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Kevin / Shopify

Shopify Web Developer

Shopify Web developer with 3 years experience with Shopify​/​Liquid​,​ 4 Years with HTML​,​ Javascript​,​ CSS. Over 10 realized projects in the Shopify space.

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Adan / Shopify

Senior UI Engineer & Shopify Expert

I have more than twelve years of experience in web and app development for multiple platforms.

I've worked in partnership with agencies for brands like Apigee​,​ Google​,​ Adidas​,​ Boosted Boards​,​ Namecheap​,​ Oracle​,​ eBay Inc​,​ and PAPER Magazine.

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Rumen / Shopify

Shopify Revenue and Profit optimization expert

Conversion rate and e-commerce expert for 10 years. Over 10 projects realized in the Shopify space. Founder of the Braiv Ltd agency.

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Kate / Shopify

Shopify Partner

Expert in Shopify - nine years of experience.

I have previously worked for agencies as a web designer and developer and graphic designer.

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Vince / Shopify

Shopify Expert

I run HappyPoints which is a Shopify development subsidiary of Hamsa​,​ providing B2B services. At the moment HappyPoints’ team consists of 20+ people.

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Yassine / Shopify

Shopify Developer

Expert in Shopify developement with +3 years experience. Over 3 years of experience in Shopify development with over 25 realized projects.

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Reduce your dev and labor costs

Save time and cash spent on recruiting and long-term contracts with agencies. We help you hire to complete the project or as a long-term addition to your regular team.

The best talent, guaranteed
Hire from the quality pool of experts

Save resources spent on identifying the best talent in the field. We collect quotes from the pool of verified experts ready to work on the project and run the recruitment process for you.

Estimate and Hire quality EXPERT faster
Get an upfront estimate and hire instantly

Get an offer for your project and hire a hand-picked expert or team in 24h. We deliver project manager helping you plan your work, sign legal agreement and run project for every hire.

Shopify development, integration and consulting services

Shopify custom store's development, integration and growth planning to help you build and grow your e-commerce business.

Design your custom store or grow your store's conversion rates

Design your store from scratch using a pre-defined or fully custom template. Optimize your store based on actual analytical data and adjust by using tools like Google Optimize to maximize conversion rates.

Integrate your ERP, PIM and logistics systems and save time on manual data entries

Use custom API integrations to sync data with your inventory, logistics and delivery systems. Make sure your data stays up to date and grow your team’s efficiency by allowing them to focus on most important business activities.

Grow positioning in Google or external distribution channels

Optimize SEO through Google Structured data and page speed to grow your organic traffic. Integrate with external marketplaces, like Amazon and distribute your products multi-channel.

Integrate Shopify with marketing

Divide your customers into segments and run Shopify-synced (re)marketing campaigns through paid Ads, Klaviyo or MailChimp. Score your leads based on their activity and reactions to your campaigns. Identify leads most likely to convert into customers based on their marketing activity.

How we work

How SoftwareSupp works.


Project submission

Post your job for free or schedule a call with us to tell us more about the type of job you'd like to complete or the type of person you're looking for.


Plan & estimate Project plan

We connect you with the experts available in our database based on your needs and criteria, plan your project and estimate the work for you in 24h.


Project launch

Once you decide to work with the expert, you can hire him/her using safe escrow payment mechanism and start working with us on the project.

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Get Shopify support

Your business changes and evolves every month. So does your e-commerce store.

Get regular guides on growing your software stack, integrating it with your technology, growing sales, and saving time with the right setup and configuration.‍

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about Shopify & Shopify development.

1.  What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform letting you set up your own online store. It will allow you to set up a store based on a pre-defined template or by adding fully custom elements. Also, Shopify integrates well with other tools and technologies like logistics systems, payment gateways, ERP or PIM systems.

2. Why would I need Shopify development services?

Shopify has its limitations when it comes to no-code customization, so it requires professional and specialized services when it comes to:
- Custom front-end design
- SEO optimizations
- Page speed improvement
- External/internal systems integration
- Logistic systems' sync
- API integration

Proper Shopify optimization and setup will help you improve on conversion rates and automate manual sync tasks you do every day.

3. Can I try out Shopify for free?

You can try out Shopify for 14 days for free using the below link.

-> Link to Shopify 14-day free trial

4. What services do you provide?

We provide Shopify-specialized development services, including:
- Liquid (front-end) development
- Store's migration (from Magento or/and other platforms)
- Marketplaces integration
- ERP integration
- PIM integration
- Logistics systems integration
- Storefront/PWA building
- Backend optimization
- API requests optimization
+ many more

5. What is the pricing of your services?

We provide custom estimation for your project based on your project's scope/size.

To get the project's estimate, just post your job with us.

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Selected ongoing projects and customer success stories

Our current projects and customer success stories.

Great performance with very complex task and integration

Lauren Bernhardt-Rhone
Director of Marketing at Diesel Sales

We were very happy with Zapier and Pipedrive integrations SoftwareSupp implemented for us, it was a rather complex project that required parsing email data and they did a great job making it work.

This is the technology partner worth recommending

Marcin Zieliński
Head of Sales at Grupa Terytorium

SoftwareSupp is the perfect example of solid and reliable partner. Their implementation process for our 10-people sales team was extremely well-organized, quick and efficient. After the implementation, we could actually count on their help and support which only confirmed their professional approach.

CRM Workflow automation for fintech company

Pipedrive Expert

With our client we are aiming to rebuilt their Pipedrive processes and made sure the data in the system is accurate and well-structured.

Webflow website setup for IT/SaaS company

Webflow/UX Expert

The delivered professional was an outstanding specialist, he delivered on schedule, was patient and proactive. The project was delivered on time and according to the specification which is rare in these types of contracts.

Pipedrive E-commerce integration for edtech company

Pipedrive expert

The customer decided to look for a tool that would enable them to better manage the growth of their company. The first step to achieve this goal is to connect and structure multiple lead sources with CRM.

Data migration to HubSpot for travel management company

HubSpot Expert

I am working on full data migration to HubSpot. We have build the API routine available to load Tasks, Call's and Notes into Hubspot, this has been tested on a number of occasions over the last few days and works as I would expect.

Consulting on technology for: