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Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

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May 7, 2021

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Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

After running numerous integration projects, we’ve noticed that there are a few main challenges for companies working with consultants and agencies supporting them with development and other software services:

  • Estimation and payments— estimating projects takes a lot of time and is not precise, payments are delayed and sometimes not made at all
  • Communication/project owning — working with freelancer or agency there is often a mismatch of communication, due to different time zones and differences in availability, often there is no actual decision-maker owning the project and aligning technical implementation with business expectations. Also, some of the processes are repetitive and could easily be automated
  • Technical setup’s quality — in every project, the technical delivery part is crucial and companies are not able to ensure proper quality of delivered implementations

Let me show you how we address these problems at SoftwareSupp by managing the network of certified experts and what kind of guidelines we follow when working with customers, by:

  • Providing project estimate and launching the project in less than 24h, saving time on estimation
  • Offering support of project manager guiding the customer through the details of the project and liaising between the customer and developers/experts
  • Ensuring quality by NPS monitoring, escrow mechanism, dedicated platform, ticketing system

1. Expert/support matching

The information about the project is shared with the available pool of verified experts based on experience and skills in selected technology. Typical information indicated in the project include:

  • Job information/tasks
  • Budget
  • Any other information on the job required

Experts can quote on the project providing most important information about their offer, including:

  • Price for the service (in a dedicated price field)
  • Scope of the service
  • Any additional information like the project's schedule

Important aspects of sending your offer at SoftwareSupp:

  • The offer you send to the customer is valid and represents the final quote for the service (you always get the full price quoted)
  • Please do not provide your direct contact information or pricing issues in the additional information field
  • If you're not able to provide exact price for the work/project, please provide the estimated price based on the provided scope. You will then be able to change the pricing.

The expert is then selected by the customer or suggested by SoftwareSupp team based on:

  • The quality of previously realized projects
  • The availability and budget
  • The speed of response

The ultimate decision on the expert's selection/choice is always made by the customer.

Important! Contracting SoftwareSupp customers/projects outside SoftwareSupp is forbidden and results in immediate termination of co-operation between SoftwareSupp and the expert.

2. Project launch

After the customer's decision and start of the project, a customer and expert receive a welcome email that contains:

  • A welcome message with more information on the service
  • Introduction to the dedicated expert/freelancer at SoftwareSupp
  • Information on the next steps in the project (tasks shall be planned through SoftwareSupp ticketing system)

3. Platform onboarding and collecting information

Once the customer is onboarded to the project, he/she is requested to share access to software tools through a secured password submission form. Together with the password, the customer should also be requested to deliver information about the company’s stakeholders (email addresses, phone numbers).

4. Expert/support onboarding

An expert/freelancer is onboarded to the project, following the below process:

  1. Providing access to the SoftwareSupp application/marketplace.
  2. Agreeing on the project’s scope.
  3. Agreeing on the project's budget.
  4. Presenting with the customer service/support guidelines we follow here at SoftwareSupp.
  5. Introducing the expert to the customer.
  6. Guiding on next steps and tasks planning through the ticketing system.

5. Customer service guidelines at SoftwareSupp

Work and updates
We work in weekly (for larger projects) or bi-weekly (for smaller projects) sprints, meaning:

  • Tasks planned and executed for every one (for larger) or two (for smaller) weeks
  • Weekly (for larger) or bi-weekly (for smaller) summary calls with the customer (at customer's preferred time/convenience)
  • Weekly (for larger) or bi-weekly (for smaller) summary sent to the customer

All the work is planned and reported through a dedicated support system.

Key communication like milestones updates and support queries need to be conducted through SoftwareSupp support system (ticketing or chat).

Query replies
We reply to customer & SoftwareSupp support queries within 1 hour from query submission. In the answer we provide:
a) an answer to the customer question (the real and actual one, once we don’t know something and need to check on this, we say this)
b) estimated time to complete the task and set up the solution
(in hours or a time when it can be implemented)

Every answer (if it requires action on the developer/expert side) is followed by:
a) A ticket created in the system
b) Actual action/activity taken by the dedicated expert/developer

If we don’t know the answer:
a) if it can be checked quickly (e.g. by asking our community/partners) we 1. Inform the customer that we’re checking on this, 2. check with community/expert partners (e.g. by posting the query as a ticket). An internal SoftwareSupp team or a community of expert can then come back with the answer to the question and support a developer/expert in solving the issue)
b) if it requires research (e.g. dev issue) we 1. Inform the customer that we’re checking on this and that it might take a while and 2. check on this by running research.

Password submission
Any access to the software should be collected by following the below process:
a) Adding account as an admin to their software, or
b) Submitting access through a secured form:

Remote setup session
The customer can also be supported with the remote setup/support process triggered by:
a) Booking a time with the expert using a dedicated meeting system at SoftwareSupp
b) Calendly meeting:
c) Video meeting using Whereby:

Dev work/release
Any dev work is performed according to the following process:
a) The solution is always first implemented on the person or company’s staging environment
b) The solution is tested for proper setup/implementation
c) The solution is released on the production or is simply duplicated for the company’s production in the same way it was implemented on staging

Meeting guidelines:

  • Customer can book a meeting with a support/dev person at their convenience using the link below:
  • An expert/developer needs to attend the meeting with the customer
  • If the support/dev person is not able to attend the meeting, he must send the message through the platform that he/she is not able to attend and propose an alternative time to meet (reschedule)
  • Every meeting must be followed by a 3-point summary sent to the customer. Any tech tickets following the meeting should be submitted through the ticketing system

Hourly tracking at SoftwareSupp Support:

For projects with hourly tracking, we do hourly tracking for every completed job and ticket.

Quality monitoring guidelines:

A customer is sent a bi-weekly questionnaire checking on the customer’s NPS score (how likely he/she is to recommend our services to a friend).

Link to the form:

Payment guidelines:

To receive payment for your services, you need to have an active listing at SoftwareSupp platform with the connected and verified account.

The payments are made through a connected account or by sending an invoice to

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

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