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Mautic marketing automation

Mohammad Abu Musa

Certified SoftwareSupp Marketing Automation Expert

Marketing automation expert with over 16 years of experience and 160 projects realized. He is a specialist in automation strategies and systems.

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Mohammad Abu Musa

Certified SoftwareSupp Marketing Automation Expert

Automation tool for chemical industry

The client’s company is the first digital marketplace built for chemicals, polymers, and ingredients. Marketplaces have modernized and disrupted major industries.Their value is simple:

for sellers- provides instant customer-facing digital transformation without any capital expense;

for buyers and R&D -provides an unmatched user experience and the tools to search, filter, sample, quote, and purchase from every major producer on earth - all in one place.


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a complex ensemble of activities facilitating the work of marketing activities and team management. Effective automation requires special software to improve sales processes. It is a solution that allows you to collect data about customers and information about transactions. Thanks to this, you can run personalized campaigns. The system enables you to manage data. Moreover, Mautic increases the efficiency of sending e-mails, planned campaigns, and analyzing implemented activities.

Mautic expert

The company faced incredible growth, huge demands on marketing automation, email marketing, and leads tracking. The issue is combined with the company’s services offering marketing services for their clients who want to reach more customers. Based on previous first-hand experience with the challenges and limitations of other tools, a client needed a flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, and powerful tool to manage their marketing automation challenges on behalf of their clients.

Appropriate software has been selected for the specialized needs of the client: MAUTIC

Mohammad Abu Musa worked with the client to use Mautic for their marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a broad term, but in this case, we can distinguish between several items:

  • Email automation
  • Marketing analysis
  • Site tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Dynamic content setup
  • Audience segmentation

Mautic helped in setting up and executing email campaigns easily, leads tracking, and dynamic content. Further, this software was integrated with their existing products. With a business model reliant on the engagement of both buyers and sellers, the company must nurture two very different audiences. In addition, the client provides marketing services to premium sellers who expect branded and customized campaigns to be served to chemical buyers in specific target industries. It means conceiving, creating, and launching dozens of differently branded campaigns to diverse audience segments, analyzing their results, and optimizing content as needed. Moreover, the company's status as a start-up meant achieving those goals quickly and on a tight budget.

Mautic implementation

After project realization, the client can set up and execute email campaigns quickly and effectively. The goal was to increase business results. Marketing automation was implemented to improve work, and streamline communication. It resulted in a significant increase in the efficiency of daily tasks. Mautic is a flexible, easy-to-learn, inexpensive, and customizable solution.

Key selling points at this project were:

  • the visual editor that made content creation possible with minimal knowledge of code
  • the campaign builder that uses straight-forward logic to serve content score contact actions and measure the lead engagement
  • contact segment builder that makes it easy to target the perfect audience for every campaign

Presently, the client can quickly and easily launch additional instances for premium sellers that need help nurturing the customers that visit their storefronts. A company can create and serve content on behalf of over a dozen sellers in just 5 months by:

  • whitelisting each new instance,
  • creating custom themes to meet each company’s brand guidelines
  • uploading target contact segments.

Currently, many sellers' sales forces are grounded in the face of COVID-19. Thus, their sellers can take solace because their products and value props continue to reach existing and potential customers.

Mohammad Abu Musa helped install, maintain, scale, and run different instances of Mautic and provide performance enhancements and integrations that did not exist in Mautic. Thanks to the Mautic implementation, the client has gained an intuitive tool that enables the automation of repetitive processes in the marketing department.

In this project, data collection, reporting, and analytics have been improved. Now, a team can manage sales more effectively. Tracking leads makes it possible to observe the path of a potential customer. These and other solutions support the company's development. The implementation of the Mautic software made the time of performing individual tasks shortened to a minimum. Currently, work is done more efficiently. Automation of marketing tasks has a positive effect on the quality of work.

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written by

Mohammad Abu Musa

Certified SoftwareSupp Marketing Automation Expert

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