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How Direct Air integrated Spotler and Pipedrive to maximize marketing and sales results

written by

Michał Karaś

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

"SoftwareSupp and their Freelancer helped us integrate two core systems for our day-to-day marketing, our CRM system and email marketing. This has helped with the efficiency of sales and marketing working together and giving both teams the complete oversight of prospect activity. The integration team were professional and very easy to deal with, no questions were too difficult or silly. I’m very happy to have ongoing support from SoftwareSupp."

Emma Dolby, Marketing Manager at Direct Air, the Client

Time of the project: 3 months


  • create a custom integration between Spotler and Pipedrive using software APIs
  • trigger changes in Spotler in case of contact creation/modification in Pipedrive and vice versa
  • automatically create activities in Pipedrive based on data from Spotler
  • update custom fields in Pipedrive based on the Spotler campaigns

Effect: Efficient Spotler-Pipedrive automation that allows the client to optimize their marketing campaigns and sales activities

Choosing the right software for your business model is a necessary step to start optimizing your sales and marketing efforts. The next one is to create efficient connections between those apps. Integrations can save your time, keep all data sources up-to-date, and facilitate efficient reporting.

Software integrations make life easier as they reduce the workload of team members. Integrations help with internal communication between sales and marketing. If everyone involved has access to the most accurate data, the efficiency of marketing campaigns raises.

The SoftwareSupp experts can create custom integrations that will connect the software you use every day. You don’t have to rely on built-in integrations in your CRM system. 

Direct Air is a leading supplier of air compressors to industry since 1993, and are distributors for top brands including CompAir and Hydrovane. They provide high quality technical expertise and a commitment to providing a first class level of after sales service

The client wanted to integrate Pipedrive with Spotler. It’s a marketing automation tool that lets you manage email campaigns, create client segmentation, and use AI to optimize your campaigns. 

Spotler marketing automation software

Among Spotler’s features, you’ll find AI-powered marketing automation, lead generation, email marketing, AI IP lookup, email remarketing, rendering tools, and landing pages creator.

Pipedrive has integrations with many popular marketing tools, but it doesn't have a native integration with Spotler. That’s why Direct Air needed a custom integration with this system.

Direct Air successfully connected with Paolo through the SoftwareSupp platform. He is a Software Consultant who has 10 years of experience in integrating SaaS applications such as Pipedrive with other sales and marketing apps. He builds automations to enhance and speed up his clients’ business activities in a cost-effective manner.

User stories and project management

With custom developments, it’s necessary to precisely agree on the scope of the project. To break down the scope of the project into tasks, the team used the methodology called "user stories". It’s an effective way to choose what should be delivered within the application. The goal here was to define the end result for the client that would satisfy their needs.

A user story is a general description of a feature created using the perspective of the end-user. Its purpose is to define the value that the user will get from implementing a specific feature.

After the initial call with the client and SoftwareSupp Project Manager, the expert was able to get the general overview of the tasks at hand. Later on, he asked the client to record a screencast to show him the use cases and his expectations of the integration. This helped Paolo to focus on the functionalities that would bring the results that the client needed.

With SoftwareSupp, all the project progress is tracked in Asana. The timeline and the budget of the project are always agreed in advance. The Project Manager coordinates the project throughout its entire duration and makes sure that all the tasks are completed on time and the client is satisfied with the result.

Connecting Pipedrive with Spotler

The main goal of the integration was to provide the most up-to-date data for sales and marketing teams. It was also important to automate record creation in Spotler and in Pipedrive. When there was a change in one system, the other should get this information and update the relevant records. The next step was to be able to create activities automatically based on the specific criteria, for example when the contact got the “hot lead” label.

Paolo started with designing the architecture of the application, identifying the entities involved, their relationships, and the integration flows. He made sure to implement classes to abstract the underlying APIs.

Pipedrive API token generation

Having received API access tokens for both applications, the expert was able to create scripts that were designed to inform the apps about the actions that were crucial for the integration to work.

Paolo synchronized Spotler with Pipedrive to achieve the desired result. For every manual creation, modification, or removal of contact in Spotler there was a trigger that fired the script to do the same for Pipedrive. The same happened the other way around.

The next automation was designed to create the activities in Pipedrive based on particular criteria. One of the examples is arranging calls with potential clients as soon as they get the “hot lead” label.

Adding activities in Pipedrive

The last part of the project was to create a "multiple options" custom field in Pipedrive. The automation was created to update this field over time based on the current campaigns that are run in Spotler. Thanks to that, the sales and marketing teams can communicate better as they have the most important information already in the systems they use.

Custom fields in Pipedrive

Efficient marketing and sales cooperation

Creating an effective system to manage sales and marketing communication is a real time-saver. In many companies, the communication between sales and marketing is challenging because of the outdated information that’s provided in the system

The teams then need to waste time on confirming the current state of deals. That's why it's necessary to put in some effort into creating automation that would make sure all the data is up-to-date.

With the integration in place, the client can coordinate marketing and sales efforts with ease. Everyone has access to the relevant data that they need to perform their daily tasks.

Another advantage is having access to better reporting options. The sales and marketing data combined can be a powerful source of insights for increasing your revenue and conversion rates.

The integrations also enable better campaign targeting based on the data from the CRM systems. The marketing team can adjust the communication based on the feedback from the sales team.

The market for marketing automation software is getting bigger. There are many options that you can choose from. Even though Pipedrive integrates by default with many most popular systems, there’s still a number of software choices that you can’t connect with the CRM without any knowledge of coding. With a custom integration done by a SoftwareSupp Freelancer, you can benefit from using your favorite apps that match your business model and you don’t need to switch to another app to create an efficient automation flow.

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written by

Michał Karaś

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

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