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SoftwareSupp Meeting System – Guide for Experts

written by

Gleb Karpovich

Digital Marketing Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Usually, projects and meetings with clients are managed from two different places. From the customer perspective, there's nothing more irritating than a Freelancer who forgot about the call or mixed up the date because of a different time zone. To help SoftwareSupp Experts to avoid this kind of situation, we introduced a Meeting System, which will help them schedule and organize work at SoftwareSupp better.

In this Guide for Experts, you will learn:

  1. Benefits of SoftwareSupp Meeting System
  2. Step-by-step on how to set up your availability
  3. Tips on how to attend a meeting like a pro

Benefits of SoftwareSupp Meeting System

Being a part of an elite network of Certified Freelancers has a lot of advantages. One of them is the constant development of the website to make your work easier and provide you with all the tools you need as an Expert.

Project, communication, and meetings managed from one place

All you need is a Project Board at SoftwareSupp. And so does your client. You can easily control all your tasks, inform the customer about the progress or unexpected issues, and manage meetings (planned or emergency). You don't have to organize your client meetings in a calendar anymore. All of them will automatically appear over there. What's more – you will get reminders to never miss another meeting.

No worries about the time zone

Working online for customers all over the world might be difficult due to the time difference. At SoftwareSupp you can set up your availability and current time zone. With this feature, you will get meeting notifications and reminders at your local time. No more mixed-up hours and unhappy customers.

Automated calendar

Some things might pop up last minute. A customer might modify the time of the meeting or cancel it. Having a lot of things in mind as an Expert, it's easy to overlook them. With SoftwareSupp Meeting System, calls will be rescheduled or removed from your calendar automatically.

Change your availability anytime

Freelancing has its own rules. You don't need to be a full-time Freelancer to work on side projects. Also, sometimes you might have to take an unexpected break or a day off. At SoftwareSupp you can adjust your availability to your everyday responsibilities such as job, doctor's appointments, or other meetings. Customers will be able to quickly book a meeting with you only on dates and hours you choose.

Step-by-step on how to set up your availability

1. Log in and go to your expert profile

Click on your avatar on the right top and go to "Edit expert profile".

Interface of expert profile at SoftwareSupp.

2. Go to the "Availability"

Availability section in the menu at SoftwareSupp.

3. Set up your availability

Adjust your time zone, days, and hours you are available to book a meeting. You can also add exceptions if it's needed.

Step 1: Change your weekly avalability. Step 2: Add availability exception.
Choose your time zone and set hours.
Add an availability exception.

4. Connect with Google Calendar

You will be asked to choose your e-mail address and agree to terms and conditions.

Connect with Google Calendar.

5. Save your availability

Don't forget to update the information you changed. And... voilà!

Update and go to profile.

How to attend a meeting like a pro

As SoftwareSupp, we are an elite network of the best experts in the world. It's important to remember a few things during client meetings to show that they're working with top professionals.

Prepare an agenda‍

Have a structure of conversation, goals to achieve, and a list of topics or activities to discuss. It's good to inform the client at the beginning what's the plan of the meeting and what you're going to talk about.

Turn on your camera

During meetings on-site, a customer always sees your face. Treat an online one the same way. Always turn on your camera and let clients talk to a person, not an avatar.

Introduce SoftwareSupp as an elite network

If it's the first meeting, you should introduce yourself and tell a little about your specialty. Remember that SoftwareSupp is an elite network of freelancers, and customers need to be reminded about it every time.

Discuss a project in details

Clients don't always know what exactly they need, or they don't know how to describe it. That's why they choose to work with a Certified Expert. Discuss the scope of the project and all activities in detail to make sure everything is clear.

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written by

Gleb Karpovich

Digital Marketing Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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