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CRM Support Success Story

Ewa Curac-Dahl

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Ewa Curac-Dahl

Web Analytics

We were very happy with Zapier and Pipedrive integrations SoftwareSupp implemented for us, it was a rather complex project that required parsing email data and they did a great job making it work.

Lauren, Director of Marketing at Diesel Sales

Time of the project: 1 month


  • CRM custom fields setup
  • Multi-website integration
  • Email parsing
  • CRM integration

Effect: 1h a day saved on manual data copy

Expert realizing the service:
Michael Karas, Pipedrive Expert and Project Manager

Company’s biggest challenges

Diesel Sales is an automotive company that focuses its sales efforts on utilizing several external portals for lead generation. Once the lead is interested in buying an automotive part, they fill out the questionnaire on one of the landing pages leaving their contact information. Then, using the Intermedia Distribution List, it is distributed to a given employee that is taking over further conversations.

There were so many offers coming from several different landing pages that it wasn’t possible to directly integrate them with Pipedrive or add Pipedrive web form to them. That’s why the CRM used to be filled manually. It was problematic for the employees and consumed too much time. In addition to that, the customer’s requirement was that the emails needed to be clearly and graphically visible in Pipedrive along with all the data.

Once Diesel Sales reached out to SoftwareSupp, we got to work right away. We estimated the project scope in 1 hour, started it in 24 hours. Every ticket or request during the whole cooperation was taken care of in 1 hour.

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But let’s get into the details

We were ready to cooperate in our usual way. Right away we created an Asana board that was integrated with the ticketing system and dedicated Slack channel. All these channels were shared with the customer so the information was smoothly and instantaneously distributed. By taking care of this high-level project management SoftwareSupp was able to maintain its open and clear communication policy.

Information flow needs to be as simple as possible, and the customer needs to have access to all the steps we’re taking towards success. This is our mantra.

After testing a few options, we came up with a solution:

First, we took advantage of Email by Zapier and added it to the existing Intermedia distribution list. Now, included in the list, Zapier also receives emails of finished questionnaires. Next, Zapier saves received emails in HTML format. Finally, Zapier collects all the form data and passes it to Pipedrive along with the HTML version of the email. Thanks to this, it’s possible to view everything in a visually-friendly manner within Pipedrive. Our solution also made it possible to automatically generate deals using customer’s data and information from the form.

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Final results

This solution was exactly what the customer wanted based on their business goals and needs discussed at the beginning of our cooperation. They saved at least 2 hours of daily manual work and automated a big part of their duties being able to spend this time on getting new customers.

We took the lead on providing excellent support to smoothly take Diesel Sales through their implementation using both our perfect CRM and 3rd party tools knowledge. Our 40h support package allowed Diesel Sales to automate crucial parts of their sales efforts and most importantly save time and money.

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written by

Ewa Curac-Dahl

Web Analytics

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