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Integrated KPI Dashboard enhancing data-driven decision-making process

written by

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

“Businesses with well-defined processes and great software run smoothly, grow quickly, and are FUN to work for.”

Tim Little, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

Project scope 

  • Track Education program, eligibility, signup and enrollment for hundreds of stores and thousands of potential students. 
  • Provide inter-company workspace to manage store and student contacts and workflows. 
  • The client needed an expert to set up a streamlined system from the beginning. Since there were dozens of individuals involved, multiple companies and thousands of data points it was crucial to get the right system setup from the beginning. The client utilized an expert in to ensure the foundation of the system was setup correctly, and to add small customizations, robust integrations and excellent product / system support and training for all their users

Skills used

Business Process Analysis, Board & Automations setup, Integromat Integrations, API Integrations, Requirement Definition & Refinement, Google Sheets Integrations & Automations 

Project Success

  • This project was an amazing use-case for in setting up robust marketing programs that can be duplicated to multiple divisions within a single company. 
  • The challenge of so many data-points, multiple legal entities, data-collection & workflow tracking was handled excellently by features and capabilities. 
  • The need to collect student data from hundreds of contacts was handled through google sheets and automatically syncd to This saved dozens of hours of duplicate data entry and proved to be a robust and effective way to get student data into the system.

Project’s timing

  • 2 week turnaround for first program 
  • 4 week iterative improvement 
  • Manage sales efforts
  • Automated Emails with dynamic customer information
  • Automated spreadsheet creation for third-party data entry
  • Automated integration between spreadsheets and contacts
  • Manage company contacts 
  • Integration with Hubspot 
  • KPI Reporting across Divisions, Regions and Sales Reps
  • List of expert’s tasks done for the project to complete and information about software/integration

Initial Deliverables

  • Upload the store list
  • Building the Store Engagement Dashboard (as per the outline in the attached document-Dashboard 1)
  • Build the Traineeship Dashboard (link to stores)
  • Automatically Create Google Sheets for each store staff
  • KPI Dashboards Round 1
  • Provide Sigma & Gateway reps access to relevant boards / reports
  • Formula for assigning dollar values based on hourly rate
  • Webform Integration to update Store info on submit
  • Hubspot & Monday ongoing store sync for Stores
  • Automated Email from Sigma Contact Status
  • Integromat Scenario to watch All Google sheets and update

Follow-up deliverables

  • Checksum for email sending (set status to email sent when it is sent)
  • CWCF Reporting
  • Traineeship Automation Updates
  • VHDHR Dashboard in for company/traineeships
  • West End Wholelife store didn't mark as 'ready for call'
  • Some automated emails not sent when sigma contact status updated to 'Contacted-Proceeding'
  • Webform submissions marking stores as 'Contacted-Proceeding' - should mark as 'Ready For Call'
  • Update Web form submission to match database with leading '0'
  • Add 'ACCOUNT ID' from spreadsheet to monday and webform integration
  • Sync Hubspot changes to For Store/company updates
  • Update Store Spreadsheets to add 'Job Title' column
  • Modify Spreadsheet link to go straight to google sheets
  • Update Email Address Sync to Hubspot for stores
  • Date Last Contacted
  • Store List
  • Hubspot & Monday ongoing sync for Traineeship Board


Created a dashboard for 2 different companies to reach out to their prospective customer list of 500+ stores. Set up ongoing integration to collect and store employee information in a central location for all of the 500 stores. Built live financial and contact KPI reporting dashboards. Set up integration between Hubspo, and google sheets. 

  • Central database for managing contact/reach out efforts for prospective customers 
  • Removed duplicate data entry for employee contact information 
  • Established a template approach to enable future similar sales programs and efforts. 
  • Dozens of hours saved from automated emails, integrations and centralized database. 
  • Over 500 Company reach outs handled
  • Thousands of Student information gathered and synced to training & signup programs
  • Cross Company Collaboration
  • 5 programs managed within across 5 different large clients 
  • Enabled sales program worth millions of dollars of potential revenue and subsidies.
  • KPI Reporting across each program and region including: Number of Stores, Number of contacts, Number of Students, Potential Revenue charts
  • Reports for each program broken down by various metrics: location, store, Category etc.
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written by

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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