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5 min read

HubSpot CRM implementation & sales tools integration

Dedicated platforms make it easier to organize, manage and analyze data. HubSpot CRM implementation helps with automating work and growing sales.

Roman Yakovchuk

CRM & Sales Expert


5 min read

Shopify Product Variants: Manage out-of-stock products

The average conversion rate that leads to purchases is 2.86%. Make sure your Shopify product variants are displayed correctly and avoid losing clients.

Krzysztof Wojciechowski

Certified Freelance Web Developer


5 min read

Adding Google Tag Manager to Shopify checkout page

Google Tag Manager explained. Benefits of using GTM for Ecommerce. A short guide how to install Google Tag Manager on Shopify Plus store.

Mark Tristan Patena

Shopify /​ Shopify Plus Expert


3 min read

Integrated KPI Dashboard enhancing data-driven decision-making process

The client needed an expert to set up a streamlined system from the beginning. Since there were dozens of individuals involved, multiple companies and thousands of data points it was crucial to get the right system setup from the beginning.

Tim Little

Certified & Integromat Freelancer


5 min read

Business Intelligence Dashboards and Data Visualization

Delivering business intelligence solutions like automated dashboards and reports is easy at first sight but you should ask yourself, are you doing it right?

Ewelina Pietryga

Certified Business Intelligence Freelancer


2 min read

Building a Central Operations Database and Dashboard with Monday

Building a Central Operations Database and Dashboard to track, visualize and report on Sales, Support, & Schedules for over 50 Contractors and Employees.

Tim Little

Certified & Integromat Freelancer

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