Marketing automation specialist or strategist?

Marketing automation specialist or strategist: who do you really need?

Henrik Becker

SoftwareSupp HubSpot and SalesForce Expert


5 min read

Custom CRM vs Ready-Made Apps

You can either go with a custom CRM or a ready-made application.

Brendon Koh

SoftwareSupp Integration & Automation Expert


1 min read

Adding a Modal Contact Form to a Shopify Product Page

How to add a basic modal contact form to the product page in Shopify, using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Rich Berry

SoftwareSupp Shopify Theme Developer


4 min read

Top 5 Tips For Migrating To Webflow

The Webflow platform impresses with its key features: a user-friendly visual editor of web pages, a built-in CMS for quick management of store content and products, stunning animation effects, and more.

Rhami Aboud

SoftwareSupp Webflow Expert


7 min read

11 signs you need a CRM

If you’re still sitting on the fence – we get it, change is daunting! – here are 11 signs that will push you over to the other side.

Ben Fuller

SoftwareSupp Pipedrive and CRM Expert


6 min read

8 Things To Do To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

The data says that the biggest reason for cart abandonment is unexpected added costs like shipping. But did you know that shoppers will also abandon a cart because they have to create an account to complete their purchase?

Murat Kaya

SoftwareSupp Ecommerce Store Designer, Shopify Expert

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