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Can Pipedrive be a good fit for a sports club? CRM implementation at Lech Poznań

How sports clubs can benefit from optimizing their funnels in Pipedrive with expertise support.

Time of the project: 1 month

Scope of the project:

  • Migrating data
  • Notifications for sales manager
  • Invoicing integration
  • Sales objectives planning
  • Mailing setup
  • Mobile app setup
  • Integrating Pipedrive with marketing

Effect: Sports club using CRM to handle partnerships

Expert responsible for project’s completion:
Patryk Płaczek, SoftwareSupp Pipedrive Consultant

CRM systems can be useful for many types of organizations. It’s not reserved only for companies that manufacture products, sell software, or offer services. Sports clubs can also benefit from optimizing their funnels in Pipedrive.

Lech Poznań is a professional soccer club from Poland. The club was founded in 1922, and since then the team has been playing in domestic and international tournaments. Currently, the team is playing in Ekstraklasa, Polish highest division. Lech Poznań has a team of sales representatives who take care of sponsorships and VIP ticket sales.

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The Pipedrive implementation at Lech Poznań was completed by Patryk Płaczek who is a SoftwareSupp consultant. He’s a Pipedrive Partner with extensive experience in sales (e-commerce, mobile startups, online payments). He used to work with Pipedrive as a sales representative. This hands-on experience allows him to understand his clients’ business needs better.

Let’s take a look at the club’s Pipedrive setup and discover which features are the most important for this type of organization.

Before Pipedrive

Without the CRM system, all the data about clients and partners were stored in different places. Some of them were in Excel sheets. some details were saved in the team members’ own notes or mailboxes. It was hard to manage the contact details and deals.

Patryk was responsible for implementing the CRM solution at the club. It was Patryk’s initiative to choose Pipedrive as their CRM system. He observed the way the team worked and was convinced that Pipedrive’s features could simplify the team’s daily work. The software is highly customizable and can be adjusted to the specific context of a sports club.

When Patryk showed Pipedrive to the team manager, he was convinced within seconds. The ease of use was the main factor that convinced him to go with the tool.

Setting up Pipedrive

Within 2 months, Patryk implemented Pipedrive at Lech Poznań. The goal was to check how the CRM system could benefit the team. During this time, Patryk and the team worked together to make improvements in the setup, so that it would mirror the team’s workflow. Patryk kept identifying where changes were needed and stayed in touch with the team daily.

The main challenge was to adjust the Pipedrive products to the specific context of a sports club. The products required a more advanced setup as they weren’t standard goods or services. The team works with multiple types of deals, including VIP tickets, ad time on the LED banners, or various sponsorships for the team.

Patryk needed to make sure that the reporting is correct and that the club can see the actual results of their sales process in Pipedrive.

After three months of working with Pipedrive, the team could see tangible benefits in their organization. They decided to switch to Pipedrive permanently and manage all their sales activities in the system. Thanks to Pipedrive’s flexibility and customization options, the implementation was successful for such a unique business scenario.

All the details in one place

For the Lech Poznań team, the main advantage of using Pipedrive is that they can instantly access all the information in one system.

Before implementing Pipedrive, the team stored those details in many different ways: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, personal notes, multiple mailboxes, or even physical business cards. With Pipedrive, every user can access all the information about current and potential clients.

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With all the sales data structured in one place, the team was able to measure their performance. They also started planning the next steps thanks to Pipedrive’s built-in analytics and reporting features.

Having one place to store all the details was the most important reason why the team wanted to start using a CRM solution.

Notifications for sales manager

Staying on top of the sales process was also important for the Lech Poznań team. Pipedrive has many notification options that could be enabled when a specific action occurs.

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At Lech Poznań, when a sales representative changes the deal stage or creates a new deal, the sales manager gets an email notification. With automated reporting, the team saves time on updating the manager about their progress.

Efficient invoicing

One of the goals of the implementation was to improve communication between sales and accounting. At Lech Poznań, Patryk created an additional funnel for the accounting team.

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When the client is ready to buy, the sales representative moves the deal to the “accounting funnel”. The funnel has three stages. Each stage is assigned to the accountant that is responsible for the deal.

Once the deal is moved to this funnel, the accountant gets a custom email notification with an invoice request. Once the invoice is ready, the accountant moves the deal back to the sales funnel.

Planning sales objectives

Having a CRM system in place allows the sales teams to monitor their progress and adjust their actions to reach ambitious goals.

With Pipedrive, the Lech Poznań team can set up time-specific sales goals. Then, they can adjust their monthly targets and make sure they are always on track. Team managers can easily access the results in the reporting section.

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Pipedrive’s “goals” feature lets the team track their sales objectives and the progress on their fulfillment. Goals can be set for a team or for individual users. The sales team can plan multiple activities and easily measure their performance.

Mailing in Pipedrive

The team connected their mailboxes to Pipedrive. Thanks to that, they can write emails directly from the system. Additionally, all emails sent from their own mailboxes are also saved in Pipedrive.

Setting up mailing in Pipedrive allows the team to create templates that can be reused for different types of leads. The communication becomes more contextual as all the details about the customer can be easily found in the system.

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Another feature that is useful for anyone sending emails from Pipedrive is email tracking. The salesperson can see if the potential client has opened the email or clicked the links that were included in the email. The tracking feature helps the team to create more appropriate follow-up messages or qualify leads more precisely.

Pipedrive on the go

The sales team at Lech Poznań is often on the go. They travel to meet with partners, and Pipedrive’s mobile app is an important tool for them. They can create a note right after a meeting, check their daily schedules and deal stages, or verify their to-do lists. The team also uses the app to gather ideas for future partnerships and save contact details.

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Exporting contacts for marketing campaigns

The team uses Pipedrive to identify the leads that are likely to become clients in the future. Patryk created a custom field in Pipedrive that is used for leads that are interested but not ready to buy yet. Thanks to that, the team can create a database that is easy to export. They use this list in SALESmenago, their email marketing tool, to create a targeted campaign for these groups.

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Pipedrive helps Lech Poznań not only with the sales process but also with their marketing efforts. This kind of lead segmentation lets the team adjust their communication in the future.

Pipedrive for a sports club

To manage relationships with clients, partners, and sponsors, sports clubs need an efficient tool. Pipedrive is a great choice for such unusual scenarios because the setup can be fully customized.

Pipedrive helped the Lech Poznań team structure their client information and improve their sales funnel. Automating the communication with the accounting team saves time on both ends. Everyone is always up-to-date about the deal stage. With Pipedrive, the team has a clear overview of all their sales activities and future opportunities. They can start making more data-driven decisions to optimize their sales process.

Pipedrive’s mobile app can be helpful for all sales representatives that meet with potential clients outside the office. With the CRM system in your pocket, you can write down the most important information right after the meeting. You don’t have to wait until you get a chance to open your computer. That means you might capture some crucial details that could be forgotten otherwise.

Pipedrive is a flexible tool that can be adjusted to match many types of organizations. With the help of a SoftwareSupp consultant, you can be sure that the implementation will be effective and the setup will always match your specific business model.

Patryk Płaczek

Pipedrive Consultant

How to take care of your personal branding as a Freelancer?

Personal branding is a unique and professional image. Everything you do represents your brand. So, to create your personal brand use tools and techniques to highlight who you are.

Personal branding is nothing more than a unique and professional image. It revolves around perception. Everything you do represents your brand. So, if you want to create your personal brand you need to use tools and techniques to highlight who you are. It allows your clients to get to know your skills and experiences, combined with your unique personality. 

So, why should you take care of your personal brand as a freelancer? It is simple. To get more contracts and aware of your clients to discover your qualifications and expertise. It will attract clients to your business, in return increasing your revenue.  

If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. 

Zig Ziglar

There are many ways to present your skillset and background - website, the profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. This is a good path, but not the only one. In 2020 finding jobs via social media and networking is one of a fast-growing trend. It means that networking is essential. As a freelancer, it’s the lifeblood of your operations. So, the aim is to build relationships with others. How can you highlight your expertise and be more visible for potential clients? Use networking power and join the marketplace platform. Why?

Staying unique in your marketplace 

You need to choose the right place, where to be and present your experience and promote your brand. On the SoftwareSupp platform, you can find software experts with various sets of skills. The value for customers is to cooperate with an expert who knows how to handle the project in the most professional way. As a freelancer, you can get a well-positioned profile and access to all opened job offers. Everything in one place to communicate and cooperate. In our work, we focus on honesty, culture, trust, quality of communication, and growth as an individual and as a team. We also represent this attitude in our approach to welcome new experts on the platform.

What do you expect from joining the platform?

  1. Sign in and create a professional profile

You just need to sign in. It is an easy and fast process, which takes around 2 minutes. You will receive a welcome email and access to the platform and listing job. That’s all. Great, now you are a part of the SoftwareSupp network! 

  1. Submit your experience

You will be asked to complete your background profile thoroughly to make your resume more reliable and professional. More information you add is more likely to match the client and project soon. Once your profile is completed we just want to know you better by reviewing your profile,  for example on LinkedIn. We do not make screening calls and checks. We just believe in your professionalism and sincerity. We are going to know you better before assigning it to the project. At this stage, our aim is to promote you and your brand in our social channel and dedicated communities to increase the cooperation opportunities soon. 

  1. Present your availability and financial expectations

We would like to know your preferences, both financially and in terms of availability. The communication is transparent and honest. You inform us and clients about your rate and flexibility by adding such information on your profile. 

  1. You are a SoftwareSupp expert                    

Each expert in our community makes us happy, so we want to share the great news with the world. Be prepared for the social promotion of your experience and knowledge. It will also help us to match you with potential clients and projects. For you, it is free promotion of your brand.

More potential customers in one place

You have the opportunity to generate more business effortlessly by introducing your background and experience on your profile. In the marketplace, customers will easily be able to distinguish you as an expert in your field. You also have full access to job offers published in the marketplace. 

Achieving more sales in less time

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Assist and support during the project

You do not need to worry about the communication or the progress of your project. In selected cases, you are supported by SoftwareSupp Project Manager. You can plan your work in the regular project’s status, updates, and meetings according to your needs.

Sharing knowledge

We like to share knowledge and experience. Visibility and social relevance definitely help your brand. You are more than welcome to write an article or case study. We provide you the necessary assistance in publishing and promoting your content.

Have you been convinced? Let us know if you have any questions.

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist


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How SunRoof optimized Pipedrive setup, improved reporting and sales performance with SoftwareSupp Experts

When we first met, SunRoof had already implemented Pipedrive at their company. What they needed help with was the optimization of processes and their setup.

Time of the project: 3 months
  • Deal and sales forecasting setup
  • Deal sources and lost reasons setup
  • Labeling configuration
  • Mailing integration
  • Partner program integration
  • Marketing integration
  • Website forms integration
  • Data enrichment setup
  • Lead segmentation configuration
  • Reporting setup

Effect: 2x growth in leads since launch of the project, 500h saved on manual CRM setup

Expert responsible for the service realization:
Patrick Cieśluk, SoftwareSupp Marketing and Process Automation Freelancer

We’re implementing changes to the Pipedrive setup that allows our client to optimize the usage of the system. The processes include creating guidelines, educating the team on how to use the system, automation, and security improvements.

Patrick, Pipedrive Expert

CRM configuration at SunRoof, a solar roof company

SunRoof creates beautiful, 2-in-1 smart solar roofs and innovative facades that produce power from the Sun. They operate in the Scandinavian countries, Poland, and Kenya. Their mission is to equip everyone with a solar energy source on their roof. They dream of a future where we can all thrive together with nature. SunRoof is the most efficient and environment-friendly solar roof on the market.

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When we first met, SunRoof had already implemented Pipedrive at their company. What they needed help with was the optimization of processes and their setup. They also needed to create a proper data structure. The team wanted to put in place the guidelines on how to use Pipedrive that would be a reference point for anyone on the team.

The team wanted to get access to the most accurate sales data possible. They needed to differentiate between high-value KPI and low-value KPI, improve reporting, and sales performance.

Phase 1: CRM audit

The first phase included an initial diagnosis of what currently works and doesn’t work in SunRoof’s Pipedrive setup. The goal was to understand how the team uses Pipedrive and how they would like their CRM to support them in the sales process.

The SunRoof team didn’t have a full understanding of the system and didn’t use all the benefits a CRM system can bring. They didn’t have any guidelines or unified rules on how to use the system.

Having performed the audit, we created a Pipedrive specification for the SoftwareSupp consultant that later took over the optimization project. This way, the client knew exactly what and how would be improved and optimized. The specification included diagnosed problems and the actions that the consultant or the team can take to optimize the Pipedrive setup.

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Thanks to the initial audit, SunRoof could identify the potential benefits for their organization. In the first phase, we discovered the most important areas that should be improved to make the CRM implementation the most effective.

Phase 2: Pipedrive configuration and optimization

In the second phase, the SoftwareSupp consultant implemented changes to the Pipedrive setup that allowed SunRoof to optimize the usage of the system. The process included creating guidelines, educating the team on how to use the system, automation, and security improvements.

During this phase, we stayed in touch with the SunRoof team to make sure the changes affect positively their workflows. We created a guide that includes all rules and best practices for using Pipedrive at SunRoof.

Deal and sales forecasting

Pipedrive sales forecasting provides a comprehensive way to plan sales activities for specific timeframes. For the forecasting to work, the team needs to add probabilities and expected close dates for every deal or stage. This way the system understands how long it would take to close a deal.

To make sure that the forecasting is possible to use, the team needs to follow specific rules while entering the data. We identified the flow and the data structure to make financial forecasting possible for SunRoof.

Deal sources and lost reasons

Adding deal sources and “lost reasons” to deals is a crucial element that lets you enable more precise reporting. If you track where your leads come from, you can optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Additionally, if your lost deals have the reasons why the client didn’t decide to go with your product attached to them, it’s easier for the sales team to adjust strategy and compare it with specific lead sources.

In SunRoof, the lead sources and lost reasons weren’t tracked properly. They were entered manually in several languages as the employees operate on different markets. There weren’t any rules on how to use these fields.

In consequence, reporting was ineffective. The custom fields were filled in one-by-one. It wasn’t possible to analyze data on a bigger scale and draw conclusions.

To solve the problem our software consultant created a fixed structure for these fields. For the “deal source” fields, we agreed on a set of rules that the team can refer to when they have a new lead.

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Both fields were predefined and the team could choose a reason from the drop-down list. The field was made obligatory so that the salesperson needs to fill this field in to be able to change the deal stage. Accurate data provides valuable insights into the sales process optimization.


SunRoof didn’t use the labeling system to distinguish between the cold leads, hot leads, and actual customers.

Labeling allows the users to use more advanced filtering options that help them identify the leads that are most likely to buy the product.

In SunRoof, the Pipedrive funnel includes additional post-sales stages. It is necessary to supervise the solar roof installation. The salesperson is in touch with the client to support them until the roof is ready to use. They make sure that the client is content with the final outcome of the installation.

For such a funnel, the labeling system is useful because it lets the sales team filter out the deals that are still in progress and the ones that are already closed.

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In SunRoof, we implemented labels to differentiate between:

  • cold leads
  • warm
  • hot leads
  • customers

The labeling process was automatically changed depending on the stage that the deal entered. The team didn’t need to remember any additional steps to be able to fully use this functionality.

Labeling can be used to filter out the leads that are the most likely to make a purchase as well as to perform a lead segmentation that can be used for future marketing campaigns.


SunRoof didn’t use Pipedrive’s mailing system to track conversations with customers. The team needed to add all the information manually on the deal level. This process was time-consuming and prone to human errors.

The SunRoof team decided to upgrade Pipedrive to a higher plan and that allowed them to connect their mailboxes to Pipedrive. Thanks to this feature, the messages to and from the customer can be saved in one place. Everyone on the team can easily track the conversations. All data in the system is always up to date thanks to this automation.

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The salesperson’s mailbox is synchronized with Pipedrive, but it’s also possible to access the emails through the personal mailbox. The email integration doesn’t require the salesperson to use only Pipedrive to send messages. They can use their mailbox as they are used to, but they get the benefit of the messages being tracked in the system.

With Pipedrive, all emails are being tracked. The system monitors if the recipient opened the email or clicked the links included. It can help the sales team to follow up in a more appropriate way that would maximize the probability of closing the deal.

To protect the salesperson’s privacy, it’s possible to adjust the visibility settings of their emails. Thanks to that, it’s possible to make some emails private. Those emails won’t be visible to the rest of the team.

Pipedrive also offers “smart email BCC”. Every user gets a unique Pipedrive email assigned. If you add this email to BCC, the email will appear in Pipedrive and can be copied to the relevant deals. You can also use this address to forward customer emails to Pipedrive to update existing deals or create new contacts.

Another benefit of using Pipedrive’s mailing is the ability to create templates in the system. With these predefined emails, the salesperson can speed up their reply rate. They don’t have to write every email from scratch.

As SoftwareSupp, we helped SunRoof connect their mailboxes with Pipedrive and supported them in the process. Along the way, anytime the team member had a question they were able to ask it using the ticketing system on the SoftwareSupp platform.

Some of the questions that came up during the process were about the visibility of emails and email threads. The SunRoof team got the full instructions on how to solve the issues they came up with during the setup process.

Partner program

SunRoof has a network of partners that they work with. Apart from the SunRoof team, there are additional people that are involved in the sales and installation process:

  • affiliates
  • sales partners
  • installation partners

Because of that, the team needed an efficient way to manage these relationships and deals that the partners bring in. Together with SunRoof, we created a funnel that allows the team members to access partners’ deals and help them with the process.

Some partners have access to Pipedrive, others can submit their deals via a webform that is integrated with Pipedrive. With Pipedrive, it’s easier to manage partners’ deals and their commissions.

Security settings

To improve security and prevent data leakage, we set up Pipedrive security settings to match the organization’s data protection standards.

For the partner program, we created specific groups for every type of partner. Some of them use Pipedrive, but have limited visibility of SunRoof’s overall deals.

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We also showed the team how to use Pipedrive’s Security Dashboard to maximize their data protection.

Marketing integration

SunRoof didn’t use Pipedrive in the marketing process. They didn’t have any integration or a way to transfer data between the sales and marketing systems.

Together we decided to choose Mailchimp as a marketing tool. With this integration, the team can export specific groups of people to later add them to the Mailchimp campaigns. We created an automation that adds all clients that get a label “customer” to a specific Mailchimp group.

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The labeling system also makes the marketing activities easier as the marketing team can use lead segmentation to adjust the offer that they’ll send as a win-back campaign in the future.

Website forms

For their partner program, SunRoof uses Google Forms. To allow the data to appear in Pipedrive automatically, we created a Zapier integration. This automation creates deals based on the information that the partner provides in the form.

Another web form that is necessary for the sales process is SunRoof’s calculator that estimates the cost of the project. Thanks to that, the potential customer can check how much they could save on electricity bills with SunRoof.

Image for post

With a Pipedrive automation, once the web form is filled in, the lead’s details are added to Pipedrive. A new deal is created and the link to the estimation is included. This automation was created using Pipedrive’s API.

As SoftwareSupp, we prepared the API keys and the process to follow for the client’s IT team. We needed to create specific custom fields in Pipedrive to transfer the information from the webform. Now the sales team can see the data entered through the form in one place.

Data enrichment

To help the sales team get to know their potential customers better, we integrated Pipedrive with Clearbit. It’s a database that lets the users check information about the company based on the domain that is used to sign up.

Clearbit allows the user to understand their customers, identify future prospects, and personalize interactions. SunRoof has instant access to the following data about the potential customer:

  • website
  • general email address
  • general phone number
  • sector
  • industry group
  • industry
  • sub-industry
  • estimated annual revenue
  • SIC code

Having this additional information saves the sales team’s time that they would need to spend on research. Instead, they can prepare a personalized and more contextual message to the potential customer.

Lead segmentation

Together with the team, we established rules about lead segmentation. Depending on the source, the lead gets a specific value assigned. This process helps the sales team to categorize the potential customers according to the probability of them buying the product.

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The proper lead segmentation setup also improves the quality of reporting and data accuracy.

Optimizing Pipedrive with an expert consultant

The changes implemented at SunRoof transformed the way the team uses Pipedrive. With all customer information in one place, they are always up-to-date about their sales process. They have access to better analytics and use these insights to make better decisions. With improved security settings, they are sure that all the confidential data is safely stored in the system. They also know who has access to the information. The Mailchimp integration made cooperation between sales and marketing easier.

Implementing Pipedrive at the company is just the first step to start optimizing the sales process. Without the proper setup, automation, and adjusting the funnels to the specific industry and the company workflow, the team can’t discover all the benefits of using the CRM system.

With SoftwareSupp, you get a step-by-step guide with the actions that your team can take to improve the sales process. We can audit your current setup and match you with a consultant that will help you transform the way you operate on a day-to-day basis.

Patrick Cieśluk

Certified Web Developer​,​ Marketing and Process automation Engineer

How a financial transaction company fixed their unsuccessful Pipedrive implementation

Let’s be honest, implementing a CRM system by yourself can be a challenging task. Especially for bigger companies where there are many people involved in the sales process.

With the client we have rebuilt their Pipedrive processes and made sure the data in the system is accurate and well-structured.

Luke, SalesForce, Pipedrive and HubSpot Expert

Time of the project: 3 months


  • CRM audit
  • CRM guidelines setup
  • Sales process building
  • Data structure building
  • CRM configuration
  • CRM integration with internal system
  • Email integration
  • Reporting setup
  • Power BI integration

Effect: Complete CRM refinement and adjusting the CRM to the organization's needs, +500h saved on CRM setup, sales effects to be determined

Expert realizing the service:
Luke Gądek, SoftwareSupp SalesForce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot Expert

CRM project at a local financial transactions leader

Let’s be honest, implementing a CRM system by yourself can be a challenging task. Especially for bigger companies where there are many people involved in the sales process.

Without an experienced expert, companies may struggle to create an optimal CRM setup that would help them with their daily work.

The customer provides solutions designed to handle electronic transactions and support online sales. With over 20 years of experience, they’ve been helping their private and corporate clients with processing online payments.

As a company of significant size, the customer's team knew they needed a professional CRM solution to manage their customer details, sales processes, and reporting. They did their research and decided to go with Pipedrive.

The customer started implementing the system on their own. Unfortunately, no one at the company had the experience needed with setting up the system or creating automation workflows.

Having worked with the system for a while, they realized that they’re not using Pipedrive effectively. It turned out that three different sales departments were using the tool in a different way. The funnels, custom fields, and deals were not tracked properly. Activities weren’t recorded in the system. To sum up, they used the system in a non-structured way and it resulted in a lot of confusion. They wasted time and the tool didn’t really do the job it was supposed to do.

To no surprise, the reporting wasn’t accurate either. The customer data wasn’t as easy to find as it should. Implementing the CRM system without setting up proper funnels creates a lot of additional work for the team. Not having usage rules in place

Fortunately, with the help of a professional CRM consultant, everything can be fixed and the team can start using the tool in a way that actually helps them with online sales.

Together with the customer, we reviewed their workflows and created a Pipedrive setup that mirrors their real-life sales funnels. We also created how-to guides for the team, so that they could work with the software independently.

The greenfield approach

The customer's Pipedrive setup wasn’t helping them at all. We needed to start from scratch and create a new setup that takes into account the company’s needs, processes, workflows, and other software they use.

We needed to take some steps back and start from the beginning. The first step was to define processes that should be mirrored in Pipedrive.

We helped the customer discover how Pipedrive can contribute to the company’s sales success. We started with a discovery call, followed up with a series of steps that made it possible for the company to start using Pipedrive in the most efficient way.

What we do best at SoftwareSupp is connecting clients with the right experts for their projects. We invited two Pipedrive consultants to take part in this project. Sebastian was responsible for the business part of the implementation and Patryk was responsible for the technical aspects.

High-level planning

During the first meeting, we wanted to learn more about the general needs of the company, its structure, and its priorities. Then, we came up with a plan on how to approach the project for the customer.

We found out which aspects of using Pipedrive are the most important for the company. We learned the challenges that the teams face on a daily basis and the expected outcome of the project.

Image for post

During this kickoff meeting, we established what we’ll be working on to make the most impact on the organization.

Meetings with Sales Managers

The next step was to meet with sales leads from three different departments that already used Pipedrive. We gathered all their feedback about the system. We were particularly interested in what doesn’t work at the moment.

They pointed out what their daily workflows look like. We figured out together how Pipedrive can contribute to growing their productivity. The confusion and unstructured data entries were the main issues within the organization. The reporting features weren’t possible to use due to the differences in funnels that each team created.

We agreed on the structure of data. We made sure that the system mirrored the actual sales process. What they needed was a unified process to manage all the incoming leads in a systematic way.

We talked about the integration needed to get all the information into Pipedrive. The team wanted to have a clear overview of all activities like calls or emails with the client.

Image for post

One of the most important goals of the project was to create a clear structure so that all data can be available in one secure place.

We agreed on the steps that can be automated and the ones that should be done manually. Estimating the lead score is one of the processes that should be done by the team members, as it requires their input. However, we agreed on the numeric scoring system.

We shared best practices with the team and guided them through the process of unifying and structuring their customer data in Pipedrive.

Creating the how-to guides

The last step was to create the ready-to-use processes that would make Pipedrive implementation more effective. Based on the input from the customer's team and our Pipedrive expertise, we created guides that make using Pipedrive easier.

Pipedrive implementation guide

The first document that we created for the company was the Pipedrive implementation guide. It was a manual that shows how to use the system. This document was a comprehensive guide that summarized all processes implemented within the company.

It’s a reference guide that includes all the necessary information. With this guide, everyone at the customer's team is equipped to start working with the system.

The guide describes many different aspects of working with Pipedrive. The most important categories were:

1. How to use Pipedrive

This part explained the basic functionalities: how to invite teammates, the onboarding process, how to connect the email account with Pipedrive, account management, and sales analytics.

The document includes screenshots and detailed step-by-step instructions that anyone at the company can refer to in case they need support in their daily work.

Image for post

2. Data structure

In Pipedrive, it’s important to enter data in a unified and systematic way to allow advanced reporting to work.

Image for post

The data structure was defined for deals, organizations, and contacts. It’s a reference point for anyone at the organization to make the data in Pipedrive as accurate and relevant as possible.

3. Sales process

This part describes the entire sales process and how it is mirrored in Pipedrive. What is important, we have the lead scoring system included which speeds up the entire process of finding qualified leads. We defined one clear sales funnel for the entire organization.

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In Pipedrive, it’s recommended to create the sales funnel based on the “yes-tree”. Every action has a specific outcome that can be summarized as an answer to a yes-no question.

For the customer, the funnel consisted of 7 stages:

  1. New lead
  2. Qualified lead
  3. Initial offer
  4. Gathering additional info
  5. Additional info gathered
  6. Contract sent
  7. Implementation started

Every organization needs to define its own funnel that mirrors the actual sales cycle. Agreeing on one specific funnel for the entire organization lets you prepare more detailed reports and make more informed decisions.

This part of the guide also included information about integration with external tools. The company uses Systel to manage their calls, Mautic, and Woodpecker for marketing automation.

Pipedrive guidelines

This document summarizes all the most important rules that the Pipedrive users need to follow to use the system to the fullest and make sure that the reporting is clear.

All the most important rules that everyone should remember are included in this document. It’s a short guide that can be a quick reminder for all Pipedrive users.

This guide includes the general rules for the organizations. It makes the process easy to follow. Some of the best practices are:

  1. All leads and contacts need to be saved in the CRM system.
  2. All activities such as calls, emails, or meetings should be saved in the CRM.
  3. All leads must have the next activities planned.
  4. The lead source field needs to be always filled-in.
  5. Make sure to estimate the lead score.
  6. Emails need to be sent from Pipedrive. Alternatively, you can synchronize your mailbox with Pipedrive.

Pipedrive user guidelines

This document lists out all the rules that the customer's employee agrees to follow. It’s used in the onboarding process and as a point of reference for every person within the organization.

The customer's team can easily refer to the ten most important rules that everyone within the organization should follow.

Outlining next steps

With the help of the experienced experts, the customer rebuilt their Pipedrive processes and made sure the data in the system is accurate and well-structured. Thanks to that, they can focus on their sales, not on trying to figure out how the system works. They have all the usage rules are written down and available for everyone at the company.

We identified the next steps for the organization to take if they’d like to improve their workflows further. They have a clear outline of how to approach the Pipedrive automation and integrations with other tools.

On the SoftwareSupp platform, they can find freelancers to further automate or customize their internal processes. Outsourcing some tasks and connecting with experts saves your company time and resources that can be used in a more effective way.

Luke Gadek

Salesforce​​,​​ Pipedrive​​,​​ HubSpot Expert

Why should you estimate your software work with specialized support?

Do you ever have a feeling that the number of software solutions and tools your company needs became too challenging to manage on your own?

Do you ever have a feeling that collecting quotes and managing work with freelancers/agencies is difficult and time-consuming?

Or maybe you would like to quickly find the right person based on the tech needs/skills and experience?

An obvious thing to do for software-related issues is to hire external software support to help you through the most demanding tasks and teach your team how to utilize the solution properly — someone with experience in the field. It may be an individual expert or a whole team and our goal here at SoftwareSupp is to help you estimate work and hire people with the right set of skills and experience.

36% of the US workers (57.3 million) are freelancers who work from home. They collectively contribute $1.4 trillion to the economy every year. It’s a 30% increase since 2016. (Freelancers Union)

And there area couple of platforms to help you bringing massive numbers of freelancers together offering you a wide variety of experts, but employers are often bothered with a couple of things. Apart from many low-quality freelancers and hard recruitment processes, they complain about the further work process — especially the lack of rules and support from the platform’s side and poor customer service.

Issues companies face when hiring external specialists themselves

No matter if you hire a whole super-professional team from an agency or a single freelancer from your network. Depending on the solution you choose, there is a strong chance you will come upon some difficulties. Based on the things we hear from the entrepreneurs and our own experiences, here are a couple of common problems coming from hiring external specialists for the job.

Difficult recruitment process

Carrying the communication with multiple candidates for the job, browsing through their portfolios, setting up calls — these all take time. To make sure you hire the best expert for your project, you often must spend a lot of time you would rather consume in some other way.

Long and unpredictable time of waiting for a quote

Freelancers and companies often tend to make you wait for their proposal for a really long time. That makes the recruitment process even longer.

Bad communication

Communication is not always as easy with contractors as it would be with your own employees. In some bad scenarios your questions may get missing, your calls ignored and the release time postponed.

Poor service quality

Also, with external specialists, you can rarely get a warranty about the quality of work. And mostly, if the effect does not satisfy you in the end, there is no option to get your money back.

Dishonest contractors

That’s an extreme scenario, but when hiring a freelancer with no real background and trusting him with the money, you may end up with no freelancer, no money, and no work completed.

Hiring experts in a traditional way has many flaws, there’s no doubt. Here at SoftwareSupp, we all heard or experienced some of the above situations. And of the need we all knew, we decided to come up with a way of hiring software specialists for projects and help companies from all over the world get the job done, nice and quickly. All they need to do is sign up at the platform and post a job. We take care of the rest.

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You submit a job listing on the platform that describes the project’s scope and the position you are searching for. As soon as your listing is published, we consult with our network of experts and send you a detailed estimate of your project in less than 24 hours.

After you get your proposals, you can accept it and start working with one of our experts right away.

For any project, we also personally suggest a dedicated specialist from our base, who has the best experience working in the selected technology.

What do you get when posting your job at SoftwareSupp?

Post your job

Submit your first job or support ticket for free, collect quotes, find the right contractor for your job, and plan your work.

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You get your own dedicated Project Manager

You never have to worry about the communication or the progress of your project. Hiring a SoftwareSupp expert for your job means getting an experienced Project Manager in the package. Say hello to the regular project’s status, milestones updates, and regular meetings according to your needs.

Access to the experts with know-how in a specific domain

We already know some stuff about technology, sales and marketing processes, and people. This helps us verify our experts’ know-how within specific domains and assign them to projects based on their know-how in the field.

Reduced labor costs

Hiring with SoftwareSupp, you can hire on-demand: part-time, full-time, or only for the specific project. Save time and cash you would spend on recruiting freelancers or having a long-term contract with an agency.

Get an upfront quote in 24h

Get a proposal for your project, get connected with an expert or a team that is hand-picked by us, and kick off your project — all within 24 hours.

Convenient ticketing system

The platform offers a built-in ticketing system that allows you to submit smaller tasks that need to be done quickly. Our team guarantees a response within 1 hour, taking immediate care of your request. Having a more complex integration or a consulting project instead? Submit a job to receive a detailed estimation.

Quality monitoring

To make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with their contractors, we monitor the quality of our experts’ services with regular NPS scoring, conducted weekly or monthly, depending on a project’s size. Our average NPS? + 8.0 on average. All of our experts must follow certain rules when it comes to response or delivery time. If cooperation needs improvement, we involve our internal tech team in the project.

Secured process of passing the access to your software

We believe that safety comes first. The whole process of passing the fragile data and access to your project and software is secured and managed by us. Of course, we also sign NDA agreement as part of every project with customers and freelancers.

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Flexible billing

As you get an upfront estimation for your development and integration projects, you won’t get surprised at the end of implementation. We offer a flexible billing system for teams any size — you can choose to pay per project or a task, omitting big contracts and settling for the tasks at hand only, or buy an hourly support subscription for a constant backup for your team. And support doesn’t have to be pricey — our pricing plans start at $999/mo for the whole company.

Your payment is safe and secured

Although you pay for the job upfront, your payment will be assured by SoftwareSupp's safe escrow mechanism and won’t get to the freelancer until he completes the job.

Wide technology range

You can choose from hundreds of software solutions these days and, to be honest, the choice can be confusing. Based on our experience, we will help you find the right technology stack tailored to your business needs, features, and sales model. And before the implementation, you can request a demo for selected software — you and your team will be the ones using it, after all!

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We love to share our know-how

Don’t have any time to browse through new software trends and releases? We will do it for you. Get regular updates on new technology trends and tips on growing your business’s technology stack so you could constantly improve your sales and marketing processes and grow.

Reliable communication

Hiring an expert from SoftwareSupp, you will get regular progress updates and a warranty of an immediate response to your notes and requests. We run the set of tools to support our freelancers when they work with customers.

Invite your team/co-workers

By hiring through SoftwareSupp, you get an option to collaborate with your freelancer within your whole team. Just invite another team member once you purchase the service with us.

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Legal hiring

Every expert joining SoftwareSupp needs to accept terms and conditions joining our platform. This includes respecting data security standards and transparent communication with the customer.

-> Learn more about our customer service and project deployment rules

For every project, we also sign a 3-sided agreement to secure each party’s needs and expectations.

When posting a job at SoftwareSupp, you get the reasonable costs, just like when hiring a freelancer, combined with the convenience of a professional agency.

Weronika Nużyńska

SEO-oriented Content Marketer

A custom Pipedrive/Zoho development project for an online liquid store

On the SoftwareSupp platform, you can find software experts with various sets of skills. Our team will help you match your project with the right person.

Time of the project: 1 month


  • Zoho Books integration with Pipedrive
  • Data migration script that would transfer entries from Zoho Books to Pipedrive
  • Automated updates Zoho Books based on deals created in Pipedrive
  • WooCommerce integration with Pipedrive
  • Custom reporting

Effect: Zoho and Pipedrive integrated successfully

Expert realizing the service:
Danny Nissani,SoftwareSupp Zoho Expert​/​Developer

On the SoftwareSupp platform, you can find software experts with various sets of skills. Our team will help you match your project with the right person. This way, you always cooperate with an expert who knows how to handle the project in the most professional way.

As SoftwareSupp, we support our clients not only in implementing CRM solutions but also in finding the most suitable professionals for their projects. The client doesn’t need to spend time verifying applications and comparing the candidates’ skills.

An online liquid store approached us with a specific set of tasks they considered crucial for optimizing their workflows. They needed custom integrations between Zoho Books, Pipedrive, and WooCommerce. During a video consultation, we mapped out the scope of the project.

The team wanted to make sure that their project will be completed successfully and on time. With the SoftwareSupp platform, they were able to choose the person that had the exact set of skills needed for the project.

Here’s how we assisted this online liquid store in finding the right expert and made sure that the project is running smoothly at every stage.

Project scope in review

The goal of the project was to develop custom scripts to automate the workflow. The client wanted to connect three systems that the team uses: Pipedrive, Zoho, and WooCommerce.

The project scope included:

  • Zoho Books integration with Pipedrive
  • data migration script that would transfer entries from Zoho Books to Pipedrive
  • automated updates Zoho Books based on deals created in Pipedrive
  • WooCommerce integration with Pipedrive
  • custom reporting

The client’s team had some specific requests and needed a person with both CRM expertise and experience in custom development. The technical aspect of the project also required coding skills. We needed someone who could write scripts and create automation flows. We also made sure that the candidate matches the client’s budget for the project.

Let’s find the right expert

To find the perfect candidate, we posted the job on our platform and reached out to several experts we knew matched the criteria.

We gathered applications from experts and carefully reviewed them. We focused on the proficiency in Zoho, Pipedrive, and WooCommerce as well as custom development experience.

Having reviewed all the applications, we chose Danny, a Zoho expert with 16 years of experience and over 100 projects completed. As he completed similar projects in the past, we knew that the task is the right fit for him.

Once we chose the right consultant, we introduced him to the client’s team. We split the project into 2 stages and started working on its implementation right away.

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The first stage included integrating Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books with Pipedrive. The goal of this integration was to create (or update) the record in Pipedrive once the customer is imported to Zoho. Additionally, any changes in Pipedrive deals should trigger data update in Zoho.

The second stage involved the WooCommerce store integration with Pipedrive. All new orders should be added a deal in Pipedrive and customer data as a contact. This stage also included creating custom reporting with Zoho Analytics, its integration with, and the dashboard setup.

Both stages came with precise time estimations, so the client knew exactly what they can expect.

Together we figured out all the project details. To ensure the highest level of security, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client. After that, they submit access to their CRM accounts, and we’re able to share access with the consultant working on the project. This enables the expert to work on the integration using the client’s exact setup. Thanks to that, they can be sure that the automation flow will run smoothly on real data as well.

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During the entire process, we were in touch with both the expert and the client to support them in case of any questions. We made sure that the consultant has all the details he needs to move forward with the work. At the same time, we contacted the client’s team to update them on the progress.

All stages of the project were completed within 3 weeks. Robert, who was responsible for the project on the client’s end, was content with the outcome and appreciated the smooth communication.

Developing custom solutions

At more advanced stages of development, many businesses want to create custom CRM solutions to further improve their results. If you use several systems to manage your sales, you might need a custom script or integration. Outsourcing this task will save you a lot of time and you’ll be sure that it’s done in the most optimal way.

The client’s team knew what they needed and wanted to find a reliable expert to develop the integrations for them. With SoftwareSupp, they saved time searching for the right candidate. They also got access to an extensive database of software experts. We managed the process for them and made sure that the project is always on track.

On the SoftwareSupp platform, you can find experts for even the most complex CRM tasks. Many consultants have experience with different types of software, so you can be sure that you’ll find the right match for your project.

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupp

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