8 min read

E-commerce development with Verified SoftwareSupp Experts

With these few tips you will unleash the potential of your e-commerce through automated marketing, website design and additional features. Choose a platform and make it easier for the customer to reach your company's shopping cart.

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp


7 min read

SoftwareSupp’s Hourly Plans

Check the advantages of getting SoftwareSupp Hourly Plans. See how a dedicated expert can be helpful when you need work automatization, software integration, new functionality implementation, or to conduct team training.

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp


12 min read

Advanced CRM integration for VersaBox with SoftwareSupp Verified Experts

Learn how we combined marketing and development efforts to create a dedicated and powerful Pipedrive and ActiveCampaign integration.

Weronika Masternak

Content Writer


3 min read

Customize Your Business Using Zoho with SoftwareSupp Expert

When it comes to Zoho software implementation in your company, you'd like to have an expert in that matter by your side. What's more, to use all available functionalities and solutions and learn how to use them - you need a Zoho expert even more.

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp

Extending Sharetribe Flex with backend capabilities

Sharetribe Flex is a complex, production-ready system for building an online marketplace. However even in Flex there is a limit of default customization that you can do. In this article we will explore how to push past those limits.

Filip Ogonowski

JavaScript Developer

How to Build an Admin Functionality in Sharetribe Flex

How to use Sharetribe's built-in dashboard for triggering particular actions for the marketplace? Learn more in this explainer article.

Robert Mazelle

SoftwareSupp Sharetribe & React Developer

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