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How to use Pipedrive for account management

written by

Mateusz Pliszka

Customer Consulting at SoftwareSupport

Below are several possible operations on accounts inside Pipedrive CRM:

Use your contacts timeline

To open timeline view of your contacts just go to the "Contacts -> Contacts timeline" tab, then you can switch between personal contacts and organizations.

This functionality allows you to analyze selected customer accounts in the form of a timeline and plan weekly / monthly / quarterly contact points and activities.

It also allows you to generate a list of organizations / contacts using filters (e.g. contacts of a certain size or from an specific source).
Additionally, it makes it possible to visually present the customer's contact path with you and the activities that have led to closing / losing a sales opportunity (e.g. the time interval in which emails were sent to specific customer accounts).

Transaction values based on products

Pipedrive allows you to define products which are then linked to sales opportunities, which makes it possible to automatically calculate the value of potential transactions based on the products on offer. One customer / contact / organization account may have several transactions / orders with different forecast values.

To configure products, go to the Products tab and then, by adding a deal, you can attach selected products, calculating the sales value.

Sales analysis per customer account

Pipedrive Insights allows you to monitor sales / sales deals for specific organizations / contacts.

To generate such a report, go to:
Insights -> Add a new report

Then select the report:
Deal -> Performance

Afterwards, select specific report parameters / filters, such as:
- sales opportunity analysis period (opportunity emergence period)
- the organization that is the target of the analysis 

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written by

Mateusz Pliszka

Customer Consulting at SoftwareSupport

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