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Lead scoring methods - how to qualify and score leads

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Scoring: methods, benefits, and implementation. The goal is to convert the lead to a customer.

Not all leads are the same, and that’s ok. But how do you know which ones will turn in customers? The answer to this question is vitally important for the successful and fruitful marketing of any business. No matter if it’s a small local shop that goes online or a large company selling its services worldwide. That’s why today we’re talking all about lead scoring - a system of classification leads.

Lead scoring is important to qualify how near the lead is to our ideal buyer and wherein the buying process is the lead situated. Lead nurturing is all the actions and efforts to move the potential client through our buying process stages. The goal is to convert a lead to a customer.
Carla Rodriguez, Certified SoftwareSupp Sales Process Improvement Expert

What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring is a crucial practice in inbound marketing. It’s the process of assigning attributes to each lead you’re generating for your business. Usually, these values are converted to numerical points, so it’s easier to compare the results of each lead. To put it simply, lead scoring looks like a race: those prospects that score the highest number are the closest to make a purchase.

Why use lead scoring

Lead scoring usually comes in when the company starts making more money and generating more and more leads. At this point, you should be able to differentiate between prospects who will unlikely turn into customers not to waste your resources.

With SoftwareSupp, you can hire Carla to integrate lead scoring into your sales strategy.

IT specialist
Profile of SoftwareSupp expert

Let’s now look in detail at the pros of lead scoring to understand better how it works.

Benefits of lead scoring

Lead scoring benefits
Lead scoring benefits

Relevant information on your current leads

After lead scoring, you have a clear picture of your leads at the moment and know how many of them will likely convert into clients. Consequently, you understand where and how you should improve your marketing strategy.

Save time and money

Lead scoring shows specific issues that need to be fixed. In such a way, you don’t spend money on marketing and sales randomly. Indeed, you invest in those strategies and approaches that will bring visible results.

Increase sales and boosts revenue

With lead scoring, you can see at what exact stage of the sales process each prospect is. It’s much easier to sell to leads that are ready to make a purchase and, as a result, generate more money for the company.

Lead scoring methods

There are two ways you can do lead scoring. Let’s have a closer look at them:

  • Traditional

This method is based on pure data analysis. You count all the scores your lead gets based on the given attributes and receive a specific amount. Depending on this number, the prospect can either pass to the next sales stage (if it turns out to be a prospective customer) or still has to gain the necessary score. The threshold (number of scores needed) for the lead to convert to the client is agreed upon by the marketing and sales teams of the company.  

  • Predictive

This approach appeared later than the traditional lead scoring method. Predictive lead scoring became possible, to a great extent, due to machine learning and AI. It works based on an algorithm: the approximate score of a perfect prospect is calculated based on the company information and big data. Then, all the incoming leads are scored against this calculated score of an ideal lead profile. It helps to determine which prospects are most likely to convert into customers.

Lead scoring models

Let’s now move to the criteria based on which you can assign attributes to your leads. These are called lead scoring models and will vary depending on the type of your business and target clients. Each company has to decide which models work best for them to convert leads into customers. One more essential factor here is how to gather the necessary information from your potential clients. Usually, it can be done by analyzing the questionnaires they fill in on landing pages. Here are the most common metrics that can be used for most businesses:


This factor means a lot in understanding who is a buyer persona for the service you provide and what he wants. If you’re selling to a specific category of customers (students, for example) or deliver only in one area, give points to all leads that fit in. It’s quite unlikely that people older than 40 will purchase goods for students or those living in France will become your clients if you only deliver products within Germany.

Leads qualification
Leads qualification

Online behavior

How prospects interact with the company’s website tells a lot about where and how they can convert into clients. When leads are getting familiar with your business, they can take the further actions:

You can assign as many points as you want with each value depending on the type of your company and marketing funnels. In total, the picture can look like this:

Lead scoring models
Lead scoring models

What pages and how many times do leads visit before becoming customers?
What offers and how many of them do your leads download?

The type of web pages and the number of visits are the indicators of what content and marketing techniques work best to turn leads into customers.

Email subscription looks like a solid decision to get to know more about the services the company provides. Thus, you can give more points to the website visitors who sign up for the newsletter.


The actions we discussed in the previous part are not the same as engagement. Engagement defines how long the leads are consuming your content (for instance, how much time they spend reading blogs or emails).

The general rule is that the more time a lead stays on the website - the more likely they’ll become a client.

Social engagement

Check if your leads react to your posts on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc). If they are engaged with your brand on social networks, it shows how interested they are in your services. Did they like or repost anything? Give them a few points for this activity.

For Versabox, SoftwareSupp expert introduced a system integration with lead sources and lead acquisition tracking. In this project, leads were qualified in the BANT methodology. Lead tracking was implemented via ActiveCampaign. Thanks to this, the client has the opportunity to monitor lead sources through marketing campaigns. The Scoring system has been based on attributes and activities.

SoftwareSupp was integrating systems with lead sources and lead acquisition tracking for Versabox.
SoftwareSupp Expert integrated systems with lead sources and lead acquisition tracking for Versabox.

Lead sources

These are the funnels through which prospects get to know about your company and services. The most popular lead sources are:

  • search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex)
  • cold calls
  • web forms
  • referrals
  • social media channels
  • events (networking, workshops, seminars)
  • PPC advertising
  • email newsletters
  • traditional advertising (television, newspapers, billboards, magazines)

Start with your buyers’ journey and look at their first point of contact. It will help to analyze what content and lead sources are the most effective for sales. Some web pages, for example, will raise leads' interest in your product, while others can leave them unresponsive.

Of course, for each business, the importance of each particular lead source will vary. To be more precise, it all depends on your target audience. Let’s say, you’re selling to zoomers mostly. No wonder that investing in radio and developing this lead source will be ineffective as teenagers rarely listen to it.

How edtech company connected multiple lead sources to Pipedrive

BANT lead scoring

So, how lead scoring looks in practice? We’ll explain based on the BANT framework that is used by most sales teams in all industries all over the world.

BANT stands for budget, authority, needs, and timing, and all of them are used to qualify leads. A common practice is to consider a prospect viable if they satisfy at least three out of four BANT criteria. We’re cracking all of them below:


Find out whether the lead can afford the product or service you’re offering. Learn all about their budget and flexibility when it comes to money. You can also think about special pricing if you really want to keep the lead and let them continue with the buyer’s journey. However, if your prospect is not ready to spend enough funds on your product, it’s better not to invest time, effort, and resources to move them to the next sales stage.


Is a lead in charge of making decisions and purchases? Or are they simply looking around and gathering information about what’s available on the market? Or do they need to consult a group of stakeholders or other team members before finalizing the deal? If the lead does not have enough authority, you might be wasting your time. Try to discover who’s a real decision-maker and make them part of the sales process. In such a way, the chances of successful purchases will increase significantly.


Does your prospective customer really need your product or service? Ask them about the challenges they’re facing and issues they’re seeking to resolve. If your product cannot solve this problem, don’t push the sales process further. .


Are your leads ready to make a purchase within the next few months or they will only do this in a year? It’s not worth hunting your prospects down and pushing them into buying something if they have no such intentions. On the contrary, you can pause the sales process a bit and communicate with them later. One more tip here would be suggesting a time-limited offer to create the feeling of urgency. Thus, leads will be more motivated to make a purchase in the nearest time.

SoftwareSupp Expert performed automation for lead qualification for Sunroof
SoftwareSupp Expert performed automation for lead qualification for Sunroof

Lead nurturing

In other words, it’s the process of building and developing relationships with your leads throughout each sales stage. We’re now talking about lead nurturing because it’s a complex approach that includes lead scoring. It’s important to understand that you cannot push a lead to purchase your services all of a sudden. Conversely, you need to guide them carefully during the whole sales process and nurture trusting friendly relationships. Even if a purchase doesn’t happen, such a lead will still have positive experience with your company and can come back in the future or recommend you to friends/family/etc.

All in all, lead scoring is not the only tactic to keep in mind to generate sales and boost your revenue. Lead nurturing also includes:

  • content marketing
  • marketing automation
  • social media channels
  • official website
  • retargeting

All of these are interconnected and when combined all together bring tremendous results both for your business and clients.

Why SoftwareSupp

In SoftwareSupp, we focus on the individual approach to each project and every client. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to choose from (website building, custom software development, marketing automation, and more) all provided by dedicated and passionate professionals. We are aware of the importance of the transparency of the information provided and the security of funds. That is why we conduct transactions through the ESCROW system hosted by Stripe. During the project implementation, the funds are kept as a deposit in a secure account and transferred to the bank account only after completing the tasks. Thanks to this, you only pay for the work done.

Stripe escrow system
Escrow system for safe payments

Carla Rodriguez

Certified Sales Process Freelancer


5 min read

Hiring IT specialist - recruitment process, its true cost and alternatives

How to reduce the IT specialist recruitment costs and speed up the process. Find out that 30% of tasks in your business can be automated.

The world is changing. But the IT industry is changing even more. From year to year, it affects other businesses that want or must develop technologically. It has been confirmed that work automation has a significant impact on the efficiency of an employee.

In 60% of business, 30% of tasks can be automated. It means that 48 working hours of an employee can be used more effectively.

Possibility of work automation
Possibility of work automation by McKinsey Global Institute

Sounds interesting, right? Now think about what can be improved in your company? What tasks consume these 48 hours of work?

Scientists from McKinsey Global Institute estimate that work automation can increase productivity by 0.8 to 1.4% per year.

The data shows that it is worth investing in work automation. Now the question is how to do it.
Can I hire an IT specialist for a company that will improve the internal system?
Following this point, you would also need to hire a marketing specialist to improve the efficiency of your campaigns. In addition, it is worth thinking about an extra person who would improve the performance of the website. But okay, don't go too far. Suppose you only want to improve the internal system. We will analyze how long such a process takes and, above all, how much it costs.

The cost of the IT specialist recruitment process

The first thing that we need to calculate is the expense of publishing the job advertisement for an IT specialist. A job ad that will be visible to a specific audience of employees on Linkedin costs $ 5-12 per day. It depends on the type of offer. It means that we have to count from $ 150- $ 360 a month. On the popular polish website-, the price of listing an advertisement ranges from 15-150$ per month. On this website, the most frequently chosen option is 90$. At Jooble, the minimum cost is min 30$, which increases with the level of interest in the offer. The website Indeed suggests spending $3 a day on publishing an active ad. It means that the weekly expense of searching for an employee on a reputable website is $ 22.50 because the price may increase depending on the activity. On Glassdoor, the cost is between $ 65 and $ 199 per job posting. Most employers depend on time, so they decide to publish on many portals.

Publication of a IT specialist job advertisement
Prices of publication a job advertisement, researched on the mentioned platforms

Time also costs

Do not forget to count also the time spent on looking for an employee. The average time needed to find an employee is 33-49 days. But it is not uncommon for the process to extend up to 3 months. It is related to a series of meetings that you need to prepare for. According to Eurostat, the average salary in Europe in 2020 was $ 33 per hour, which is about $ 5280 a month. Of course, this amount varies by region and industry. However, it does not change that the month of working time devoted to looking for an employee costs money.

The onboarding process is another expense included in the company's development. The process of introducing a new employee may take up to 90 days - as long as the trial period. Let also take into account that it is a time of numerous internal training. In summary, the recruitment process is very time-consuming and expensive.

Recruitment of an IT specialist

You would like to hire a person to automate processes in the internal system in the company.

By theorizing, you decide on SoftwareSupp services. You create a project, describe your needs briefly. SoftwareSupp finds you a suitable IT specialist in about 24 hours. Moreover, the expert is immediately ready to work for you. You are arranging a meeting with each other. He is experienced in the implementation of such projects, so he knows exactly what to ask and what you will need. The dedicated specialist tells you what CRM system fits your company and what integrations will be necessary. The expert creates a list of tasks to be implemented for CRM integration, which he writes down on your project board. You get information on how long this implementation will take, you buy one of the hourly plans, and the expert gets to work. Moreover, you can be 100% sure of the qualifications of the employed person.

Recruitment cost comparison
IT specialist recruitment cost comparison

Each SoftwareSupp expert is verified. The verification process consists of checking technical skills as well as identity and communication abilities. The verification is a five steps process. Only after completing them, the freelancer can join the project. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the specialist employed on the platform will perform top-quality work.

Steps to become a certified freelancer
Freelancers verification process

By cooperating with SoftwareSupp, you can ask for sample projects that your expert has carried out. You can be sure that the project will be completed on time. In the event of a mishap, we guarantee project continuity. You will not have to worry that the employee will find a more favorable job offer. SoftwareSupp ensures security in all respects.

Moreover, you only pay for the completed job. Your funds are deposited into our Escrow system, and we pay them out once the project is accepted. Escrow payment is safe and really easy to process. What is more, during the implementation, you can add tasks or hire an additional expert to help with other cases. On the project board, you can monitor the status of completing tasks. You know exactly at what stage the work is at.

Project board
Project board

If you do not like unpleasant surprises at work, but you like to have everything under control - SoftwareSupp services will be the best solution.

As part of our Terms & Conditions, a confidentiality agreement is signed electronically. The agreement covers business-related matters - our and expert's responsibilities, NDA, copyright, possible complaints. So your company's interests are secured. Here you can find the details about our Terms & Conditions.  

Hiring IT specialist at SoftwareSupp

After cooperation with us on company technological development, the clients enjoy 2x growth in leads' volume and an increase in deals' conversion by 100%. Best of all, customers save several hours a day thanks to work automation.

  • The hiring process is much faster than an independent search for an employee
  • SoftwareSupp service costs less
  • You employ a proven and verified employee
  • You hire an expert within 24 hours
  • Onboarding time takes 1-2 meetings
  • You receive a project board to monitor the work progress
  • Guarantee of project continuity
  • Electronic agreement
  • Safe ESCROW payment

Hiring an IT specialist at SoftwareSupp is faster, cheaper, and safer.

SoftwareSupp and their expert helped us integrate two core systems for our day-to-day marketing, our CRM system and email marketing. This has helped with the efficiency of sales and marketing working together and giving both teams the complete oversight of prospect activity. The integration team were professional and very easy to deal with, no questions were too difficult or silly. I’m very happy to have ongoing support from SoftwareSupp - Emma Dolby Marketing Manager, Direct Air

SoftwareSupp vs. agency, hiring directly or other platforms

Now let's compare SoftwareSupp with an employment agency. Among all the elements provided by SoftwareSupp, the agency's offer covers only the field: legal assurance and quality + project continuity.

Hiring process comparison
Hiring process comparison

SoftwareSupp IT specialist services

At SoftwareSupp, we don't limit ourselves.

In our database, we have experts in various software, programming languages, and technological skills. Depending on your needs and industry, we select people based on experience, language, and demographics. It may happen that we do not have an software expert in our database because you need a specialist for something completely new or niche. Nevertheless, within 72h you will get an IT specialist ready to work on your project.

At the moment, our database of experts includes 276 people. We can help you develop your business, improve your work, increase the quality and performance of your website, and strengthen your market position.

Examples of projects in SoftwareSupp

and many more!

Get inspired by the technological development of other companies and find a field to show off in your industry. There is still much to be achieved. Remember that your competition may already use new technological solutions. Don't let yourself be left behind.

Lech Poznań
CRM integration- SoftwareSupp Expert's client

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Specialist at SoftwareSupp

Example CRM structure and planning

Example setup of CRM environment.

Example CRM structure and planning.


7 min read

Custom development of the Smartech plugin for Netcore

Magento developer created dedicated events to make the plugin work better and be more powerful. Check out how Rana developed the Smartech plugin and prepared it for Magento marketplace requirements.

Time of the project: 3 weeks


  • More detailed planning of an already defined scope and breaking it down into finer steps and tasks
  • Completing full development of the Smartech plugin
  • Supporting and performing other tasks to successfully complete the project

Effect: Custom development of the Smartech plugin provided by Netcore. Creating dedicated events to make the plugin work better and be more powerful.

Ranaprathap Madhala, Certified Magento Developer

Certified magento developer profile
Profile of Magento developer

Project objectives

Every successful and prudent company tracks user behavior and then responsibly stores and uses the collected data for marketing and business development purposes. Here's why Netcore needed our assistance to create a dedicated and powerful plugin for ecommerce owners who have websites and want to mark interesting events on those sites.

So, the project includes expert support in planning, development, and configuration of a custom Smartech Netcore plugin that can be installed on Magento websites. It captures all events performed by users and then enables marketing, tracking, and automation.

First, we started with additional planning and work breakdown to the already defined scope with the client. We made sure to incorporate Magento plugin development best practices from both a technical and business perspective so that the plugin would be easily scalable.

We've done all the necessary research and used the best approaches compared to other existing plugins and marketing automation solutions in the market.

Magento developer performed a complete plugin development, consisting of upgrading an existing plugin and creating some brand-new features and "events" from scratch.

The project was dynamic and had to run smoothly, so our client required a full-time commitment. We ensured that the team was highly engaged and provided overall support to the client. In addition, our expert gave the necessary guidance and iterated tasks to complete the project successfully.

Magento in a nutshell

Magento is the software chosen for this custom plugin development project. It's an ecommerce platform built on open source technology that provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. The Smartech plugin had to be compatible with this platform and meet its requirements. 

Understanding of the Smartech plugin

Before we get into the details of what we developed for this particular project, let's discuss the plugin itself in a little more detail. Smartech is Netcore's flagship product. It's an AI-powered marketing platform that helps you listen to your customers, analyze their behavior, and boost conversions.

Smartech plugin

Now, picture this: An end-user wants to buy something on your ecommerce site, and you've already added some events. So, you can actively track all the page data, such as product name, product ID, product specs, etc. All this information about clicks or scrolls made on your Magento website is sent to Smartech to help you target the end-user with relevant communication and upsell or cross-sell your products.

Smartech is an all cloud-based omnichannel marketing automation solution that offers marketers an engagement platform across different channels, such as email, SMS, voice, social, web, or app. To wrap up, Smartech Netcore is a well-known plugin among marketers and product managers worldwide, which is available on the Magento marketplace.

Magento developer work

Now, for easier understanding of the project goals, below you can find a summary of the technical background of Netcore's Smartech plugin prepared by magento developer:

1. The plugin had to have admin configurations to Inject the Smartech API key and details. Any updates or migrations within the plugin were possible through the Magento website. As a result, we needed a clear confirmation every time we wanted to integrate the Smartech plugin with Magento. The SoftwareSupp expert needed to synchronize data between Magento and Smartech, and this synchronization was done through authentication API keys and some other information from the Magento website.

2. Magento JavaScript had to import external Smartech JavaScript. Magento is built based on modules. A module is a logical group or a directory containing blocks, controllers, helpers, models related to a specific business feature. So, the SoftwareSupp expert took advantage of this capability and added Smartech JavaScript in one of the modules. The JavaScript that we've added was responsible for collecting and exchanging all the data. We've placed a JavaScript file in the module that captures the events in the client's server when the user browses the web page. Then, all the data collected through the JavaScript file was sent to Smartech. 

3. Smartech JavaScript had to be included in the Magento frontend pages and fetch data in every page header. So, this JavaScript file must have been available on every page of the Magento ecommerce website.

4. Data was fetched and sent to Smartech based on Magento frontend events.

5. Synchronization of historical data from Magento to Netcore Smartech. This included orders, customers, catalogs, and abandoned carts.

6. Real-time data synchronization. This includes checkout, purchase orders and abandoned cart.

Overall, the plugin is available for Magento websites. All the data from your Magento site is sent directly to the Smartech plugin to serve marketing purposes in a big way. Download the plugin and use it to track and engage your end-users. 

Smartech Netcore plugin - event categories implemented by Magento developer

Our client already had a partially-realised plugin and asked us to update it. They prepared a list of features, events, and additional attributes that should be included in the Smartech. Before implementation, the plugin offered only a few attributes, and we wanted to make it more useful and attractive.

The events we're about to go into were meant to run in the background and then capture and summarize all the end-user requests. So, when they browse and search for a product, the browser passes the information to the Smartech plugin through Magento. Now let's dive into the custom events for this project and explore some of them.

There were different sets of event categories and attributes. Our client wanted to make sure that tracking was, well, everywhere: From the home page to subsequent listing pages and shopping cart pages. It was necessary to capture data on every page to make sure nothing was missed and that Smartech was, in fact, an effective solution.

Here are the examples of event categories that have been implemented by Certified Magento developer:

  • Page Browse. When a user browses any page, such attributes are sent to Smartech: Customer key, browser, user timings, visit, URL, STS, site ID, title, Purl, etc.
  • Category Search. This way, the company using the Smartech plugin knows when a particular product category is searched.
  • Product Search. A company using the Smartech plugin knows when a product is searched, specifically its name, price, special prices, tax class, stock status, weight, or visibility.
  • Add/Remove to cart. The ecommerce store owner knows what product has been added to the cart and also gets information about the Product ID, price, name, type, image, product URL, currency, brand, or product quantity.
  • Add/Remove to wishlist. A similar case to the "Add to cart" event. A company using the Smartech plugin can learn what's trending and what's not, and plan its marketing strategy with that in mind.
  • Checkout. This event is crucial because the company can get all the data about the number of products, discount amount, coupon codes used, tax amount, and other things related to the checkout. 
  • Product purchase. It's also one of the most important business metrics. We've added some events related to the purchase process. Now, a business using Smartech plugin can find the order number, amount, shipping city/region/country, shipping cost, or the payment method. 
  • Sign Up, Log In, Sign In. We added events to track user behavior on the website to know the number and quality of all sign-ups and log-ins.
  • Product Catalog Sync. A SoftwareSupp expert provided two endpoint URLs. One was for product updates (real-time synchronization), and the other was for the default product collection.
  • Location tracking via browser location access as well as IP based. We added this event to send the user's browser location and IP address to Smartech via the Smartech script. 
  • Product Collection. We created a custom API to fetch the abandoned cart list and send it to Smartech.

These are just a few of the events that we've been able to implement, the next stage of the Magento Plugin development is available here. The point is, we've taken a complete update of the plugin and turned it into a unique tool that enables modern marketers to map the customer journey to deliver a delightful Customer Experience.

Development of your plugin

If you have an idea for your custom plugin or want to update an existing one: We've got you covered. Hire our Certified Freelancers or team to develop or reinforce your digital solution. Check out the SoftwareSupp hourly plans and create your project right away. Within the next few hours, you receive offers from freelancers who were matched to your project. Offers contain estimated time of delivery, costs, and the link to check the expert's profile. Using this information, you can choose the specialist whose experience suits your project best. After picking the freelancer, you can book a call with him and start working on your project immediately.

Magento developers offering for an IT project
Freelancers' offers who applied for a project.

Ranaprathap Madhala

Certified Magento Freelance Developer

#1 Top tips of web design and development- How to build and grow your website effectively

Steps to build an optimized, intuitive website that is easy to use. Check how valuable is thoughtful web design and development. Gain the customer's trust by creating a coherent brand that your website represents.

What do web design and development make up? What is a potential customer focusing on visiting your website? And most importantly, what should it be integrated with to meet your expectations as a website owner?

How to create a website from scratch?

At the moment, there is over 120 website software on the market. Choosing the right option with such a wide range of offers can be confusing. There are three key points to consider when making this selection:

Software integrations: your website needs to integrate easily with your other software solutions, and the data needs to stay in sync, together with the optimizations related to API requests.

Web design: a website has to have a proper design to present professionally to all customers and that its feature-set grows with time to meet your increasing technology needs.

Project budget: the website needs to meet the budget of your project. You should expect a transparent way of measuring increasing costs together with growing sales and organization.

HBO GO Asia, web design and development
Web design and development, freelancer: Ezequiel

Characteristics of a good way for web design and development

  • intuitiveness
  • credibility
  • consistency and responsiveness
  • functionality
  • clarity

As you can see, there aren't many points that need to be met to create the perfect website. But is it not just a theory? Well, no. With professionals at hand, creating an intuitive and functional website is not a problem.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room Jeff Bezos on building a brand online

Steps for web design and development

Building an intuitive website is a complex process. It cannot be said that the page building step-list is short. But we can assure you that we will do it to you without exceeding the deadline and in the highest quality. Below we will show you the crucial steps of building a website:

Website template

The website template must match your industry, company’s profile, and, above all, the group of potential recipients. The template is a showcase of your website. Website themes can, of course, be customized and adjusted to your needs. Webflow experts can help you with template setup. Webflow offers over 500 templates, and most of them are free. Determining the theme of the website is the first stage of designing a website from the visual side.

Weblow templates
Webflow templates

Customer’s journey map

You are the one who manages the lead path on your website. A properly planned client’s journey raises the possibility of achieving a business goal - usually is selling a product or service. In this case, you can also use a tool- planning tool like Miro. An easy and intuitive path is always more pleasant for the client. It strengthens positive experiences and increases the desire to buy. Why? The fewer steps, the less time for the client to analyze their doubts. Additionally, customers are more likely to return to simple pages.

73% of people say that a positive or negative customer experience is a significant factor in their purchasing decision-making process.

UI UX design

UI/ UX design focuses on visual interaction with the customer. UX is the basis of website design. User experience design is all about designing the user activity on the website. It focuses on being practical and intuitive. UX design increases the quality of the product and eliminates errors. It is an absolute must-have, as it lowers service costs and improves website operation. A UX design can be built by a verified UI/UX designer. A valuable UX specialist is characterized primarily by skills: analytical thinking and empathy, listening, argumentation, and cooperation. At SoftwareSupp, we also check such skills of our specialists. User experience optimization involves detailed analysis of your user’s journey and optimizing the website to make sure it converts well for your website’s visitors. A UX design is prepared and delivered by using dedicated design software like Figma or AdobeXD.

In turn, the UI (user interface) is responsible for the visual design of page elements such as buttons, icons, or the entire page. These elements enable the appropriate interaction. UI requires analytical visualization.

Web design and development
UI/UX designer Vako, Project: Learn & Enjoy, Switzerland

CSS customization

CSS styling

What does CSS stand for?

CSS (Cascading Style sheets) is used to confer the appearance of the webpage. In other words, CSS is a list of rules that determine how the content of a given element should be displayed by the web browser. At this stage, you create your brand style. Creating your own brand style is a web design and development clue. CSS styling can be done through Webflow by using decent styling modifications or running a custom code modification. CSS is important in terms of SEO positioning because it reduces the size of a website. In SoftwareSupp, you can even order a single task such as CSS styling.

HTML customization

HTML is the language of the tags that structure the content of the page. At this stage, you create the conformation of your website and start SEO activities. Skillful use of the program functions (e.g.font color HTML) can help websites position better in search engines. In Webflow, HTML customization is done through the corresponding drag-drop edit process or by using built-in styling edit options. The use of expert services gives you quality assurance.

HTML code
HTML code

Chatbot integration

Chatbots improve customer experience. It influences the client's trust in our website. It enables fast issue resolution. Moreover, chatbots are cost-effective, because client stays longer on our website. Providing high-quality customer service is the key to success. Option to transfer to live agent eliminates the part of client's problems.

Web design

We have already decided on- the customer buys with his eyes. Therefore, graphics can not only have good quality. Briefly, it has to match the selected theme and the industry. Graphics should be designed to convince the potential customer that he is in a proper place. Web design complements a total picture of your brand. It is worth taking care of the uniqueness of the images created and the consistency of the message. In short- an unusually dressed brand is easier to sell.

Design can be performed by using 3rd party and user-friendly tools. However, building a fully custom design may distinguish you and your website among companies in your industry. If you decide to improve your brand’s image, let us know. We can find for you the best Web design expert.

Domain connection

It is the last position on the must-have list. It is necessary to launch your website and make it live under a custom name. A custom domain can be purchased through a hosting provider such as GoDaddy, WP engine, or directly through Webflow’s domain integration panel. A software specialist can easily integrate it by adding DNS records in your hosting provider’s admin panel.

UX design
Alan’s work - UX + UI Designer Webflow Developer

Web design and development is a large subject matter. The above, mentioned issues are the basis for setting up the website. However, a developed website should also be suitably optimized. Website optimization elements listed are available below:

  • Social proof - information confirming customer satisfaction metrics. The goal of this step is to convince the customer to leave the contact details. It is based on building trust by visually showing the satisfaction of previous customers on the website.
  • Page speed improvement- The speed of the website not only influences the growth of positive experiences of your website user. It also impacts your SEO positioning. How to improve website performance? It can be done by minimizing HTML and CSS and reducing the size of the images. One of our experts has described steps for Webflow Page Speed Optimizations.
page speed insight
Page speed test
  • Google Analytics integration - allows you to measure the statistics, metrics, and conversion on your website. It is a tool designed to analyze broadly understood website traffic and problems occurring on subpages. It allows you to create reports on, for example, conversion rates. Being aware of the need for data analysis can greatly affect your business outcomes. By following your customers on the site, you get to know them.
Google analytics integration
Website analysis
  • Conversion optimization is focused on measuring, analyzing, and optimizing the number of visitors/users going through particular parts of your website. It can be conducted directly or by making A/B tests. A/B testing can be done by using Google Optimize or Optimizely. Drag and drop editor allows you to change particular elements of your website easily. The optimization can be made by changing the button's color making it more inviting. Influence optimization and create additional information in pop-ups, and reduce the number of steps in the customer path.
  • Mobile optimization. Nowadays, it is a key factor to meet the requirements of mobile users. Mobile optimization might involve building responsive designs and precise positioning of specific items such as graphics or button elements. The adjustment of a version for the website for mobile devices consists of matching all constituents for each mobile screen.

Mobile optimization
Webflow mobile screen

Creating an account on SoftwareSupp gives you and your team the possibility of developing constantly. Web design and development is an extensive process that consists of many elements. Plan your internal budget and report technical problems regularly. By adding a team to the project board, they will monitor the work or commission additional tasks. An active account on SoftwareSupp enables dynamic development. It means that innovative ideas and technical problems no longer have to wait to be executed. On the project board, you just need to add additional tasks. Afterward, the freelancer estimates the delivery time and completes the assignment at the pace determined by prioritization. Take action and stay ahead of the competition.

Project board feature useful during website development
Add tasks to the project board regularly and set the priority to keep your work's tempo.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO-Search Engine Optimization- are all activities that lead to increased traffic from search results. It consists of adjusting to Google algorithms and raising the authority of the website. SEO influences web development in terms of the number of visitors. Users who have entered your website through a search engine belong to the group of customers who are worth focusing on. It is because they found your page while they were looking for something specific in a search engine. The goal of SEO is to raise your position on the search engine list.

As part of the website positioning activities, we include:

  • visibility analysis,
  • SEO audit,
  • competition analysis,
  • technical optimization (technical SEO),
  • keyword research,
  • content optimization,
  • obtaining link/ link building
  • monitoring the visibility and position of the most valuable phrases.

SEO is a broad subject. It includes many technical factors that can only be performed by an experienced SEO specialist. Working with a SoftwareSupp freelancer, you will get a customized project board where you can view the progress of your work. Our expert can break down all SEO activities into customized operations. For effective SEO optimization, it is necessary to pay attention to the following items: meta title, internal linking, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, and URL optimization. Integration of the Google Structured Data tool, also known as schema, will help you make sure that website information is well-organized and displayed for search engines in a customer-friendly way. Schema requires a specific implementation to match the structure of content on your website. This tool and most other integrations require technical and specialist knowledge. Soon, Core Web Vitals (CWV) will become a ranking factor and will impact search results and full-page visibility. It is a new thing. However, we have an expert in our database that specializes in this area. In this article, Nimesh describes what Core Web Vitals are and how they contribute to getting a better search ranking.

Web design and development - scope
Web design and development - example of project scope

However, we encourage you to also use free tools such as Google Search Console. It enables you to analyze the traffic on the website by yourself. It is worth configuring this page tool to learn about the page's effectiveness and display indicators.

Software Integration as a part of web design and development process

The integration of additional tools is the next step during the web design and development of your website. Integrated software streamlines work, making it more effective. Integration is done by dedicated experts. Determining possible integrations depends on the type of business. E-commerce integration consists of integration between your website and channel to sell online. External integration enables effective sales and management of payment and products. There are many options for growing your e-commerce business. Running an e-commerce activity is associated with the growing needs of customers and employees.

A store created in Shopify may need to integrate additional forms of payment or product delivery. Payment integration can consist of entering the payment by credit card, PayPal, invoice. Research shows that a customer who has various forms of payment available sees a given store/website more professionally. Social media integration will automate marketing work. Additionally, for the company's development, it is worth considering CRM integration, ERP integration, or Google Analytics integration. The main task of the CRM system is to collect data about customers and their activity on your website. In short, CRM software integrated automates the sales management process. When the company grows, it is worth introducing customer service integration. A customer who can contact the company's team will be more trusting. Chat integration, for example, Livechat, will bring you closer to your potential client. Thanks to the chat form, you can easily obtain lead data. Customer service can be delivered by organizing a proper ticketing system, allowing you to prioritize and handle support queries. Zoho is one of the tools that enable the effective management of contacts with clients.

Web design and development
Software integration template

Marketing automation may be a straight integration with ActiveCampaign. Using this software will help in the automation of notifications, sending SMS and emails. It will save time that can be used for further business activities. In case you have a problem with storing and managing data that is collected in several places. Database integration will allow you to manage multiple data points in one place, meaning collecting the information from different data sources (CRM, ERP) and processing it in one place. Data migration requires expert knowledge. The whole process must be carried out wisely, in the correct sequence of steps.

Website analysis

The analysis of the results and customer activity allows for brand development. Many tools enable you to monitor the basic data and information about your websites, such as the number of visitors, traffic sources, and conversion rates. Hotjar is an analytical tool that allows you to analyze your visitors' behavior- as their scrolling patterns, clicks, and heatmaps. It optimizes the user interface and experience. Other tools for analyzing the results are Google Optimize, PIWIK pro, Fullstory.

Automation expert's project
Covid Statics by Freelancer: John

By purchasing an hourly plan, you can be sure of getting the highest quality service. Thanks to the fact that we have experts in every part of the world in various time frames - we can provide you with specialists in the exact time frame you need. We are not an agency so, we can be flexible, just like a freelancer. However, freelancers will not provide you with secure payment and guarantee the project's continuity as we do.

Website developer project schedule
Web design and development project schedule

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Specialist at SoftwareSupp

Mautic marketing automation for chemical company

Mautic marketing automation can be helpful in various industries. In this project, SoftwareSupp freelancer improved audience segmentation, e-mail sending, and lead tracking processes for a chemical company.

Mautic marketing automation tool for chemical industry

The client’s company is the first digital marketplace built for chemicals, polymers, and ingredients. Marketplaces have modernized and disrupted major industries.Their value is simple:

for sellers- provides instant customer-facing digital transformation without any capital expense;

for buyers and R&D -provides an unmatched user experience and the tools to search, filter, sample, quote, and purchase from every major producer on earth - all in one place.


What is Mautic marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a complex ensemble of activities facilitating the work of marketing activities and team management. Effective automation requires special software to improve sales processes. It is a solution that allows you to collect data about customers and information about transactions. Thanks to this, you can run personalized campaigns. The system enables you to manage data. Moreover, Mautic marketing automation increases the efficiency of sending e-mails, planned campaigns, and analyzing implemented activities.

Dashboard of Mautic marketing automation tool
Mautic dashboard

Mautic Marketing Automation specialist

The company faced incredible growth, huge demands on marketing automation, email marketing, and leads tracking. The issue is combined with the company’s services offering marketing services for their clients who want to reach more customers. Based on previous first-hand experience with the challenges and limitations of other tools, a client needed a flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, and powerful tool to manage their marketing automation challenges on behalf of their clients.

Appropriate software has been selected for the specialized needs of the client: MAUTIC

Mautic logo
Mautic software

Mohammad Abu Musa worked with the client to implement Mautic marketing automation tool.

Marketing automation is a broad term, but in this case, we can distinguish between several items:

  • Email automation
  • Marketing analysis
  • Site tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Dynamic content setup
  • Audience segmentation

Mautic marketing automation helped in setting up and executing email campaigns easily, leads tracking, and dynamic content. Further, this software was integrated with their existing products. With a business model reliant on the engagement of both buyers and sellers, the company must nurture two very different audiences. In addition, the client provides marketing services to premium sellers who expect branded and customized campaigns to be served to chemical buyers in specific target industries. It means conceiving, creating, and launching dozens of differently branded campaigns to diverse audience segments, analyzing their results, and optimizing content as needed. Moreover, the company's status as a start-up meant achieving those goals quickly and on a tight budget.

Profile of mautic marketing Automation expert
Mautic Marketing automation certified specialist

Mautic implementation

After project realization, the client can set up and execute email campaigns quickly and effectively. The goal was to increase business results. Mautic marketing automation was implemented to improve work, and streamline communication. It resulted in a significant increase in the efficiency of daily tasks. Mautic is a flexible, easy-to-learn, inexpensive, and customizable solution.

Key selling points at this project were:

  • the visual editor that made content creation possible with minimal knowledge of code
  • the campaign builder that uses straight-forward logic to serve content score contact actions and measure the lead engagement
  • contact segment builder that makes it easy to target the perfect audience for every campaign
Screenshot showing Mautic marketing automation tool settings options
Mautic settings page

Presently, the client can quickly and easily launch additional instances for premium sellers that need help nurturing the customers that visit their storefronts. A company can create and serve content on behalf of over a dozen sellers in just 5 months by:

  • whitelisting each new instance,
  • creating custom themes to meet each company’s brand guidelines
  • uploading target contact segments.

Currently, many sellers' sales forces are grounded in the face of COVID-19. Thus, their sellers can take solace because their products and value props continue to reach existing and potential customers.

Mohammad Abu Musa helped install, maintain, scale, and run different instances for Mautic marketing automation and provide performance enhancements and integrations that did not exist in Mautic. Thanks to the Mautic implementation, the client has gained an intuitive tool that enables the automation of repetitive processes in the marketing department.

In this project, data collection, reporting, and analytics have been improved. Now, a team can manage sales more effectively. Tracking leads makes it possible to observe the path of a potential customer. These and other solutions support the company's development. The implementation of the Mautic software made the time of performing individual tasks shortened to a minimum. Currently, work is done more efficiently. Automation of marketing tasks has a positive effect on the quality of work.

Marketing automation software
Mautic Marketing automation - software settings

At SoftwareSupp's blog, freelancers can publish their own articles. The contents prove their specific knowledge, experience, and unique skills. Software experts describe their work on projects and present implementations in which they are specialists. Once we heard that the possibility of publishing educational content allows them to get more involved.

Software  developers wrote for SoftwareSupp
Software developers as authors of the blog posts

Mohammad Abu Musa

Certified Marketing Automation Freelancer

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