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Building a coworking infrastructure through Zapier Integration of Pipedrive and Nexudus

written by

Mohammad Zubair Sadiek

Integration Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Time of the project: 3 weeks


  • Creating an integration workflow and developing it to its most refined and compliant form
  • Integrating tools with sales lead sources
  • Developing a dedicated integration for the website, Pipedrive, and ActiveCampaign to acquire new leads
  • Developing a dedicated integration for Pipedrive, Nexudus, and PandaDoc to support memberships
  • Developing a dedicated integration between Nexudus and Calendly manage workspace scheduling and manage sales or customer service calls
  • Testing, troubleshooting, and tailoring integration to client's requirements  

Effect: Bespoke Zapier integration of a suite of tools and to efficiently and automatically manage sales lead processes and other customer-facing activities such as payments or membership management.

Project objectives

Our client is primarily focused on outsourcing co-working and event spaces. They offer various products, including access to co-working venues, hot desks, coffees, and more, in order to provide their customers with the best working space. With their growth, they needed to automate handling new sales leads that are interested in their services.This client wanted a more complex zapier integration with existing tools as well as new tools required to drive a seamless sales process.

SoftwareSupp freelancer was hired to combine crucial sales, marketing, management, and accountant tools to control the sales lead process in an automated manner and ensure efficiency. He used Zapier integration, the simple yet powerful automation solution, to bring order and put every action in the right place.

Additionally, when designing the workflow, the SoftwareSupp expert had in mind that the client in the future wants to move all data collected in separate tools to a central database and combine everything in Google Firebase. We left room for that and made sure the project could escalate.

Automation of the sales lead process through Zapier integration

The final sales lead flow consisted of six steps, starting with acquiring the lead through available client touchpoints, submitting membership information, auto-sending a membership agreement, and actually joining the workspace by the customer.

Bringing all these activities together was made possible by a robust integration of the tools listed below through Zapier and webhooks:

  • Pipedrive - Sales CRM and pipeline management software
  • ActiveCampaign - customer experience automation platform
  • Calendly - online appointment scheduling software
  • PandaDoc - documentation control software
  • Nexudus - coworking business management software

Now, let's explore the final form of the sales lead process in six steps.

1. The customer is seeking an offer

Our SoftwareSupp freelancer made it possible to automatically send relevant marketing messages when the customer enters the client's website. We use smart Zaps to integrate Pipedrive with ActiveCampaign. This way, when a new user browses the website, they're automatically added to the campaign and receive personalized email communication.

In the first step, a new lead, or a person who wants to become a member of the client's facilities and workspaces, applies for membership. The membership inquiry comes in through the phone call, website contact form, or an email message. Then, the lead qualification process and customer needs research follows.

Zapier integration
Zapier intgeration

The Zap that we created in Zapier ensures that every form that's filled out, regardless of the inquiry source, goes straight to Pipedrive. A new sales opportunity is then created, and the new lead automatically receives a brochure to the email address they provided (more on this in step No. 3).

What's more, the owner of the deal is informed of all changes. They also know the entire flow related to the membership and can track further progress in the Pipedrive. Better yet, they can see all messages sent to the lead in Pipedrive, even those sent by ActiveCampaign.

2. The tour process

The entire tour process begins once a lead is qualified. The lead receives a generated Calendly link through which they can schedule a meeting with a client's representative. After a successful conversation, all collected data is sent to PandaDoc, which was also connected with Pipedrive through Zapier integration.

3. Zapier integration of brochure delivery

The next step takes place in the PandaDoc software and is related to the brochure that is sent to the customer. The brochure contains all the information about the membership types and payment policies. We've used Zapier integration here so that this document is automatically populated with data from Pipedrive and is made specifically for a single person.

Next, the lead gets an email with a customized brochure containing all personal details, membership and marketing information, and other incentives. Once the lead selects a membership type, they're marked as "Won" in Pipedrive and move on to the following step with a binding membership contract created by PandaDoc.

4. Decision and contract management

So, after the brochure is sent and the new lead accepts their invitation to become a member, the PandaDoc automatically generates a contract template. Then, the contract is sent to the customer with all personal information (no manual work is required here).

Once the customer approves and pays the mandatory sign-up fee, it's marked as "Accepted" in both Nexudus and Pipedrive. This flow is also made possible by synchronization through Zapier integration.

Zapier integration showed on the screenshot
Zapier integration process

On an ongoing basis, Nexudus verifies that the customer data is already in the system to send invoices and quotations for the client's services efficiently. More on this in the next step.

Zapier integration - screenshots of actions

5. Streamline payment and membership information

Our client was using Stripe for subscriptions and checkout scripts but decided to switch to Nexudus. They also use digital wallet passes for interactive membership cards that are synced, updated, and voided based on the customer's selected plan in Nexudus. The client wanted a one-stop place to manage billings, and Nexudus was the way to do it.

In Nexudus, all the customer contracts are edited to reflect the actual status of subscriptions and memberships. In short, if the customer agrees to the contract from the previous steps, a dedicated contract is automatically generated using PandaDoc. The SoftwareSupp expert did it with Zapier integration and dedicated webhooks. Nexudus is a single source of truth for the client to manage all members, passes, payments, or credits. So, it was so crucial for us to ensure all data was integrated correctly and refreshed in real-time.

Our client also wanted to send quotations through PandaDoc and wanted them to be linked to Nexudus. So the SoftwareSupp expert combined the two software programs, and now the client can manage member payments for specific venues with just a few clicks.

Nexudus is also a great tool for lowering customer retention. All invoices and payment information are in the system. Nexudus also automatically sends a reminder to pay the contract. When the contract is paid by the customer, the system automatically receives a check-off. Also, with the zapier integration between Nexudus, and Calendly, the customer receives an email with a dedicated link to Calendly to schedule a new call for the next step, the induction process.

6. Membership check-in process

This is the final step in the sales lead process that we've been working on. First, the welcome information is sent to the new member. Also, the induction process begins, which is booked through Calendly.

The induction process is a sort of introductory meeting to the new workspace and all the rules. The client wants to make sure that the new customer is given all the necessary information about the membership, is fully aware of the opportunities, and takes full advantage of them.

The induction process

1. Induction is booked through Calendly.

2. Customer arrives at the reception.

3. Member pass is scanned using Nexudus.

4. Induction takes place, and the customer follows the onboarding process.

6. Book of the workspace for a new member using Nexudus.

7. Post induction check-up takes place two days after the induction date.

After the induction process, there's nothing left to do but get through the membership check-in process and take a seat in the workspace.

All in all, the new customer is happy to join a comfortable workspace after a short and pleasant sales and membership signing process. Everything happened automatically, and they had no idea about it. In turn, our client doesn't have to worry about manual customer nurturing, verification, payment, or back-office processing. The automation we set up saves time and energy.

Automate your processes to save time

The developed sales lead workflow certainly helps our client to organize matters and update customer data in every tool. Also, everything is wrapped with automation running flawlessly in the background. As a result, the client gets rid of some manual and time-consuming work and can focus on complex activities.

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written by

Mohammad Zubair Sadiek

Integration Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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