11 min read

Effective web design and development with SoftwareSupp Experts

We show steps to build an optimized, intuitive website that is easy to use. Check how valuable a visual part of your website is. Gain the customer's trust by creating a coherent brand that your website represents.

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp

Mautic marketing automation

Marketing automation is helpful in various industries. In this project, SoftwareSupp expert improved audience segmentation, e-mail sending, and lead tracking processes for a chemical company.

Mohammad Abu Musa

SoftwareSupp marketing automation expert


4 min read

Flowchart in workflow automation

Check out the flowchart created for the travel agency. We describe why you should invest in workflow automation.

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp


7 min read

Pipedrive and Nexudus Integration

Learn how a SoftwareSupp expert used Zapier to create a robust integration of Nexudus, Pipedrive, PandaDoc, ActiveCampaign, and Calendly to automate the process of acquiring and handling sales lead.

Mohammad Zubair Sadiek

Softwaresupp Integration Expert

Core Web Vitals Optimization in Webflow

Core Web Vitals is a Google index that evaluates the quality of using the web page. Find out the details of what measurements will be considered and raise your place in the Google ranking of web pages.

Nimesh Kumar

SoftwareSupp Webflow Expert


7 min read

Connecting hard skills and soft skills in successful project delivery for Echo Marketing

Find out how good communication skills and understanding customers' needs influence the success of the project implementation. In this article, we describe a scoping session and the process of creating a CRM implementation project.

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp

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