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5 min read

LinkedIn contacts database design with low-cost approach

Around 80% of social media B2B leads originate from LinkedIn. A database design expert has integrated Linkedin with Google Sheets using the Zapier Chrome plugin to provide the client with easy contact management for LinkedIn contacts.

Stefan Behrendt

Certified SoftwareSupp CRM Expert


5 min read

Sales automation by implementing a smooth data flow

Growing needs do not have to be associated with a change of the project management tool used. This case shows that it is enough to integrate additional CRM software to manage customer relationships more efficiently and increase the sales automation rate.

Carla Rodriguez

Certified SoftwareSupp Sales Process Expert


5 min read

CRM system change with Native integration - steps for a proper database migration

Monday CRM system has been changed to a more advanced one to increase the automation level of employees' tasks. Check how many hours a freelancer has spent on database migration.

MIchał Tracz

Certified SoftwareSupp CRM Freelancer


4 min read

Automated text messages - instruction of sending SMS via implemented MsgBell extension

As it turns out, SMS campaigns are often much more effective than those sent by email. Learn more about the development of automated text messages via SMS extension implementation to Zoho and its benefits.

Pratik Karmankar

Certified SoftwareSupp Zoho Expert


5 min read

Building dynamic CMS using Jetboost and creating a Webflow custom menu

Client hired certified Webflow developer to learn how to solve technical problems on the Webflow website and implement Jetboost dynamic filters. The training included the creation of educational Webflow tutorials that the client can use at any time.

Sławosz Hodura

Certified SoftwareSupp Webflow Expert


3 min read

Introducing GDPR checkbox for an online Shopify store

The project assumed introducing changes to the backend of the store placed on the e-commerce platform. The work of the Shopify expert was to create the access of the Privacy Policy to the website user.

Krzysztof Wojciechowski

Certified SoftwareSupp Web Developer

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