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3 min read

CRM Development for a European production company

A Pipedrive CRM deployment project for a 50+ production company. Migration of the data from the ERP system to the CRM.

Dominik Hudzik

CRM - training, customization, integration Freelancer at SoftwareSupport


3 min read

Setup & automation of CRM for subscription business

Forecasts predict this sales model is going to grow. Choosing the right CRM for the subscription business might be tricky, but there are some general tips.

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport


5 min read

HubSpot CRM implementation & sales tools integration

Dedicated platforms make it easier to organize, manage and analyze data. HubSpot CRM implementation helps with automating work and growing sales.

Roman Yakovchuk

CRM & Sales Freelancer at SoftwareSupport


5 min read

Is it possible to manage a business without a CRM

Maintaining good relationships with customers is a key to the success. CRM is certainly helpful with running a business, but is it necessary?

Carla Rodriguez

Sales Process Freelancer at SoftwareSupport


2 min read

Building a Central Operations Database and Dashboard with Monday

Building a Central Operations Database and Dashboard to track, visualize and report on Sales, Support, & Schedules for over 50 Contractors and Employees.

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport


5 min read

LinkedIn contacts export and database design with low-cost approach

Around 80% of social media B2B leads originate from LinkedIn. A database design expert has integrated LinkedIn with Google Sheets using the Zapier Chrome plugin to provide the client with easy contact management through LinkedIn contacts export.

Stefan Behrendt

CRM Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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