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10 min read

Advanced CRM automation and custom reporting for Sunroof

How SoftwareSupp Expert helped SunRoof in complete software setup, starting with consulting guidelines, through more complex integrations ending with ongoing support.

Patrick Cieśluk

Certified Web Developer​,​ Marketing and Process automation Engineer


3 min read

Pipedrive and PandaDoc integration for a Biotechnology Company

How Aaron completed the perfect turnaround for the biotechnology company. Thanks to his highly professional vision and quick understanding of customer's business problems they´re happy to now move in the direction they want to go.

Aaron Douglas

Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday


12 min read

How edtech company connected multiple lead sources to Pipedrive

Implementing a CRM system in a company from scratch requires learning about their needs, their current sales funnel, the tasks they perform daily, and the goals for the implementation.

Aleksander Dytko

Certified Pipedrive CRM Freelancer


12 min read

Data migration to HubSpot for travel management company

How travel management company successfully migrated 46,000 records to HubSpot and unified data structure.

Alistair Knox

Certified HubSpot Expert

Custom Sales Reporting for a Booking Agency

For many industries, built-in analytics aren’t sufficient to get the full picture of the sales process. In this case study, you’ll learn how we transferred data from Pipedrive to Google Sheets, created custom reports and automated commission calculations.

Kamil Hudaszek

Certified Data Analytics Freelancer


8 min read

How Primetric Completed Redesign 2x Faster and Improved Page Speed by 100%

Learn how Primetric launched their redesign project with SoftwareSupp Freelancer Dawid and has successfully migrated to Webflow in 1 month and improved page speed by 100%.

Dawid Połaniewski

Certified Webflow Expert ​/​ UX&UI Designer

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