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LinkedIn contacts export and database design with low-cost approach

Around 80% of social media B2B leads originate from LinkedIn. A database design expert has integrated LinkedIn with Google Sheets using the Zapier Chrome plugin to provide the client with easy contact management through LinkedIn contacts export.

Few words about the client

Our client is the Director of Global Sales at a company that offers contract research services to pharmaceutical, biotech, start-up, and academic researchers who need faster, smarter, and cost-effective solutions for drug profiling.

Scope of the project

As a regular customer, he approached us for database design to manage his LinkedIn contacts in an easy way.

Duration of the project

The project was implemented within 1 man-day across one week of agile collaboration with the customer over the entire lifecycle of solution design, implementation, and testing.

Effect:  LinkedIn contacts export to Google Sheets integrated with Zapier’s chrome plugin.

Thanks to this implementation, the client can manage the data of his clients much more efficiently. Creating an automated list of people interested in its services helps in faster service and additionally increases the quality of connections. Orderly and systematic activities are essential when building a long-term relationship.

LinkedIn contact export specialist- Stefan Behrendt

Over the course of my career, I have implemented a large number of databases and integrations of databases with external IT systems, especially around CRM and across the customer journey. For SoftwareSupp for example, I completed a data analytics project using Pipedrive and its dashboard capabilities to set up a management sales cockpit for a green energy start-up.

For this project, the following skills were essential

  • Solution design and architecture
  • Database design, data analytics
  • SaaS and social media platform know-how
  • Master data management/CRM knowledge
  • Digital systems integration of various SaaS tools
LinkedIn contacts export specialist
Profile with freelancer skills details

Database of potential clients- LinkedIn contacts export

The initial stage of the project required understanding the client's needs and the expected end-results in combination with the workflows that the client was willing to conduct when operatively filling the database during his daily work.

LinkedIn has been considered as one of the most effective social media for B2B lead generation. According to the information published by Linedlin,  80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

During the solution design phase of the project, the following key requirements of the client were elaborated

  • Lay-out of data structure and database fields, based on the CRM system used and the client’s information needs
  • A lean, minimally invasive approach without connecting external systems directly to LinkedIn
  • Full (manual) control of the data-capture process
  • A low-cost approach leveraging existing tools and infrastructure and ideally not relying on expensive additional SaaS tools
  • An open solution that allows the client to modify the solution by himself post-launch (data structure, type of data to be captured, target CRM system)

Based on these requirements, three basic solution-designs were evaluated

  1. Specialised tools connecting to LinkedIn
  2. Use of Zapier, the Zapier Chrome Browser Extension and google sheets/Excel365
  3. Manual approach by using a freelancer to handle the data entry process

We discussed with the client the respective solution designs and mapped these against the client’s requirements and decided for solution 2, a combination of Zapier’s free basic product and a google spreadsheet.

As a general rule, the main project's challenge was the proper identification of the client's needs and direct cooperation. My knowledge and experience allowed me to offer the client three different solutions. During database design, setting the appropriate structure of the uploaded information from the beginning is crucial. Thus, the client can correctly and with ease add consecutive database fields by himself.

Process of LinkedIn contacts export by Zapier to GoogleSheet
LinkedIn contacts export process

By hiring a specialist for Linkedin contacts export, the client saved the whole day of monotonous and manual work. Moreover, the implemented automation will enable the customer to export contacts in the future independently.

Assuming that 1000 contacts were transferred through Zapier automatically, and manual copying of information would take at least 30 sec/contact, it turns out that the client saved over 8 hours of work. This number of hours saved will systematically grow with the transfer of new LinkedIn business contacts.

LinkedIn contacts export by using Zapier’s Chrome plug-in

The implementation of the LinkedIn database consisted of the following steps

  • Setting up accounts in google sheets and Zapier
  • Creating a google sheets document with the customer’s data structure
  • Setting up a „Zap” (= automation) in Zapier that transfers data from Zapier’s Chrome browser plug-in to google sheets
  • Downloading Zapier’s google Chrome extension to start using the solution

The data transfer from the Google Chrome browser to the Google Spreadsheet was implemented as a Zap using Zapier’s Chrome extension which was connected to a google sheets tab containing the data structure of the LinkedIn contacts.

Zapier as a LinkedIn contacts export tool
Zapier used to transfer data automatically

After implementation, the solution was tested with various datasets by the expert and by the client and smaller corrections in the data structure were implemented and tested. Finally, the solution was handed to the client and the client was trained on how to operate and also modify the solution in case additional requirements would come up.

The final result

The developed solution allows the client to capture his LinkedIn contacts from a browser, enrich these with additional data manually and immediately transfer the data into a google sheets database. This database can be further enhanced, sorted, filtered, and then also be uploaded into CRM systems like Pipedrive, Salesforce, or Hubspot to further process the LinkedIn contacts export. The solution design developed in this project has the following advantages

  • a lean approach that does not require any systems integration between LinkedIn, other systems, and the CRM
  • an open solution that works with any CRM leveraging the flexibility of google or alternatively Excel365 spreadsheet
  • a low-cost approach using mostly existing tools like google sheets (or alternatively Excel365) and Zapier and not relying on additional costly SaaS tools to handle the LinkedIn integration
  • Full control for the user when transferring the LinkedIn contacts with the possibility to select contacts and also enrich these with additional data manually

The client for whom this project was carried out already took advantage of SoftwareSupp certified freelancers services before. This article briefly describes the work on integrating Pipedrive with Pandadoc. Customer satisfaction about the first project contributed to re-login at SoftwareSupp after a year to improve subsequent internal processes. SoftwareSupp is a platform where you can hire certified freelancers on-demand, hourly, or complete a project. You can request professional software support depending on your needs.

Software support projects
The client's projects contained in the SoftwareSupp account

Stefan Behrendt

Certified CRM Freelancer


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Sales automation by implementing a smooth data flow

Growing needs do not have to be associated with a change of the project management tool used. This case shows that it is enough to integrate additional CRM software to manage customer relationships more efficiently and increase the sales automation rate.

Observations by McKinsey show that, more than 30% of sales- related activities can be automated.

The client's company helps to build careers for talented young entrepreneurs. They offer comprehensive management services that lead to developing original business ventures. The firm used Asana for project management and also customer relationship management. Pipedrive has already been pre-deployed to automate individual elements of customer service processes. The client needed a specialist who would automate internal workflow and enable these two tools to work simultaneously.

Project time: 6h

Effect: Integration of sales automation CRM tool to the existing activity workflow on Asana.

Asana's integration with Pipedrive was to increase the automation of information and data flow. One of the main assumptions was to automate the data transfer from input boxes to Pipedrive.

Carla Rodriguez - Certified CRM and sales automation Freelancer

Sales automation certified freelancer
Certified CRM and sales automation Freelancer

I have been working with Pipedrive for over four years. Previously, I specialized in process improvement, which turned into a passion for automating sales methods. In the described project, I helped the client organize sales processes and systematize customer data to enable him to generate advanced reports. In order to complete this project successfully, I used the following skills:

  • Quick research
  • Client guideline facilitation
  • Workflow process map to show the difference between Pipedrive and Asana native integration and Zapier integration.
  • Data structure organization
  • Process automation
  • Use client zap budget wisely
I believe that the use of modern tools for automating processes in the company is the best solution. It gives us the opportunity not only to organize sales in a structured way but also allows us to maintain the highest quality of activities while saving time.

Sales automation through Asana and Pipedrive integration

Successful orderliness of work and systematization of customer data requires appropriate tools. The main reason why Asana is no longer a sufficient instrument for the client's company is that it does not have the function of creating extensive reports. The quality of sales and the increase in conversion all depend on the management of processes in the company. Without appropriate programs that monitor the course of specific transactions, achieving higher and more stable sales results could be difficult. Pipedrive gives the ability to create customizable and configurable reports. The filter function allows highlighting individual results. Additionally, customized Dashboards make it easier to track goals and increase efficiency progress. The client wanted to integrate subscriptions tasks to Pipedrive as deals and integrate a sales automation CRM tool to the existing activity workflow on Asana.

Project’s scope

  • Asana and Pipedrive Integration: Present POC to the client. Explain the difference between Native Pipedrive and Asana integration versus Zappier integration
  • Automate Asana task completed into a Deal In on Pipedrive Funnel. Create a contact related to the organization automatically and a transaction based on Asana task information. Send to Pipedrive key information of a deal.
  • Sales Asana Tags task Automation. utomate every time the sales team tagged a task as won. To win a deal on Pipedrive, send all deal info from Asana to Pipedrive.
  • Build a Sales Dashboard on Pipedrive to measure how many deals enter the sales pipeline and how many closed as sales.
Pipedrive with Asana native integration vs Napier integration for sales automation process
Differences of the Native vs Zapier integration in the sales automation process

Project management tools

Asana is a project and task management tool to organize teamwork. It is an amazing tool to coordinate all the tasks and projects in the organization. On the other hand, Pipedrive is a client relationship manager and streamlines all business initiatives and communications. It has an activity-based selling approach. These two tools combined will help the team to manage projects and relations with clients efficiently. This implementation was designed for sales automation and work improvement. The result will be visible in the increase in sales results. The main assumption was to create automation of the flow of customer data from Asana to Pipedrive.

In this project, the crucial part was the Zapier integration to connect Asana and Pipedrive. Without the ability to use this tool, automation would not be possible. Zapier is a product that allows the integration, combination of two or more applications for workflows and sales automation.

As the Aberdeen Group research shows, companies that use sales automation achieve 53% higher conversion rates and 3.1% higher annual revenue growth rate.

Asana- project management tool
Asana - completed task

Pipedrive automation
Pipedrive - contact created automatically

Pipedrive as a sales automation tool
Customer's details transferred from Asana to Pipedrive

Integration process

  1. Create the data fields structure on Pipedrive
  2. Create new data fields on Asana
  3. Use Zapier to create the integration
  4. Create two workflows automation on Pipedrive

Internal sales automation system

Every time a user completes a task - "Client submissions'' on Asana, Pipedrive (through Zapier) forms a new Person (contact). At this time, Pipedrive creates a Contact and transfers all the information the Submissions Area gathered during the task Management on Asana. Once this is done, Pipedrive establishes an organization (marketing agency) linked to the new Person. Then it creates a new deal on the first sales funnels step- "project submitted" with all Asana fields information. The process is automatic, so users do not need to take any action. Thanks to sales automation, all the data is collected and managed properly. Sales executives have all the records to quote and administer to clients.

The project aimed to create an integration to automate data transfer from input boxes to Pipedrive. During this process, we moved all data that the agency team researches to quote their service: influencers info, campaign launch, platforms used, etc.

The integration allows two different teams to work at the same time and bring together their results and add value. It automates sales and submissions. Moreover, it enables data consistency. Thanks to the integrated system, the client’s data is organized to further business development.

Prioritization of tasks in the project board allows keeping the required order of work. In this case, the priority for the client was to create a Dashboard template. Carla, a CRM and automation expert, did this task at the beginning. The transparent nature of the communication enables the client to mark his requirements. It increases the efficiency of the specialist work who, by following the instructions, can complete the project faster without wasting time discussing details.

Prioritization of tasks on Sales automation project
Task prioritization in the project board

Carla Rodriguez

Certified Sales Process Freelancer


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CRM system change with Native integration - steps for a proper database migration

Monday CRM system has been changed to a more advanced one to increase the automation level of employees' tasks. Check how many hours a freelancer has spent on database migration.

The project concerned the dental industry. The company for which we have implemented the project deals with the consolidation of the stomatologic market. The client needed an appropriate tool to manage the sales funnel. Due to the growing requirements, the customer wanted to change the management software from Monday to Pipedrive. Currently, the customer uses Woodpecker to send emails. After the management system change and database migration, Woodpecker had to be integrated with the Pipedrive CRM- it was performed through Zapier.

Project scope:

  • Monday data export
  • Adjustment of data to match target structure
  • Pipedrive data import
  • Woodpecker integration

Time of the project: 20h

Effect: Implementation of a more advanced tool to increase the possibilities of automating daily tasks and creating extensive reports.

Michał Tracz - Certified database migration Freelancer

Profile of database migration specialist

My practical knowledge of Pipedrive implementation and external integrations contributed to I was hired to complete this project. Before becoming a Pipedrive Certified Specialist, I was dealing in broadly understood sales for over ten years. Experience in working in sales helps me understand the client's needs better. Daily, I implement CRM systems and adapt them to a specific company in a given industry.

The combination of an analytical sales approach with the knowledge of Pipedrive CRM allowed, among other things, to manage data after placing it in the software easily. Undoubtedly, the challenge was the technical aspect of getting the proper data transferred to the Woodpecker program. We had to use an additional automation tool.

Database migration expert’s tasks

  • Pipedrive account creation and configuration
  • Adding fields according to the client's guidelines
  • Native Woodpecker -> Pipedrive integration
  • Integration via Zapier on the Pipedrive -> Zapier -> Woodpecker line

Monday to Pipedrive database migration

Database migration concerned the transfer of information about current leads along with the marking of the cooperation stage. Monday is a project management software. It is a free and intuitive tool that allows monitoring of the progress of your work. Using Monday, users may manage and control the company's activities and employees' work.

Monday CRM software Dashboard
Monday Dashboard

A properly implemented CRM solution can yield an ROI of 45% per dollar invested, Readwrite, 2020

In my opinion, Pipedrive is a much more extensive system that allows a broader look at automation. Thus serves a wide range of facilities that save time for the employee. The layout is clear and fully customizable. First of all, we can take advantage of additional fields that help adapt the software to our needs with ease. By using automation features, we can quickly find the specific data and transfer them to the integrated software. A huge benefit, in the case of Pipedrive CRM, is extensive reports. Thanks to them, users can use filters to display the required information ably.

Pipedrive CRM Sales opportunities Dashboard
Pipedrive dashboard

In order to enable the client to use Pipedrive to manage work in the company, I had to set up an account and configure it properly. The next stage of the project assumed export data from Monday and prepared them for Pipedrive import. Due to differences in the data format, I had to remove the Monday tags after exporting. Later, after giving the appropriate data structure, it was uploaded to the target system. The described tasks were completed within 13 hours of work. For this project, the following information has been transferred:

  • company name
  • contact details
  • information about the company in the form of comments and notes
  • Added Snippets to Woodpecker in additional fields, which I also imported from the table

The client decided for database migration and change the internal system because his requirements regarding available functions increased. As the company grew, the expectations of the advancement of the downloaded reports also rose. Essentially, Pipedrive offers a wide range of possibilities to create reports on work results, unique campaigns, and sales-marketing activities.

Woodpecker integration

Woodpecker is a marketing automation tool. It is responsible for cold mailing and follow-up mailing to potential customers. Woodpecker can be easily adapted to CRM systems or by using Zapier.

Woodpecker was natively connected with Pipedrive -without any middleware. After the campaign is over, it sends details to Pipedrive, mainly:

- Did the email arrive?

-Has it been opened?

Native integration means direct integration via application programming interfaces (APIs). It enables a smooth flow of information between applications, which results in easier access to them.

However, we have also created a reverse integration by Zapier. Thus when the customer enters a contact into Pipedrive, the database in Woodpecker is automatically created or updated.

The client will use this integration to heat up cold leads that are in the database, but:

  • currently, they are not interested in the offer
  • the connection has been lost
  • are undecided

The CRM integration along with data migration was estimated in advance at 20h of integration consultant work. The cost of such work performed by a certified Pipedrive specialist is $ 1,000. Before the project started, our client could look through the expert’s profile to check recommendations, certifications and previous work completed. This project resulted in the possibility to plan sales more effectively. The client received the advanced CRM implemented. Automation of activities and appropriate programs facilitating planning and sending emails brought on time saved on everyday activities.

database migration project planning
Project planning and expert profile

Michał Tracz

Certified CRM Freelancer


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Magento 2 Plugin development - process and Javascript events description

Magento developer worked on an official Magento 2 plugin that increases conversion by 5x. Check what has been done by using Javascript, PHP, and Magento2 skills.

This project is a continuation of the Smartech Magento Plugin project for Netcore. Magento developer worked on the plugin for marketing automation solutions. The first stage of the described project is focused mainly on creating project documentation and initial work to prepare the plugin for Magento marketplace requirements. The second phase concerns completing full plugin implementation, custom events, testing, and on-demand support.

Ranaprathap Madhala - Certified Magento developer and Freelancer

Magento 2 plugin developer
Profile of magento developer

I am a certified Magento expert. Over the last seven years, I have completed a lot of Magento projects. I mainly specialize in customizing modules, third-party module integration, custom API creations, ERP integrations, email marketing integration, and custom payment method integrations. Moreover, I have experience in integrations of plugins like Smartech: Yotpo, Dotdigital, Klaviyo. To complete this project the following skills were required: Magento2, RequireJS, PHP, Javascript.

I have always loved to code, and Magento 2 is a great framework for mid to large eCommerce businesses. Shops built on Magento 2 perfectly match the trends. The main one is adjusting the website to mobile devices. It is estimated that in 2021, sales through mobile devices will reach 73% of e-commerce sales. To ensure data security and customer experience at an appropriate level, large shops should consider transferring the store from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

According to the data provided by W3tech, Magento powers 1.2% of all CMS world's websites.

Smartech Magento 2 Plugin

Smartech is a client’s flagship product. It has been already listed on the Magento marketplace and is available to download. In the Magento ecosystem, plugins are called extensions. Developers can seamlessly integrate it into the Magento websites. As claims, the software offers more than 5,000 Magento extensions. Interestingly, the Smartech plugin can also be integrated with Shopify or WordPress.

As reported by Netcore, by getting access to the plugin, e-commerce brands uplift web conversions by 5X.

Smartech empowers modern marketers to map their customer journey to deliver an exceptional 1:1 Customer Experience. An additional feature developed for our client is designed to collect all user events and perform personalized marketing activities. Smartech provides a Web SDK (software development kit) that helps track, analyze and engage with website customers. Engaging users, tracking their performance, and analysis of their activities aim to build SMART conversions. Below are listed main Smartech functions:

  • Events tracking
  • Browser push notifications, web messages, and emails to increase conversions
  • Construction comprehensive segments using the events and their underlying parameters.
  • Running campaigns and automation
  • Insights on the campaigns
  • Automation settings to send out campaigns using the website event data as triggers.

Magento2 plugin- project’s scope

  1. Plugin's complete development, JS events
  2. Custom events
  3. Unity testing
  4. Support or any other tasks on road to successful project's delivery
  5. Meetings & Discussions
  6. Historical syncs

Project time: 95 hours

Effect: Development of the Smartech Magento2 plugin published at the marketplace

Smartech Netcore Magento plugin
Shoping cart containing Smartech Netcore Magento2 plugin

My job on this project was to complete plugin development. Most of the work has been done by using Javascript. We have added the JS events for these elements and get the details for particular situations. The last step was to send them into Netcore by using SW.js. In simple words, from Magento, after adding a product to the cart, we are fetching the product details like name, SKU, qty, and sending those into Smartech with JS events. Example:

Product : Iphone13

Name : Iphone 13 with 256GB

SKU : iphone-13

qty : 1

Example product URL:

Magento marketplace

The main goal for the Smartech plugin is ecommerce website marketing improvements. Once all the data is transferred from Magento, Smartech processes data like emails, Google Ads, Promotions.

Below we present a list of the details that have been implemented within the project's scope.

  • Adding store wise setup, admin end configurations and verify
  • Page Browse
  • Category Search
  • Product search
  • Product view
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Remove from wishlist
  • Remove from cart
  • Checkout
  • Product purchase
  • Sign Up
  • Log In / Sign In
Magento 2 configuration
Magento 2 history data sync configuration

During the project, I have worked on the existing plugin and added new features like webhooks for checkout and purchase orders, historical syncs, Admin configuration changes, and whole customer journey events.

Few features presented on the General configuration's screenshot:

Module Enable: The Smartech module enable or not, once its enable then data sync start from Magento to Smartech

Web Tracking Id: The tracking ID from the Netcore team to validate the exact ID and start accepting the data. It is like a gate pass for data to Netcore.

Site Id: Different IDs for several sites mean one customer has more than one site. So, he will have the same license with a separate site ID

Registration Primary key: The key for Smartech JS to load and validate

IDC Region: Netcore has different regions to load the JS & API endpoints, so the customer needs to specify which region he belongs to. Regions like IN, EU, US

IDC: IDC value for region

Netcore configuration for described features
Netcore General Configuration

Custom events for magento2 plugin development

The project also included the creation of Custom events available below. Custom events mean its Magento customizations based on customer requirements, and it is not available from default Magento.

I have implemented an API for archival data sync to Netcore and hooks to get the details of real-time events and performed the code cleaning.

  • Web Push(with token migration if required), Web Message, Personalization should work
  • Handling CSP console errors (Content security policy)
  • Code cleaning
  • Multi-store development
  • Historical API data(at least 2 months) customers
  • Historical API data(at least 2 months) orders
  • Historical API data(at least 2 months) products
  • Hooks for products, orders, customers (CRUD) operations
  • Business Triggers API call(back in stock)
  • Location tracking via browser location access as well as IP based.
  • Product Collection (Cart or product abandonment use)

Moreover, I have Worked on webhook changes, checkout journey events, and custom implementation for abandoned carts data. For the project, we conducted employee training, during which we discussed specific elements of plugin implementation and how Magento will work. Minimum 3 to 5 members participated in every meeting. During these conferences, we discussed the further scope of the project. The final stage was testing the developed product. I verified work done in my local machine with logs and console logs.

The described project lasted a total of 115 hours of certified Magento developer's working hours. The project assumed the development of the Smartech plugin for the Magento marketplace. The goal of the project has been achieved. Throughout the work, Rana had to work directly with the client's IT team, particularly in the early stages of the project. Later, the client only controlled the reported hours by the freelancer. On the project board, the client could see how long the implementation of individual tasks took. The screenshot below shows that the hired Magento developer performed the work in accordance with the previously established estimation.

Magento developer reports working hours
Working hours reporting system

Ranaprathap Madhala

Certified Magento Freelance Developer


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Automated text messages - instruction of sending SMS via implemented MsgBell extension

As it turns out, SMS campaigns are often much more effective than those sent by email. Learn more about the development of automated text messages via SMS extension implementation to Zoho and its benefits.

The client was looking for someone to develop a bulk SMS plugin in Sigma to publish the extension in the Zoho marketplace. The project aimed at sending automated text messages to clients and a database to conduct SMS campaigns. For the project implementation, the following expert’s skills were necessary: Zoho, API, Integrations, and Custom app development.

Project’s scope

  • Documentation of all the features that will be developed
  • Completion of coding in the Zoho developer platform
  • Completion of testing the extension integrating to Zoho CRM
  • Preparing documents, work process, and terms and conditions of usage.
  • Submitting extension to Zoho marketplace for approval

Project time: 10 days

Effect: Sending automated and customized SMS to customers all over the world

Client: RMB Associates

Pratik Karmankar - Certified Zoho Freelance Developer

Profile of Zoho developer
Certified Zoho Developer

I am an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of building custom ERP and CRM applications for the business in various industries. Also, I am skilled in Zoho application customization​,​ ERP Implementations​,​ Business Process Application Development​,​ and a Website chatbot powered by Zoho. During this project, my job was based on Deluge scripting, API Integration, Javascript, and HTML.

Pratik is really very cooperative and helped us to develop the plugin that we asked for. It is under approval from Zoho currently. Once it is approved, we will be closing this contact soon with a good note- Mahesh, RMB Associates

Zoho expert's tasks

  1. API integration
  2. Widget development
  3. Submitting extension to zoho marketplace for approval

Zoho CRM Marketplace Extension- automated text messages plugin

The project assumed the implementation of an additional plugin to automate SMS sending. Such automation is carried out through an extension added to the CRM system. In this case, the plug was connected to the ZOHO. SMS automation allows you to send automated text messages to selected leads and customers from your database.Nowadays, SMSs have been recognized as one of the best communication options due to their directness. Currently, each of us has a mobile phone with us all day long - it has become our daily tool without which we slowly cannot live. For this very reason, it is worth investing in SMS campaigns. Research by DScout reports that the phone is touched an average of 2,617 times a day. Our daily use, begins around 7 am and lasts throughout the day. Moreover, according to data provided by Mailchimp, email communication is opened at an average of 21.33%. Compared to 98% of SMS open rates that is not much. Considering the above reasons, the client decided to integrate with the SMS sending tool in order to increase its reach.

Integration of the CRM system with SMS automating tools enables direct and comfortable usage. In other words, there is no need to go to the external SMS platform for sending text messages because we can perform a campaign via a CRM system. Moreover, it allows on-time notification of any changes in the system to the respective receiver. By making plugin customization, we can adjust it to the specific requirements.

Automated text messages extension by Msgbell

RMB Associates want to stay in touch by using the MsgBell SMS extension via Zoho CRM with customers from all over the world. Moreover, they emphasize the exigence of sending SMS messages instantly using customizable templates. Another feature is that they can select multiple records and send bulk messages to the customers. By using SMS extensions, they can also write workflows with webhooks to send automated text messages.

To provide follow-up to leads, we can send bulk SMS rather than calling one by one- it saves a lot of time- Mahesh, RMB Associates

Key Features required by RMB Associates:

  • Send SMS messages either one by one or in a bulk
  • Create and manage SMS templates
  • Maintain an SMS history and use webhooks to send automated messages
  • CRM users can send: Transactional Messages, Promotional Messages, Transactional Voice Messages, Promotional Voice Messages

The extension was developed on the SIGMA. Sigma is a development platform where developers can build and host extensions for various Zoho applications. These extensions can be software add-ons focusing on feature enhancements, third-party integrations, or any other valuable additions.

By HTML and Javascript, I have created the widget which is used to provide the window for selecting SMS parameters. JavaScript SDK was necessary to send the API call to an SMS service provider. In API calls respective account credentials also needed to be specified in order to verify the account validity. Few modules (API Credentials, Sender ID, Templates) were created to facilitate and smooth the entire SMS sending process.

Below we show the instruction provided for the client

1.  After installing the extension login to, go to the API tab on the right hand side and click on download API integration guide to copy the API credentials.

2. Copy the API credentials and add these credentials in the MsgBell Credentials module inside the Zoho CRM.

3. To send a message to Leads, Contacts, or Account go to respective and select the record you want to send the text message. Alternatively you can go inside the record and select the MsgBell button to send the message.

4. After clicking on the button, a window will pop up to provide the details for sending a message.

Process of sending automated text messages through MsgBell plugin in to Zoho

The platform gave the client an opportunity to monitor the course of work and control the project budget. What's more, thanks to the communicator available from the panel, the client had the chance to quickly contact the hired freelancer and send each other files related to the project. The great advantage of the communicator is the possibility of returning to the arrangements and materials provided before.

Messenger available on a project board

Pratik Karmankar

Certified Zoho Freelancer


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Building dynamic CMS using Jetboost Webflow and creating a custom menu

Client hired certified Webflow developer to learn how to solve technical problems on the Webflow website and implement Jetboost dynamic filters. The training included the creation of educational Webflow tutorials that the client can use at any time.

The project aims to design an example Webflow collection page with dynamic filters for landing pages. The client wanted to narrow down the search results. Additionally, he needed technical support regarding specific elements of website development. Freelancer's work consisted of Webflow consultations about functions' usage and showing solutions to specific technical problems, such as adjusting the menu. Our customer knew his product well and its technological aspects. By purchasing an hourly plan, he gained access to a database of certified experts to hire them on-demand to handle his current affairs.

Webflow website modifications- project’s details

SmartOnes hired a certified Jetboost Webflow freelancer. This client is also from the IT industry, so he communicated with the specialist very smoothly. Daily, they deal with the sharing of digital tools. They support the latest trends and technological solutions.

Client's Jetboost Webflow website
Website captured on tutorial prepared for a client

Project time: 8h

Client: SmartOnes

Initial assumptions - Jeboost Webflow project

  • Discovery call
  • Demo of the concept & current Webflow pages
  • Setup Dynamic filter pages for Categories (active filter dynamically per category page only showing the collection's items for that category)
  • When there is a time- set up some more pages.
  • Some general advice.

After creating the project, the client received propositions from freelancers who applied for work. They were visible through the notification on the platform. Below we present the offer made by Sławosz. The offer includes the estimated time of project implementation and the price for the project assumptions specified by the client. Acceptation of the offer is the information for freelancers to start work. The bidding system gives a client the most advantageous option. During this process, a customer gets access to experts' profiles. It allows checking their experience and compare skills. The platform makes it possible to start the workflow efficiently and contact the selected specialist at any time. Our clients receive offers from freelancers within 12 hours of project creation on average.

Offer for Jetboost Webflow website project
Offer prepared by Jetboost Webflow specialist

Sławosz Hodura - Certified Jetboost Webflow Freelancer

Jeboost Webflow certified freelancer

I am a Certified Jetboost Webflow expert and a web designer with a marketing background. I have passed SoftwareSupp internal exams and joined the project immediately after acceptance of the offer by the client. I have extensive experience working on Webflow projects. This project stood out from the crowd. I had to demonstrate the ability to impart knowledge. The client did not want to set up the entire website or complete technical tasks but wanted me to show him specific solutions that, after explaining them, he implemented himself to the website.

Internal certification for website developers
Certification of Webflow Freelancer

Technical support for Webflow website development

The client needed Webflow technical assistance for two internal projects. The first one concerned the filtering option on the website. The problem was the inability to limit the search results before the user entered a phrase or selected a specific item. The goal was to filter out the elements within a given category. To show it on a simple example: if we are on a subpage about men's shirts and enter "winter boots", the search engine will not return any results, because winter boots are not included in the category of men's shirts.

Jetboost Webflow dynamic filtering
Categories for dynamic filtering

To achieve the project's goal, we had to combine the capabilities of Webflow with Jetboost. Jetboost filters were supposed to only search for products of a specific category, so we had to apply native filtering on Webflow for the category subpage. For example, inside the collection page category 'Mac', we clicked the filter: contains current- we received the products assigned to the 'Mac' category. To put it differently, every category like Mac, Android, Windows, etc., has an automatically assigned Webflow Native Filter that shows only items in this category. With these appropriate settings, Jetboots will only search for entries within a given section. The described manual settings can also be used in the following subpages. Filtering concerned SaaS solutions offered by the client.

It is also worth mentioning that the filters have not been introduced on the main page. The client wanted the user entering the website to be able to search for all available items.

Webflow settings for filtering
Webflow settings

The second part of the work focused on the client's website. It was created on a ready-made theme from the Webflow marketplace. He introduced most of the customization on his own. However, he needed help in adjusting the Menu. I assisted the client in solving the problem of displaying links and information about the company. We also worked together on the adjustment of the contact form. The form has a multi-stage structure - it consists of several dependent questions.

The client has a lot of technical knowledge. He could operate on a Webflow system, but he wanted to expand his skills. For most of the work, we worked together. Thus, he will know how to implement certain things in the future. Additionally, I created educational materials at the client's request. The videos show a sequence of steps that must be taken to implement or change a specific element on the page.

Within 8 hours, the client learned how to adjust the menu to his specific requirements and gained the necessary knowledge to set CMS dynamic filters himself. The purchased developer's working hours were used for software support. In other words, the client had access to individual Webflow consultations at any time, depending on the emerging questions or problems.

Setting of Jetboots on Webflow website
Jetboots on Webflow

Webflow developer’s tasks

  1. Examine the filtering problem
  2. Reproducing the problem and creating tutorials
  3. Design improvements on the website:
  • Menu

- Change contact details to the same in the footer

- Delete items 'Works'​,​ 'Case studies'​,​ 'Expertise'

- Delete social links

  • Contact page

- Change options in the blocks

- Join Community

- Pitch An Idea

- Get Expert Advice

- The step about Budget can go out

Jetboost Webflow CMS

Jetboost is a system that extends Webflow with advanced filtering functions. We can search various articles, catalogs, or products on the website with ease. Moreover, Jetboost can be seamlessly integrated with Webflow. The real power of this solution is dynamic filters. It means that when you add a category in the Webflow editor ( e.g. winter boots) and add products to this category - the filters on the website will automatically update. So the person maintaining the website does not need to have any technical knowledge because once configured filters will automatically adapt to new variables. Jetboost has several attractive functions. Using them, users can find interesting items on the website easily. For example, real-time on-page Search - the filter displays elements that match the content that the user has entered.

Jetboost also allows the combining of different filters with each other. We can click on the categories: winter shoes, and then inside the category we can select the tag: brown shoes, and then further narrow down our search by entering the word Adidas.

The implementation of the filtering function by Jetboots impacts the development of our website. Thanks to them, the search is carried out in real-time. Thus, we improves the user experience and increases page speed. Consequently, we increases conversions.

Jetboost also has several other useful functions. For instance, the load more button loads new details only when the user deems it necessary. It implies that all elements do not load at once, and thus the page loading time does not increase. Note that pagination and the load more button have been created not to overload the page, to let it works quickly and efficiently.
Jetboost is very lightweight and is considered the go-to solution for Webflow. An alternative solution is the CMS Filters system created by Finsweet. It is a free option and can be successfully used depending on the project requirements.

Dynamic filters settings in Jetboost Webflow
Jetboots Webflow - CMS Dynamic filters

Sławosz Hodura

Certified Webflow Freelancer

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