3 min read

Customize Your Business Using Zoho with SoftwareSupp Expert

When it comes to Zoho software implementation in your company, you'd like to have an expert in that matter by your side. What's more, to use all available functionalities and solutions and learn how to use them - you need a Zoho expert even more.

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp


7 min read

11 signs you need a CRM

If you’re still sitting on the fence – we get it, change is daunting! – here are 11 signs that will push you over to the other side.

Ben Fuller

SoftwareSupp Pipedrive and CRM Expert


5 min read

Fantastic lost reasons and how to set them up

To analyze your lost opportunities you need to have the proper kind of data that will make your analysis as painless and as little time consuming as possible. How to do it and where to start?

Jan Solecki

SoftwareSupp Pipedrive​ & Zapier Expert

CRM Systems’ Comparison / Business and Implementation Perspective

Which CRM to choose? This is one of the most common questions we hear from the customers these days. With so many possibilities among both free and paid solutions, it becomes more and more challenging to choose the right option.

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

How to Build a Perfect Sales Process With the Help of Your CRM?

Without having practical knowledge and experience, it's difficult to understand the reason why sales processes exist at all but in this article, we will show you steps to building an effective sales process based on our experiences with enterprises...

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

How to analyze your business metrics/KPIs with Pipedrive CRM

A few things you need to remember about when setting up your CRM analytics.

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

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