Competency-based interview in our recruitment process

How do we hire the best expert that matches your project well? Perfect match based on a competency-based interview.

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist.


5 min

8 reasons why using Hubspot might be a good idea for your business

Why Hubspot might be a good fit for your business? Discover its wide applications in the Hubspot expert article.

Nicholas Carlson

SoftwareSupp Hubspot Expert


4 min read

How SoftwareSupp stands out from other agencies, freelance platforms, and hiring directly

Why is it easier to get your project done with SoftwareSupp than with another platform. agency or a freelancer?

Katarzyna Cały

Marketing Specialist


12 min read

How edtech company connected multiple lead sources to Pipedrive

Implementing a CRM system in a company from scratch requires learning about their needs, their current sales funnel, the tasks they perform daily, and the goals for the implementation.

Aneta Szotek

Content Marketer


12 min read

Data migration to HubSpot for travel management company

How travel management company successfully migrated data to HubSpot

Aneta Szotek

Content Marketer


12 min read

Scoping session - How to run an effective scoping for your project?

What is a project scope and how to plan your project with SoftwareSupp? Use our scoping tool or book free scoping session with a SoftwareSupp consultant.

Agnieszka Mutwicka

Software Consultant

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