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"This partnership allows me to provide my customers with access to top CRM professionals while we did not have this knowledge in house. For me, affiliate commission is an additional stream of revenue."

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Recommend SoftwareSupp Freelancers to people & companies who need professional services

Help customers find and hire the top workforce based on their technology and skills. Anytime they start a project at SoftwareSupp you'll earn a 25% commission from the sale, which means up to several $k for every sale. You can also refer our hourly plans earning additional $100 for every sale.

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Help our customers find the best freelancers for their projects.
Anytime a freelancer invited by you is hired at SoftwareSupp you will receive a 25% commission from the contract.

"Being a SoftwareSupp partner means that you can stay in touch with professionals all over the world."

Michał Boruta / Business Developer at Nova Energy

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Michał Boruta

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Step 1 - Sign up

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Create your SoftwareSupp partner account to share and invite leads and freelancers.

Step 2 - Referral link

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In your partner account, you can generate a sharable referral link to invite potential customers and experts.

Step 3 - Invite

Recommend SoftwareSupp Experts

You can do this simply by sharing your referral link directly with potential customers who need to hire professionals, post it on social media or just submit your lead to us (email or message).

Step 4 - Monitor status

Get notifications about status

When your invitee posts a project on SoftwareSupp using your link, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Once the referred customer accepts the offer, you’ll be notified about the commission amount.

Step 5 - Payment

Earn 25% Commission

Once the referred customer accepts the offer or hires a referred expert we’ll notify you of the project launch and award you with a 25% lifetime commission of the customer's payments. Payment for the completed project is sent to a connected bank account (invoice or PayPal).

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Hired by 100+
industry leaders