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Creating an effective lead generation tool

written by

Aleksander Dytko

Pipedrive CRM Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

As it turns out, a well-configured tool can help generate leads practically from the first moments of use. It is widely known that automatic tools improve work and performance quality, excluding the possibility of human error. But did you know that you can create your lead generation tool from scratch, ideally suited to the company and industry and at a low cost?

Project scope

  • Integration audit,
  • Bug fixes and integrated tools testing,
  • Setting up workflow automation in the Pipedrive
  • Woodpecker integration and testing

Project time: 6 hours

Effect: Creating a lead generation tool integrated with the website, which facilitates sending campaigns and email replies.

It was another project that I carried out using the Pipedrive system. I have been cooperating with SoftwareSupp for over a year, consulting and auditing customer solutions as well as implementing integrations and necessary improvements. Every day I deal with sales in Software House, where I specialize in business process automation solutions. Aleksander Dytko, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

Lead generation tool configuration to let the sales begin

The project aimed to smooth and continuous sales by using a lead generation tool. The whole process was to take place by automating manual and repetitive activities. The client needed ongoing assistance in configuring his application and integrating all the systems he currently uses. He has only recently used Pipedrive, so he was expecting a comprehensive check of the current configuration and integration with other useful tools.

The lead generation tool was built based on Pipedrive's integration with Woodpecker, where the leads created in Woodpecker are automatically sent and arranged in the Pipedrive.

Introduction of Pipedrive integration

Pipedrive is a very versatile tool that works well for companies from a wide variety of industries. Moreover, it is a CRM system that has extensive methods of integration with other instruments. It is customizable, thanks to which it is quite easy to adapt them to the requirements of individual organizations.

CRM as a system helps manage customer relations and make it easier to find oneself in planned tasks for given leads. This database serves as "one source of truth" about the customers, their organizations, and the sales opportunities we have worked on. - Aleksander Dytko, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

The CRM system can become even more powerful after integrating the applications that we use in the organization - so that we can manage our availability, schedule meetings, send emails and generate documents from one place.

Pipedrive integration at Woodpecker
Pipedrive integration

A recipe for a successful lead generation tool project

The recipe for a successful project is surely an experienced expert who offers a wide range of services. Before starting the collaboration, the client already had a Pipedrive account but was unable to configure all the necessary settings by himself. Only through skillful adjustment, we can use the maximum potential of this software. Customization allows for effective management relationships with future, current and potential clients. Pipedrive collects information on all contact details, organization, and history of meetings and projects.

Skills needed to implement the project:

  • Pipedrive - good practices, experience
  • Calendly
  • Email marketing systems - Woodpecker
  • CMS systems - LeadPages
  • Lead management - from generation to sale

It was my first cooperation with a client from the USA, which had its advantages - after my permanent work, I had time for meetings during the client's working hours. Thanks to this, there was no problem with arranging meetings.

I could use my knowledge from other projects to audit the client's solution and suggest new ways to solve problems. This project was a great combination because besides the software skills I had to use also my knowledge of marketing and sales to help the client generate leads - A. Dytko, SoftwareSupp Freelancer
Pipedrive details as lead generation tool useful feature
Contact history in Pipedrive

The process of creating a lead generation tool

The process of creating a refined tool consisted of many steps. Below is a list of tasks that were carried out in 6 working hours to complete the project scope. 

  • Kick-off meeting with setting the goals of the project
  • Pipedrive configuration audit
  • Integration audit with Zapier, Calendly, LeadPages
  • Audit Pipedrive forms settings
  • Integration with Woodpecker
  • Workflow automation setting

Pipedrive Woodpecker integration

The customer wanted to see all responses from Pipedrive's email campaigns to be able to take individual actions based on the responses. Hence the need to integrate these two tools arose. The process works as follows: integration automatically creates new contacts in Pipedrive when someone adds them to Woodpecker. Then, Woodpecker detects the type of response - bounced, lead interested, not interested, and records the responses in Pipedrive as new activities. Moreover, Woodpecker also records when an email has been sent and opened as an activity. 

Woodpecker campaign's results
Results of email campaigns

Based on the type of response, various types of workflow automation can be set to perform appropriate actions. Workflow automation, in this case, consisted of two sub-processes:

  1. Creating new leads from new contact person added to the database
  2. Designing a new sales opportunity when a prospect from an email campaign responds to cold mail
Pipedrive automations for lead generation tool purposes
Automation of creating leads from new contacts

Pipedrive Woodpecker integration steps

In the project, I used the Pipedrive and Woodpecker integration available in the Woodpecker marketplace. The integration of the two tools is quite simple:

  1. Enter the API key
  2. Map the fields between Woodpecker and Pipedrive so that the data is properly recorded
  3. Select the types of activities to be uploaded to Pipedrive

And Done!

The lead generation tool has been designed to improve the process of sending and managing email messages. The integration of two tools makes it possible to control campaigns from one place. Currently, the customer using the CRM system can send and receive emails. In addition, CRM has also been linked to the website, more specifically, to the form on the website. People who fill out the form who are potentially interested in services are also recorded and classified in the CRM system. Thanks to the integration with Calendly, a potential client can arrange a meeting with an employee of the company. At these times, the Woodpecker base has 500 contacts and is systematically growing. Each campaign consists of 6 messages.

Currently, the CRM system is used by two employees who serve clients and are responsible for regular customer service.

Considering the indicated figures, woodpecker sends 3,000 emails in total to all current contacts. Assuming that the manual creation and sending of one message takes about 3 minutes, we can find out that handling these campaigns would take 150 hours of work. It means that both employees would have to spend approximately two weeks of work for the manual sending process.

Woodpecker dashboard
Woodpecker dashboard with email campaigns
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written by

Aleksander Dytko

Pipedrive CRM Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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