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SoftwareSupp product updates

November 8, 2021

Step 1 Create project free

Log in to your account or choose “Create project free”. Complete your project specification. If you have a problem — Book a call with the project manager or check Tasks with example projects and more.

Step 2 Build a team of Certified Freelance Experts

Depending on the scale of your project, we are matching you with two or more freelancers per project. However, in the beginning, you can start working with one expert and extend your team on the same project board meanwhile.

Step 3 Prioritize the tasks in one project board

Now your project is ongoing, so you can create tasks and start working with experts. Thanks to the project board, you have constant contact with freelancers and can control work progress.

Step 4 Payments

In the tasks, freelancers report the number of hours spent on completing them. Every expert has an hourly rate, and you know what you are paying for. When your project is completed, and you have an active balance, you can spend it on another project/expert.

October 21, 2021

SoftwareSupp offers a safe balance payment system (an escrow system handled by Stripe), allowing our customers to pay only for the actual work delivery.

Customer's balance is reduced only based on the work delivered by the freelancer, meaning the hours of their approved work multiplied by their hourly rate.

As a result, customers pay only for the work completed and approved.

E.g. You purchased a $1,000 hourly plan. Your balance is now $1,000. You contracted a freelancer for a $50/h rate and ordered 10h of the work. On the work's launch your balance will be $1,000 but once the 10h of work is delivered your way and approved, your balance will be $500 ($1,000 minus 10*$50/h).

Billing Customers' balances are topped up every two weeks by an amount equal to the difference between the current hourly plan and the available balance (the amount consumed for work).

E.g. So if you have a $500 hourly plan and used $250 for work with Certified Freelancer - your balance will be topped up for $250, so you will still have $500 available in your balance to cover work with your Certified Freelancer.

Important! Using our safe balance system is not obligatory and you can also pay for our freelancers' services in the pay-as-you-go model every 2 weeks or monthly with a regular invoice.

October 8, 2021

You can have constant contact with the hired freelancer. Through the project board, you can track his work progress, and thanks to the profile's updates, monitor his self-development.

September 16, 2021

At SoftwareSupp, we solve this problem for you by delivering a convenient settlement system. When setting up a project, you get a clear estimate and planning for your work or project.

Moreover, during the work, you can check on the project board how much money is left. Thus, you can freely approve, control and influence the expert’s tasks by contacting him easily directly or through the platform.

The video below shows how we settle your budget. Let us know if you still have any questions.

September 10, 2021

Now, you can invite friends to SoftwareSupp platform and receive 25% of the transaction’s value. Moreover, when your friend buys an Hourly Plan at SoftwareSupp, you get free $100 for your work with Certified SoftwareSupp Freelancer.

September 9, 2021

In the project board at SoftwareSupp, tasks are divided into the following statuses: to do, in progress, and done. Each task contains information about the logged time and estimated time to complete.

Spent time tells you how much time was used on a project.

Estimated time gives information about how much time has been allocated for the implementation of the whole project.

September 3, 2021

Step 1 Escrow mechanism

SoftwareSupp's escrow mechanism is hosted by Stripe.

Important! Each Verified SoftwareSupp Expert needs to connect to escrow account by going through identity verification and bank account connection.

Step 2 Work launch

For every work's launch the funds (depending on the payment structure of the project) are deposited on the safe balance account.

Important! To launch any work, we require a small deposit on the balance account.

Step 3 Work in progress

During the work in progress, funds are locked on the safe balance account awaiting work's delivery.

Important! During the work, the funds cannot be accessed by any side of the transaction.

Step 4 Work completed

On the work delivery, a customer receives a notification about the delivery and the remaining balance based on delivered work. The delivered work is settled based on previously agreed payment structure or hourly engagement.

Important! If there are any issues during the work, a customer can also submit a dispute regarding the provided service.

Step 5 Payment

Payment for completed work is sent to a connected bank account.

Important! Our experts don't need to have their sole proprietorship to be able to receive payments from SoftwareSupp.

September 2, 2021

With the ‘add coworkers’ option, you can invite your colleagues to the project. It allows communicating during the project easier and observing changes and additional tasks. This option will also enable your co-workers to delegate tasks and fully collaborate on the project.

So, invite your workmates to the project board and enjoy the team spirit!

September 2, 2021

To improve communication in the project board, we have added 'Estimated budget.' It is the estimated amount for the implementation of all tasks in an actual project.

From now, every time a project uses 75% of the planned project hours, the client will be informed about it. It will allow greater control of the project and the time spent on it.

August 26, 2021

As part of our cooperation with Certified Experts, we want to expand our joint capabilities. That is why we have created a portfolio subpage for customers. There, you can find experts projects that have been implemented. Projects' descriptions give the possibility to verify experts' experience.

If you want to get to know our experts better, check it out!

July 31, 2021

### Features

Hourly billing system

User can add custom balance to the account

User can add budget and extend it per project

Mail - weekly report about customer balance

Upsell mail weekly when consumed balance is over 75% of planned balance

Calendly connected to meeting system

Example Experts are visible on Listing page

### Improvements

Project changes to awaiting when first offer received

Redirect 404 to the signup, or Get started page

Get started show client quotes

Remove generate pdf, add SendOfferMails endpoint

Refactor and optimize queries in ProjectBoardPage

Refactor ticketing system

Get hour plan on project redirects to subscription page in general

Budget automatic set during project payment - needed for hourly billing system

Hide service prices

Invoice due time change from 14 to 7

Client path change

Remove redundant tabs from Topbar.

### Bug fixes

New project mail for experts

Delete messages on project page - sometimes it was impossible

July 30, 2021

0:38 - Creating a project

1:12 - Editing a project

1:40 - Launching hourly plan

2:13 - Connecting with a Verified Professional

2:51 - Viewing profile

3:17 - Setting up a meeting/interview

3:44 - Accepting an offer

4:18 - Monitoring work

5:00 - Billing

5:28 - Completing co-operation

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