft skills verification

Soft skills verification

We verify our freelancers checking on their soft and communication skills through a proper language interview process.

Important! Only freelancers that have successfully completed a soft skills interview can become SoftwareSupp Freelancers.

Step 5 - Certification and recruitment

Certification and recruitment

Our freelancers need to pass a subject-specific certification. The certification involves a skill test, examination and real-life case study.

Important! Only freelancers that completed a certification process can become active members of our network and can apply for customer projects in certified technologies.

Next Step

Step 1
Profile verification

Step 2
Vendor certification

Step 3
Identity verification

Step 4
Soft skills check

Step 5
Hard skills check






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