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Automating workflow & lead generation with

written by

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

It's not a surprise that CRM is a game changer for most companies. Our client, an influencer marketing agency, needed to organize and speed up daily tasks, projects, and other operations. By automating workflow and lead generation, sales could be closed faster and more efficiently.

What is workflow automation in CRM

Automating workflow is all about business performance. You have a sequence of activities required to complete the process. Usually, it's used for repetitive tasks that don't need approval. With automation, they are accomplished by dedicated software. You no longer have to spend additional time doing things manually. If it's designed and implemented by a professional, you might be sure it will significantly improve your business efficiency.

Benefits of automating workflow

Automation is something that every entrepreneur should consider investing in. Even with the best idea for the business, you won't succeed if you waste time and energy on tasks that can be fully computerized.

By automating workflow, lead generation, and other operations you get:

1. More control over data: It's easier to gather, organize and analyze all the details. This way, you know what to improve, what to focus on, or how much revenue you can expect.

2. Improved efficiency: All repetitive tasks are automated, allowing team members to focus on other areas of improvement, communication, and development.

3. Reduced human errors: It's easy to make a mistake if there's a lot of data. Every automation minimizes errors that could cost you a lead, client, or image.

4. Smooth communication: Tasks are assigned, and all employees are kept up to date. As a result, it's easier to prioritize assignments and focus on goals.

5. All tasks organized and easier to manage: Instead of manual organization, you immediately gather information in relevant locations.

Automating workflow & improving sales with – project’s details


  • Improving email tracking for lead generation
  • Automating workflow
  • Managing multiple currencies and lead pipelines based on the region (Spain and UK)

Company: Good Egg – an influencer marketing agency

As a marketing agency​, we need our projects organized into workload trackers where the team can see and update everything. We have so many ideas of how Monday can help us reduce our workforce efforts, but we're not very gifted on the tech side, such as optimizations​,​ integrations​,​ etc. – Sharmayne Anandarajah, Project Manager at Good Egg, the Client

Project’s scope:

  • Building a CRM in
  • Streamlining CRM automation to organize projects
  • Sales dashboard for a better workflow and forecasting
  • Combining Spanish & UK lead pipelines
  • Automating proposal assignments 
  • Automatically sync and merge lead emails into the sales pipeline

Project’s time: 3 weeks

Used skills: automation, sales funnel setup, business analysis & reporting, Integromat integration

Automating workflow using

Good Egg needed to improve the reporting dashboards and lead workflow for multiple sales channels across different regions. During the project, we consolidated multiple pipelines into a single pipeline for ease of use and visibility.

We set up two dashboards, one for each region and source of leads. This empowers the business to see where resources should be focused based on quarterly and monthly numbers of sales in each region.

Sales Dashboard of UK region
Results of automating workflow & lead generation in the UK region

Improving sales by automating lead generation

We also used Integromat for advanced email routing from the lead generation email provider into the sales pipeline in This saved the sales team time. It also provided a holistic context of conversations and information from lead emails into the lead pipeline. As a result, we were able to reduce the time to close sales and improve customer relationships.

Forecast revenue by month (target close date)
Forecast revenue in CRM


CRM can be extremely helpful with automating workflow and lead generation. The thing is, first it has to be properly implemented and integrated with other tools. If your business wants to benefit from CRM, hiring a professional is better than trying to solve technical issues on your own. It will simply save you time, and time is money.

An organized and simplified workflow made the software easier to use in this case. Automated e-mail generation organized and simplified workflow made the software easier to use. Automated e-mail generation saved time, and reduced errors through auto-syncing information into columns on CRM. It also decreased the time to connect with customers.

Sales dashboards created enable data-driven decisions specific to each region. The sales cycle was shortened by a quicker turnaround for proposal creation and delivery.

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written by

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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