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Building Klaviyo Email automation to improve the quality of communication

written by

Mohammad Zubair Sadiek

Integration Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Are you wondering why your email marketing does not give the expected results? Maybe the automation has been conducted incorrectly. And this is what exactly happened to our client. Email automation issues lead to communication problems. As we can imagine, communication obstacles can create difficulties with conversion, which causes real losses in the company. Such a course of the situation would worry every entrepreneur.

Klaviyo email automation project details:

1. To get our Klaviyo integration firing on all tagged events

2. To get the events to fire on the web and apps (app store and google play)

3. Check on the MYDAWA API flow for the API-driven events into Klaviyo

Effect: Fixed Klaviyo email automation issue. Solving this problem is directly related to improving communication in the company-customer relationship and increasing conversion.

Automation is my hobby - it is something that fascinates me. I have been dealing with this for over seven years. Thanks to integrations and automation, I help clients improve their workflows. It affects their efficiency and job satisfaction. Through automation we eliminate tedious, everyday tasks, making work less repetitive. Mohammad Sadiek, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

Email automation issue as a reason for hiring a Klaviyo specialist

To better understand the problem, we describe the situations in detail. The customer employing the email automation specialist is MYDAWA. It is a company from the pharmaceutical industry. Daily, they sell cosmetic and medicinal products. The company is located in Kenya. They have a custom website and an integration with Klaviyo for email marketing.

Our Klaviyo is processing only <10% of the various events. It is failing our automation and flows.- MYDAWA, the Client

What problems can an underdeveloped process of sending automatic emails cause?
It would seem that sending an email does not take much time and that you could write it simply by hand. However, if we think about it more deeply and calculate the numbers, it will turn out that well-prepared email automation saves a lot of time.
Assuming that writing one message with a copy prepared in advance takes 3 minutes and you need to send 50 emails a day (to new and existing customers), it turns out that we waste 150 minutes on it, which is 2.5 hours a day. It means that it may take more than a quarter of a working day to complete this task manually.

The client currently has five mailing campaigns that contain welcome emails, etc. Incorrectly implemented email automation not only does not help in faster customer service but even disturbs. Why? Because the customer has to send a large part of the emails manually and has to verify which of his clients received the automatic message. These messages are information about transactions, orders, etc., in fact, the major information for the customer during the shopping process. Communication with the shopper while making purchases often contributes to a negative or positive assessment of the store. It means that the problem with email communication can have a significant impact on the decrease in conversion.

Klaviyo email automation
Email automation
We have 5 automated mailings. Example of welcome campaign: only around 10% of customers receive messages. It is an urgent issue stopping us from advancing our campaigns.- MYDAWA, the Client

How to fix email automation process to improve communication and increase conversion?

The integration was not working smoothly, so registrations and orders from the website did not go to the Klaviyo platform. The missed contacts cause the email marketing workflows not to function rightly.

Freelancer's tasks to improve email communication:

  • Checking code to detect the problem
  • Klaviyo API and website analysis
  • Zapier webhook
  • Missing contacts analysis

My job was to find out where the problem was. I started with checking the correct code, which pushes the registrations to the Klaviyo API. Then, I monitored the new users coming to Klaviyo. By requesting and looking at the error log, I was able to see which users were not going through.

To check if the error is with the code in the website or the Klaviyo API itself, I added a push to a webhook from Zapier.

In Zapier, I set up a Zap to add any new entries to Klaviyo after 5 minutes if the website didn't add them to Klaviyo. By comparing the entries in the error log after a few days with the history in Zapier, I was able to see the missing contacts did pass through with Zapier.

These results made it clear there was no issue with the Klaviyo API but with the code in the website pushing the new users to Klaviyo.

I had to make a few attempts to change the code to make it work correctly by checking the logs every time. Now that the code is working, the other actions (Add to Cart, Viewed Product, etc.) also use the Klaviyo API. There are still some issues with the abandoned cart workflow, which could have to do something with the new code to send the events to the Klaviyo API, but I am working on that.

Email automation flow
Email automation flow designed by Klaviyo specialist

According to research conducted by the Annuitas Group, those companies that have invested in marketing automation to contact potential customers see a 451% increase in the number of qualified leads. It is one of the reasons why the client was so anxious to receive efficient help from an experienced specialist. Marketing automation is one of the fields for e-commerce development. However, there is a whole lot of opportunities that are also worth investing in.

Client form Kenya found email automation specialist from Netherlands
Worldwide cooperation

A client from Kenya, after submitting the project, was connected with a freelancer from the Netherlands. SoftwareSupp made it possible to hire a Klaviyo specialist from halfway around the world. Thus, the person responsible for project implementation was perfectly matched to the specific requirements of the client.

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written by

Mohammad Zubair Sadiek

Integration Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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