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You have the experience, and we have the best talent. Together, we can deliver top-quality services to clients around the world. Join us as a Remote Partner.

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Apply and join the network

Apply to join the network in only 24h. We will provide you with all the information required during the application process.


Complete the recruitment process

Completing the recruitment, certification and formalities typically takes no longer than 14 days and is always led by our team members.


Get paid or invoice customers

Once we sign the agreement, you are ready to start applying for projects getting paid for work delivered or invoice customers for a small commission.

Premium partnership, good profits

The unique partner network created for you.

Deliver quality service to customers

We provide you with the supplies, and you manage them

Recommend SoftwareSupp to people & companies who need professional services. Help customers find and hire the top workforce based on their technology and skills. Anytime they start a project at SoftwareSupp you'll earn a 25% commission from the sale, which typically means at least a few hundred $ from every sale.

Earn commission and get paid for your time

Earn commissions and activity-based compensation

Our partners receive 25% commission life-time and activity-based compensation. Apart from this, the partners have the support of a partner network supervisor who provides them with the necessary materials and sales training.

Grow in the network

Grow as a partner and get guaranteed earnings

SoftwareSupp Partners are the best experts, so they always get the benefit of partnership with us. Each partner is entitled to a commission, but at the same time we guarantee availability pay and rewarding benefits for the best members.

Apply in 24h

Apply as a freelancer and join as a Remote Partner

Join the network as a freelancer and complete the sales and project management certification. Become a Remote Partner member and receive benefits.

Customer Stories

Partner Stories

Patryk Płaczek

CRM Consultant

„By joining SoftwareSupp as a partner, I have the opportunity to provide quality services to my clients, even when I don't have time to do a project. This keeps my clients satisfied, and I can provide them with top-quality support and additionally receive 25% commission for life. Remote Partner Network is a network of partners that gives you many opportunities with favorable benefits.”

Partner Stories

Michał Tracz

Pipedrive Certified Expert

„I've been cooperating with SoftwareSupp since 2020. So far, I've completed over a dozen projects, and some of them are projects that transformed into a monthly commission. A simple commission system allows me to earn money not only with my own projects, but also with recommendations. The internal network of commands allows us to comprehensively service the client in the scope expected by him."

Partner Stories

Patrick Cieśluk

Certified SoftwareSupp Web Development Freelancer

„This partnership allows me to provide my customers with access to top CRM professionals while we did not have this knowledge in house. For me, affiliate commission is an additional stream of revenue.”

Life-time commission

As part of your membership, the partner receives 25% lifetime commission on each customer deposit. The amount you earn depends on the number or volume of customers you bring in.

Earnings guarantee for active partners

Our partners are among the best, so we want to reward them for their activity and commitment. Each partner is paid per meeting held with leads assigned by the SoftwareSupp team.

Training sessions

We are concerned about keeping our partners up to date, so we provide them with the necessary materials and courses for their work on an ongoing basis. Get access to online materials and get individual support from our team.

Mentor support & platform resources

The partner caregiver is there for you. The guardian will answer your questions, help you during the problem and support you during the conversion of the lead. He will also take care of systematic payment of your commission.

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What services can you deliver?
How do your services compare to other companies and platforms?
What's the pricing?
How does the billing work? What payment methods do you support?
Do you have a trial period? What is your refund policy?
How do I contract? Do I contract with you or with the expert directly?
How can I communicate with the freelancer?
How do you ensure proper quality of provided services?
Do you work remotely or on-site? Can I contract long-term or per project?

Used by 100+
industry leaders