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Building a Central Operations Database and Dashboard with Monday

written by

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Project: Building a Central Operations Database and Dashboard to track, visualize and report on Sales, Support, & Schedules for over 50 Contractors and Employees.

The goal of the project: Utilize as the central operations hub for Santa’s Club

  • Consolidating and Integrating data from multiple systems into a central hub.
  • Formalized process for onboarding employees, managing product delivery & support. 
  • Client was initially using dozens of excel spreadsheets to manage their processes and we worked together to track all data through, Acuity Scheduling & ZenDesk. 
I'm an expert in, Integromat and Systems Analysis with 6 years experience. I have extensive experience designing and building automated systems, workflows, automations and integrations. I have executed dozens of automated workflows for small and medium sized businesses. Tim Little, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

Project overview

Company: SantasClub

Time: 16 hours


  • Integrations from Zendesk and Acuity Scheduling into
  • KPI Dashboard to report on key metrics of business operations
  • Onboarding Dashboard and database for bringing ing new employees
  • Product Delivery

Skills used/required

No Code Integrations, Automations & Integrations, API Integrations, Business Process Definition, Workflow Diagramming, Project Management. 

Great experience working with a great client! They had a great start to the management of their operations which was a great prep for automating their workflows. It was a great challenge working with a couple of new systems alongside which I have extensive experience in.

Project details

  • Streamline scheduling & capacity process
  • Update Santa Capacity board with actuals from spreadsheet
  • Working session to test added scenarios
  • Link Schedule to capacity
  • Explore using the acuity schedule / calendars to determine utilization
  • Pull Keepsake files from sessions into - Utilization
  • Create a board to manage personalized Messages
  • Revisit Santa rating score / data collection
  • Create a board for 'complete' package
  • KPI Dashboard Round 2
  • KPI Santa Schedule Reports
  • Number for Sessions Per Day & Year
  • Pie Chart of products Per Day & Year
  • Pie Chart of Coupon Codes Per Day & Year
  • Add Customer Survey Data to KPI board
  • Test Acuity sync for Schedule, reschedule, change, cancel
  • Fix 'Reschedule' status
  • Add Client contact info to Santa utilization


A Central Operations Database and Dashboard that; tracks, visualizes and reports; Sales, Support, & Schedules for over 50 Contractors and Employees.

Saved significant time managing business operations dozens of hours a week. 

Provided Key Business insights into their business, sales, operations & Product Delivery Improvement.

For the future it will be important to focus on providing Value to the client. What are the tasks & deliverables that will create the most value, (save time, make them money, etc…).

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written by

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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