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Matt / Pipedrive

Pipedrive Expert Partner & CRM Consultant

Certified Pipedrive Expert Partner. Helping grow sales and reduce time spent on manual tasks by providing support in CRM configuration and integration. Automating lead identification, distribution and CRM mailing automation processes. Executing data migration & data structuring.

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Paul / Pipedrive, Asana

Pipedrive, Asana & MailChimp consultant

Productivity blogger and consultant specializing in CRM, project management & mailing automation. Pipedrive CRM Certified Expert. Helping customers make the best out of their CRM technology with the right automations and integrations. Expert on Asana & MailChimp integration.

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Jordan / Pipedrive

Certified Pipedrive Partner

Is your favor marketing software not on Pipedrive's marketplace but you would like to see this info in Pipedrive? Thankfully they have a RESTapi that allows for custom integrations and creating custom features.

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Tomas / Pipedrive

Pipedrive Automation Expert

I am focused on data process automation. I can help you prepare automation scenarios that will increase your efficiency immediately and earn money from the day 1.

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Cullen / Pipedrive

Pipedrive Data Visualisation Specialist

We are Pipedrive Partners and also have extensive experience in data visualisation (especially of Pipedrive data), due to many businesses wanting to have specific, customised reporting to show them exactly where the gaps are so they can continually drive results.

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Patryk / Pipedrive

Pipedrive Consultant

Planning, implementation and maintenance of Pipedrive CRM System. Training for employees and management Expertise in workflow automation and API integration to 3rd party systems

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Reduce your dev and labor costs

Save time and cash spent on recruiting and long-term contracts with agencies. We help you hire to complete the project or as a long-term addition to your regular team.

The best talent, guaranteed
Hire from the quality pool of experts

Save resources spent on identifying the best talent in the field. We recruit and verify top experts with the right know-how and provide the best expert or team for you.

Estimate and Hire quality EXPERT faster
Get an upfront estimate and hire instantly

Get an offer for your project and hire a hand-picked expert or team in 24h. We deliver project manager helping you plan your work, sign legal agreement and run project for every hire.

Pipedrive CRM consulting, integration and implementation

Hire a Verified CRM Expert for implementation, integration and development to grow your sales pipeline and save time on manual tasks.

Integrate Pipedrive with external databases and lead sources

Use your dedicated software professional to Integrate Pipedrive with your website, social media, emails or customer support. Automate lead input and distribution. Upload targeted leads' data and see your sales grow by even 30%.

Connect with lead identification and scoring software

Work with Pipedrive Expert and integrate your Pipedrive CRM with lead scoring software, letting you identify most probable leads, actually clicking on your emails and interested in your product/service.

Automate workflow and save time on manual input

Hire your Pipedrive Professional and use workflow automation to turn manual tasks like data input or mailing into automated activities to help you save time, go home early or focus on most important business goals.

Integrate Pipedrive with your software stack

Connect your Pipedrive CRM to your customer service, mailing systems or ERP through native integration, Zapier or custom API connection. Make the most out of your CRM use and to have all the data analyzed in one place.

How we work

How SoftwareSupp service works.

Project submission

Post your project for free or schedule a scoping session with us to tell us more about the type of project you'd like to complete or the type of person you're looking for in your project.

Plan & estimate Project plan

We plan your project, connect you with the top experts in the field currently available for your work based on your needs and criteria, and estimate the work for you in less than 24h.

Project launch

Once you decide to work with us and the expert, you can hire using safe escrow payment mechanism and start your project, with quality monitoring system and project manager, included.

Work with top experts matching highest standards

We run the verification process for you checking on experts' skills, experience, identity and track record.

Get project management support on road to successful completion

Use our project manager to ensure successful project's completion, secure data sharing and additional technical support.

Get detailed estimates and offers for your projects or tasks

Post your project and instantly estimate your current project, integration work or long-term engagement in less than 24 hours.

Submit tickets to solve your tech issues in less than 1h time

Use ticketing system to post support queries and solve in 1h time or get an estimate for a larger integration work.

Schedule interviews, project statuses and consultations

Use our meeting system to schedule project meetings/statuses, interviews and consultations. Save time on setting up meeting times by yourself.

Process your payment securely using a safe escrow mechanism

Use a secure deposit to process your payment and pay only on actual work completion.

Get CRM support

Your business changes and evolves every month. So does your CRM configuration and integration.

Purchase a selected software support plan or predefined service package and hire your software professional for regular engagement.

Get your support plan

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about Pipedrive consulting.

1.  What is a CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software to manage your company's contacts and sales in one place. It lets you structure and manage sales processes, keep contacts in one place and automate work. E.g. it can notify you about new companies visiting your website or about customers opening proposals you sent them.

2. What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a CRM software focused on automation & user-friendliness. It integrates with other software solutions, helping you make the most out of the technology you're using in your business.

3. Can I try out Pipedrive for free?

Yes, you can try out Pipedrive for extended 30 days free (normally it's 14 days) using the below link or enter af-picksaas code in the billing section to extend your Pipedrive trial to 30 days.

-> Link to Pipedrive's extended 30-day free trial

4. What is the pricing for the software and services?

Pipedrive pricing starts at $15/mo per user. It also allows for annual billing at a discounted price.

We provide you with custom estimation depending on the project's size/scope.

We also offer support plans starting $999 for 20h of work.

5. Does Pipedrive have a built-in calling feature or integrate with a calling system?

Pipedrive has a built-in calling feature allowing you to call straight from a CRM (desktop and mobile), store information about the phone calls or record the calls and store them in a CRM.

It also integrates with already existing call center systems.

6. Does Pipedrive allow to track activities of my sales team?

Yes, Pipedrive allows tracking the activities and statistics of your sales team, like their activities, sales, goals' completion, divided by individual or by team/department.

7. Can I generate reports and what kind of reports can I generate in Pipedrive?

Yes, Pipedrive allows you to generate reports based on the data stored in a CRM.

It will let you analyze activities, sales performance, team's efficiency, deal's probability, forecast sales, measure deals' progress.

8. Does Pipedrive allow for quoting?

Pipedrive has a built-in quoting system based on integration with Google Docs.

It also integrates with various quoting solutions, like QuoteWerks or PandaDoc, letting you share data between a CRM and a quoting software.

9. Does Pipedrive allow for invoicing?

Pipedrive does not have a built-in invoicing system but it integrates with various invoicing solutions, letting you make the most out of invoicing systems' capabilities and features.

With the integration in place, you'll be able to issue invoices straight from Pipedrive, based on the products' sales and pricing.

10. Why is your consulting better? What effects can I expect when it comes to sales growth and time saving?

We deliver on the below value proposition, when compared to other consulting services:
- We offer top software professionals, recruited and verified by us
- We monitor the quality of our experts' services with the weekly/monthly NPS scoring
- We require experts to follow specific set of rules, including response/delivery time

The effects differ case by case but some of our customers observe as high as 30% growth in leads' volume, 2x increase in deals' conversion and hundreds of hours saved on doing manual tasks.

Also, by hiring with us, you can be sure that your services will be delivered with the highest quality, thanks to our verification and quality standards.

-> Our recruitment and verification process

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Selected ongoing projects and customer success stories

How we help customers run the most complex projects related to software and technology.

Great performance with very complex task and integration

Lauren Bernhardt-Rhone
Director of Marketing at Diesel Sales

"We were very happy with Zapier and Pipedrive integrations SoftwareSupp implemented for us, it was a rather complex project that required parsing email data and they did a great job making it work."

Lauren, SoftwareSupp Customer

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Very happy with both the service and communication

Jacek Zawadzki
Head of Sales at JIT Team

"I am very happy with the performed services and the quality of communication for our CRM setup and custom reporting script project."

Jacek, SoftwareSupp Customer

Read JIT Team success story

CRM Workflow automation for fintech company

Pipedrive Expert

"With our client we have rebuilt their Pipedrive processes and made sure the data in the system is accurate and well-structured."

Luke, SoftwareSupp Expert

Read Bluemedia success story

Webflow CMS and website setup for IT/SaaS company

Webflow/UX Expert

"Working with SoftwareSupp is pure pleasure! The important thing is that they take care of both me and the client, by following our project, and by contacting me to confirm that everything was going according to the plan to finish the project on time.

Dawid, SoftwareSupp Expert

Read Primetric success story

Complete CRM optimization and reporting integration

Pipedrive Expert

"We’re implementing changes to the Pipedrive setup that allows our client to optimize the usage of the system. The processes include creating guidelines, educating the team on how to use the system, automation, and security improvements."

Krzysztof, SoftwareSupp Expert

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ActiveCampaign configuration and integration

Web systems development and integrations

"I'm working on the complete native and API ActiveCampaign integration with the CRM system, website as well as setting up an internal workflow automation based on the specification prepared and designed for the customer by SoftwareSupp"

Maks, SoftwareSupp Expert

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Pipedrive E-commerce integration for edtech company

Pipedrive expert

"The customer decided to look for a tool that would enable them to better manage the growth of their company. The first step to achieve this goal is to connect and structure multiple lead sources with CRM."

Aleksander, SoftwareSupp Expert

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Data migration to HubSpot for travel management company

HubSpot Expert

"I am working on full data migration to HubSpot. We have build the API routine available to load Tasks, Call's and Notes into HubSpot, this has been tested on a number of occasions over the last few days and works as I would expect."

Ali, SoftwareSupp Expert

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Consulting on technology for:

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