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How LG Chem automated their recruitment process with Chatfuel

The recruitment process has evolved a lot in recent years. Companies can choose from multiple strategies to interact with candidates. Recruitment chatbots have become more popular as they take over a part of the workload of the HR team.

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupp

How JIT Team has built custom reporting script and optimized CRM

JIT Team had clearly defined goals and expectations when it comes to their Pipedrive CRM account. They turned to us with an issue solving a problem with generating proper reports in their CRM system.

Aaron Douglas

Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday

Pipedrive setup and data migration for a luxury travel agency

In the travel industry, the actual sale is not always the end of the sales process. Many times, travel professionals want to track post-sales activities that are an integral part of their service.

Sebastian Andruszczak

Strategy​,​ Processes​,​ Technology

Can Pipedrive be a good fit for a sports club? CRM implementation at Lech Poznań

How sports clubs can benefit from optimizing their funnels in Pipedrive with expertise support.

Patryk Płaczek

Pipedrive Consultant


10 min read

How SunRoof optimized Pipedrive setup, improved reporting and sales performance with SoftwareSupp Experts

When we first met, SunRoof had already implemented Pipedrive at their company. What they needed help with was the optimization of processes and their setup.

Patrick Cieśluk

Certified Web Developer​,​ Marketing and Process automation Engineer

How a financial transaction company fixed their unsuccessful Pipedrive implementation

Let’s be honest, implementing a CRM system by yourself can be a challenging task. Especially for bigger companies where there are many people involved in the sales process.

Luke Gadek

Salesforce​​,​​ Pipedrive​​,​​ HubSpot Expert

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