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Michal Krawczykowski

Front-end Developer

worked with Capibot

10+ years of creating websites using themes and visual builders (Beaver Builder​,​ Divi​,​ Elementor) and 3+ years of building websites and shops "from scratch". Experience in HTML5​,​ CSS​,​ Javascript ES6+​,​ Wordpress​,​ Woocommerce and ACF Pro​,​ in using Git​,​ Webpack​,​ Bootstrap grid​,​ website design in Photoshop.

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Crecias Shiburi

Webflow | Wordpress | Digital Designer

worked with Wopl

I am a UI​/​UX designer & Web developer based in Johannesburg​,​ South Africa. I have over 5 years of experience in delivering end-to-end software products. I am passionate about creating meaningful and relevant experiences for users and helping businesses achieve their goals.

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Ernesta Malina

Web Developer

worked with Colliers International

Web developer and designer with 7 years of commercial experience​,​ familiar with both ends of the stack. Familiar with all kinds of tools and solutions including Adobe, Sketch.

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Jarosław Filipiak

Front-end Developer & Designer / WordPress

worked with Grupa Łukasiuk

Freelancer and web designer with 5+ years experience. Extensive know-how in web technologies including AdobeXD, Figma, WordPress.

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Optimize your
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Save up to 10x on recruiting and long-term contracts with agencies. We help you hire to complete the project or as a long-term augmentation to your regular team.

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starting work right away

Save resources spent on identifying the best talent in the field. We recruit and certify top experts with the right know-how and provide the best expert or assemble team for you.

Estimate and hire quality expert faster

Get an offer for your project and hire a hand-picked expert or team in 24h. We deliver project manager helping you plan your work, sign legal agreement and launch project.

Quality support, platform & reporting

Get quality support on road to successful work delivery with regular NPS surveys and use a dedicated platform to monitor milestones and progress.


9 min read

Shopify website design – UX best practices that boost sales

Shopify website often suffers from poor design and user experience. UX audit discovers usability issues that need to be improved. Find recommendations here.

Katarzyna Gajewska

Senior UX/UI Designer​

Hiring better, delivering faster

How SoftwareSupp compares to hiring directly, regular agency, and other platforms.

Work with top experts matching highest standards

We run the verification and certification process for you checking on freelancers' skills, experience, identity and track record and deliver the best expert for you.

Detailed estimates and planning for your projects or tasks

We instantly plan and estimate your project, work or long-term engagement in less than 24 hours allowing you to hire and start work immediately.

Get weekly reports on completed work and approve deliveries

Our experts need to follow weekly reporting standards, providing you with complete work summary and work approval process.

Monitor project status and submit additional tasks with 1h response time

Use our project and ticketing system to plan your tasks with 1h response time or get instant estimate and planning for larger work.

Schedule interviews, project statuses and consultations

Use our meeting system to schedule project meetings/statuses, interviews and consultations. Save time on setting up meeting times by yourself.

Process your payment securely using a safe escrow mechanism

Use a secure deposit and built-in balance to process your payment and settle only on actual work completion.

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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Marcin Szwajka

CRM Manager at VersaBox

CRM integration with Pipedrive and ActiveCampaign

„If you care to work with professionals, if you expect them to advise you on the optimal solution (ROI), if you are fed up of being surprised by system limitations only after its purchase, or simply the box solutions are just too expensive for you, meet up with SoftwareSupp Freelancers.”


to hiring the right expert

3 month

project time

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Customer Stories

Emma Dolby

Marketing Manager, Direct Air

Marketing automation and CRM

“SoftwareSupp and their Freelancer helped us integrate two core systems for our day-to-day marketing, our CRM system and email marketing. This has helped with the efficiency of sales and marketing working together and giving both teams the complete oversight of prospect activity. The integration team were professional and very easy to deal with, no questions were too difficult or silly. I’m very happy to have ongoing support from SoftwareSupp."


more efficient marketing

3 months

project time

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Customer Stories

Jacek Zawadzki

Head of Sales at JIT Team

CRM consulting and training

"I am very happy with the performed services and the quality of communication delivered by SoftwareSupp Freelancers."


saved on CRM

1 month

project time

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Customer Stories

Ewa Olczak

Client Success Manager and PPC Expert

CRM system implementation

"Mr Arkadiusz is definitely a very knowledgable and helpful developer. The service was well-prepared and organized. Sometimes we had to be supervised and chased but I think Mr. Arek handled it very well. We have a few things to work through but our opinion is very positive. With a clear conscience, I could recommend co-operation with SoftwareSupp."


to hiring the right expert

1 month

project time

Read Echo Marketing Story

Customer Stories

Lauren Rhone

Director of Marketing at Diesel Sales

Zapier and custom integrations

"We were very happy with Zapier and Pipedrive integrations SoftwareSupp Freelancer implemented for us, it was a rather complex project that required parsing email data and they did a great job making it work"


saved on manual copying

1 month

project time

Read Lauren's Story

Customer Stories

Igor Bielawski

CRM Specialist at Place4You

CRM integration

„Basically, I was surprised with the help of freelancers, because our project was pretty unusual and full of unexpected situations. Freelancers tried to to everything they could to help us adapt and deliver the services based on our needs.”


to hiring the right expert

9 month

project time

Read Customer Stories

Read Customer Story

Customer Stories

Marek Zmysłowski

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer, SunRoof

CRM automation and consulting

“SoftwareSupp and their Freelancer helped us in complete software setup, starting with consulting guidelines, through more complex integrations ending with ongoing support. They are professional, know their area and are proactive. We co-operate long-term even though we have tech resources in-house.”


saved on in-house admin

3 months

project time

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Hired by 100+
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