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Hard skills and soft skills in successful software implementation

written by

Arkadiusz Terpilowski

CRM ​/​ Sales Automation Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

A practitioner with over 4 years of experience in implementing and using Pipedrive on a daily basis in both product and service companies. I can help you set up the marketing and sales process​,​ arrange the flow of work in Pipedrive and integrate it with the required tools.

SoftwareSupp experts have been involved in the software implementation in various areas. Knowledge and skills, which they have acquired over the years of practice, are the element that makes them professionals. Experience in working with multiple clients gives them the utmost advantage- the ability to meet client expectations. It may seem obvious, but not everyone has developed soft skills. Skills that allow easy and pleasant cooperation. With SoftwareSupp experts, creating a project is no longer a big problem.

Mr Arkadiusz is definitely a very knowledgable and helpful developer. The work was well-prepared and organized. Sometimes we had to be supervised and chased but I think Mr. Arek handled it very well. We have a few things to work through but our opinion is very positive. With a clear conscience, I could recommend co-operation with SoftwareSupp Experts. - Ewa Olczak, the Client

What makes SoftwareSupp Experts stand out

Among the whole range of IT specialists on the market, SoftwareSupp cooperates only with those who work with the client effectively. At SoftwareSupp, we value the highest quality of service. Therefore, experts from the SoftwareSupp database are verified in terms of identity, technology - certifications, and soft skills. The last item - soft skills, is what we would like to focus on in this article. It is an essential factor when working with a client. As we all know, people are very different. They have unique temperaments and life experiences that have shaped them. In our opinion, a good specialist is one who, apart from the technical skills that are obligatory, can also communicate with people. What is more, we are publishing expert experiences openly. In SoftwareSupp, the value is a verified specialist. Arkadiusz was chosen to realize the project of Pipedrive software implementation. He is a practitioner with over 4 years of experience in implementing and using Pipedrive daily in both product and service companies.

CRM software implementation

Project: Software Implementation for Polish based marketing agency. The goal was to implement Pipedrive from scratch and integrate it with 3rd party project management tools like ClickUp, Pandadoc.

Duration: 25,5h

Sales department challenges

After starting the service, the client received an expert within 24 hours. The advantage of having access to the SoftwareSupp elite network is a short project initiation time. Our main goal is to connect with our verified expert within 24 hours from the time the client activates hourly balance.

Software implementation of CRM system should support the sales process and customer acquisition. Arkadiusz has many years of experience in Pipedrive implementations. Hence, was able to conduct an appropriate scoping session to obtain information about the client's needs. The company struggled with the following issues:

  • extracting data showing effectiveness of marketing and sales activities,
  • lack of tracking sales activity,
  • no central database of leads,
  • no automation for sending emails,
  • no reporting and analysis system.

Our client wanted all data to be imported into a CRM system that would generate reports, forecasts, and analyses. They need to be able to track their leads. The aim was to automate the tasks of the sales process, invoicing, and creating contracts. Moreover, it was important for a client to define the sales funnel. An additional requirement was: downloading data from the Central Statistical Office / CEiDG based on NIP or company name.

SoftwareSupp Expert cooperation during software implementation

Within your hourly plan, SoftwareSupp can provide you support in the required timeframe, software and technology. Thanks to our worldwide network of experts, we can find the best match for you and your business.

In this project, the client did not know exactly what system he needed. There are plenty of them on the market. Selecting the perfect software, matched to the client's requirements and fitting the current processes - requires the knowledge of an experienced expert.

SoftwareSupp’s team chose the Pipedrive system for this client. Before the cooperation started, the client received a software demo, also conducted by SoftwareSupp's Expert. It made it possible to verify the Pipedrive functionalities, check its usage and establish internal needs. After receiving the initial information from the client, a list of requirements was created. The freelancer and the client influenced the content. After a joint analysis of the needs, the tickets were automatically redirected to the project board, and it was possible to start work immediately. Purchasing the hourly plan at SoftwareSupp means that the expert becomes part of the client's company for the duration of the project. He is responsible for creating a transparent project scope in the project board.

The final version of the software implementation project’s scope included:

  • Defining the sales funnels and custom fields
  • Defining labels and internal marks
  • Data upload
  • Integration with email
  • Email templates setup
  • Security settings
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Adjustments based on team’s feedback
  • Email workflow automation: lead nurturing, reminders
  • Lead scoring
  • Invoicing system integration
  • Proposal & agreements system integration
  • Data enrichment from 3rd party sources (GUS)
  • Lead sources integration: website, FB, Google

The entire implementation took around 30 days. After that time, the client was able to enjoy the efficient work of the marketing team. The Pipedrive software will not only streamline processes in the company but will also increase sales performance. Additionally, during and after the software implementation, the expert conducted training for employees as a group workshop as well as one-to-one training sessions. It gave them confidence that employees will use the software features and effectively tap its potential.

Additional software integrations

The main part of the described project was the implementation of the Pipedrive software with customized options. However, the expert during this hourly plan also supplemented the system with the following integrations:

  • Integration with Google calendar,
  • Integration with Gmail,
  • Integration with Google drive
  • Integration with ClickUp
  • Timeneye integration
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Integration with Sellizer
  • Direct and automatic data export to BI systems

These integrations made Pipedrive an even more powerful tool. For example, integration with Sellizer allowed the client to track and analyze sent proposals and score leads effortlessly.

Sellizer that allows to track and analyze sent proposals and score leads effortlessly.

Expert’s biggest challenge

At the beginning of the talks about the project, the expert only received information that sales managers do not want to fill in the data manually, and there is no manageable extraction of information. The client pointed out that the team gets lost in the activities they are to carry out, which affects their effectiveness. It is not very extensive information, is it? Only after completing the form prepared by SoftwareSupp’s expert, specific requirements were listed, such as easy verification of work efficiency, a quick preview of the history of cooperation with a lead> client, central database- available to everyone, reporting system for the entire sales process from various perspectives (sales funnel/achieving goals), reminders about customer activities and tracking the lead path. One of the challenges is understanding the client's business and its requirements for the CRM system. Thus, the expert can define the framework of what is significant and what is not in the context of implementation. Moreover, a proper adaptation for the company processes demands specialistic knowledge of the system. Furthermore, it is crucial to pay attention to the level of advancement of the people who will use it. Additionally, choose integrations accurately - so it allows for the automation of activities and improvement of the processes in all of the departments.

With companies that have not used CRM before, the biggest challenge is to understand and arrange an appropriate process that will be properly reflected in the CRM system. Especially when this process is not completely finished. However, what is even more important is to convince people that CRM is their basic and everyday weapon of a salesperson in the fight for a customer.

Arkadiusz, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

When starting cooperation with SoftwareSupp, you can count on professionalism in the field of communication and technology. See how easy it is to work with us. You will surely want to come back. Employing a person from a trusted and confirmed source like SoftwareSupp guarantees quality. You do not waste time looking for a specialist, signing a contract with him, or adding conditions. Within 24 hours, an expert who knows his role may start working for you. Moreover, during execution, you can change the scope of the expert's tasks by sending one message. You save time that you would waste worrying about the timely delivery of the job.

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written by

Arkadiusz Terpilowski

CRM ​/​ Sales Automation Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

A practitioner with over 4 years of experience in implementing and using Pipedrive on a daily basis in both product and service companies. I can help you set up the marketing and sales process​,​ arrange the flow of work in Pipedrive and integrate it with the required tools.

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