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6 min read

Creating an effective lead generation tool

The lead generation tool is built based on Pipedrive's integration with Woodpecker, where the leads created in Woodpecker are automatically sent and arranged in the Pipedrive. The designed tool increases the possibilities of reaching new and existing customers

Aleksander Dytko

Certified Pipedrive CRM Freelancer


3 min read

Building Klaviyo Email automation to improve the quality of communication

There are many advantages of conducting refined and continuous communication with the client. The specialist explains where problems can arise in the email automation process and how to deal with them.

Mohammad Zubair Sadiek

Certified Integration Freelancer


7 min read

PoC process that helps make a right decision

How to be sure that the decision made will positively affect the company's operations? The client decided to use an experienced CRM consultant service who helped him make a well-thought decision and save time, by the way.

Aleksander Dytko

Certified Pipedrive CRM Freelancer


5 min read

Shopify theme development - store optimization to improve customer experience

Updating the online store is nowadays a must-have. Check tips for success that’s been taken to improve the customer experience on the Shopify website.

Robin Singh

Certified Shopify Freelance Developer


5 min read

Salesforce data export - how to plan work so as not lose any information

Data export requires analytical commitment. Here is a short guide about challenges Salesforce data export can bring and how to safe 50% of time consumed on manual data transfer.

Utkarsh Sidana

Certified Salesforce Freelancer


10 min read

UTM parameters as a solution to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities

How to make the published content meet the preferences of users? Before all, it is worth checking what makes them visit your website. Certified web developer describes a method based on UTM parameters, which will make you know the URL source of the given user.

Jarosław Danielak

Certified Freelance Web Developer

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