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How to go through identity verification process at SoftwareSupp

How to successfully complete your identity verification at SoftwareSupp to start submitting offers for projects.

In order to submit your offers for projects @ SoftwareSupp and to work with customers through our support platform, you will need to go through our verification process.

One of the steps in this process is verifying your identity. Our identity verification process is held by Stripe and there are quite a few things worth remembering on road to completing it.

Please find the process described in detail, below.

1. Set up your account as an individual.

No matter if you operate as an individual or as a company (e.g. small agency) it is recommended that you verify your identity and set up your bank's account as an individual.

Why? The identity verification process for an individual will be much easier and smoother and there is a greater chance that you will omit some key obstacles on road to completion.

2. Select your country of residence and bank account.

On the list, you will find 31 countries that are supported by our identity verification process.

You will need to select the one which is your country of residence (where you have a valid physical address) and where you have an active bank account.

Once you select the country you will be able to input your local bank account details.

What if my country is not on the list of supported countries?

The list of supported countries is very limited (due to Stripe restrictions), so there is a high chance that you will not find your country on the list.

We are working on the solution to extend the verification process supporting the remaining countries.

As for now, we have an alternative method we use with selected members that might work in your case as well. Below, please find more details on this one:

If your country is not available on the list, please use the below details (these are our account details).

Type: Individual
Country: Poland
Bank account number: PL64 2360 0018 0107 0000 0014 2602

For this method: Once you complete the project, please send your invoice to and we will transfer your remuneration directly to your bank account.

Once you enter your bank account details, you be able to launch the verification process and successfully launch the identity verification.

3. Verification process (by Stripe).

The next step of identity verification process is handled by Stripe.

This process is performed by Stripe and it does not have anything to do with your Stripe account, so you’re not required to own a Stripe account and if you own one, it will not be affected in any way.

During this process, you might need to provide several information such as your place of residence and scans of your identity documents.

Please provide all the required information as it's necessary to successfully complete the process and to make sure your account is fully active and ready to apply for projects/jobs.

Once you provide all the information and complete the process, you will need to wait appx. 24 hours for us to confirm on the provided data.

If, during your verification process, there are any steps you're not able to process, like uploading document scans, please contact us at for any help/questions.

You can also upload any additional documents like ID through our secure form under the link below:

-> Link to uploading your documents to SoftwareSupp

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

How SoftwareSupp Experts helped LG Chem automate their recruitment process with Chatfuel

The recruitment process has evolved a lot in recent years. Companies can choose from multiple strategies to interact with candidates. Recruitment chatbots have become more popular as they take over a part of the workload of the HR team.

Time of the project: 1 month

Scope of the project:

  • Choosing the chatbot software
  • Creating the chatbot flow
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Designing conversations
  • Using AI rules
  • Delaying the response time
  • Get applications to your inbox

Expert responsible for project’s completion:
Michael Karas, SoftwareSupp Project Manager

The recruitment process has evolved a lot in recent years. Companies can choose from multiple strategies to interact with candidates. Recruitment chatbots have become more popular as they take over a part of the workload of the HR team. With well-designed automation, the recruiter can save a lot of time at the first stage of the recruitment process.

When a company is the growth stage, the team needs to manage many job applications at the same time. To make their work easier, you can automate a part of the process and give candidates an alternative way to learn more about the company. 

LG Chem is the largest Korean chemical company. Their headquarters are in Seoul, but they have offices and facilities are located in many locations around the world. LG Chem manufactures chemical products, petrochemicals, and many types of batteries. The company’s motto is: "We connect science to life for a better future.”

As a global manufacturing company, LG Chem has multiple open positions at a time. The “recruitment chatbot” project was completed for the company’s Wrocław facility called LG Chem Wrocław Energy. They employ numerous professionals with scientific backgrounds and are targeting different levels of experience and specialization. They need an efficient recruitment process to ensure continuity and quality of production. 

LG Chem was searching for Quality Assurance Specialists, SQA Engineers, Shift Managers, Technicians, Customer Support Specialists, Electricians, Accountants, HR Specialists, and Interns. The recruitment team had a lot on their plate and needed a smart automation process that would help them answer the candidates’ questions and store resumes for specific positions. As many candidates contacted them via their Facebook page, they wanted to create a chatbot that would help the team manage the real-time conversations.

Find the right consultant

At SoftwareSupp, we connect the companies with the most suitable experts for the project they want to complete. We made sure to choose the automation expert that has experience in building chatbots. We needed a person that would not only create the chatbot flow but also write messages that would engage the users.

On the SoftwareSupp platform, you can find experts from around the world that specialize in different types of tasks. The recruitment bot was to be designed for the Polish market, so we chose the expert who was a native Polish speaker.

Choose the chatbot software

LG Chem wanted to place their chatbot on their Facebook page. They needed the software that would run smoothly with Messenger, be easy to use, and allow them to design engaging dialogues.

Even though there are many interesting chatbot options on the market, Chatfuel was the obvious choice for LG Chem. The software is designed specifically for Messenger and Instagram conversation, so it matches perfectly the client’s expectations. 

What’s more, Chatfuel is a no-code platform, so the LG Chem team was able to add changes to the conversation flow on their own once the bot was set up.

Create the chatbot flow

To design the right chatbot flow, it’s necessary to describe the users’ goals and most common questions. Then, they need to be translated into a logical conversation structure. Chatfuel gives you the building blocks that allow you to easily create your own chatbot.

LG Chem wanted to inform the candidates about the open positions, answer the most common questions, and follow up with the application form. Their recruitment flow consisted of the following steps:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Optional subscription to the job offer newsletter
  3. Bot introduction describing its name and purpose
  4. Conversation starters that help to learn more about the user: “Apply”, “Browse job openings”, “Discover benefits”, “Other”.
  5. Job descriptions for different roles
  6. The list of company benefits
  7. GDPR disclaimer
  8. Application form

The chatbot’s flow needs to be flexible as the users can follow multiple conversation paths during one interaction. For example, they might be interested in several positions or go back and browse “Benefits”. A well-designed chatbot will ensure a smooth transition between these topics.

In Chatfuel, you can choose from various plugins you can use to design the conversation flow. You don’t have to send only plain text messages — add images, videos, or predefined buttons with responses. You can also change the way the message is shown using the carousel view.

For this chatbot, we used the carousel view to present the job openings that are available. This solution allows for the message to be clearer and more concise.

Ensure GDPR compliance

To make sure the data is securely stored and that the company is fulfilling all the requirements related to the GDPR, we added a disclaimer before the application form appears. Only when the candidate agrees to data processing, the recruitment process can take place. Otherwise, their CV can’t be transferred to the recruitment team.

To be able to gather emails from the candidates, LG Chem also needs to acquire their consent to data processing. At the beginning of the conversation, the users have an option to subscribe to the mailing list and agree to receive information about future job openings.

Design conversations

The SoftwareSupp consultant was responsible not only for the technical part of the project but also for creating the messages that the bot sends to the applicants. Designing a smooth dialogue structure is necessary to get a high number of applications.

We agreed on the chatbot personality with the LG Chem team. For this chatbot, the messages were designed to be casual, yet professional. The goal was to encourage people to learn more about the company and apply for open positions.

Once the candidate chooses their preferred position, the bot sends them a detailed job with requirements and activities that the person would perform during their typical workday. Some longer messages were split into two to keep the conversation more dynamic. For example, one message included the requirements for the job and the next one included the benefits the company offers.

Use AI rules

With Chatfuel’s AI rules, you can choose phrases that will trigger the desired response. If the user types in “hello”, the bot should naturally respond with a welcome message. It’s OK to rely on predefined buttons, but we need to be aware that people will also write their questions in the chatbots.

With this automation, the users can talk to the bot in a more convenient way. Based on the specific set of words they use, the chatbot will understand where to direct them

Delay the response time

It may be a surprising fact, but slowing down the chatbot is actually a good practice. Bots have ready-to-use replies that can be sent instantly. However, it’s better to program the bot to show its response with a delay and display the “typing” emoji first.

This trick makes the conversation more natural. When you talk to a real person they don’t send you a three-paragraph message in a split of a second. Naturally, it takes time. To make the interaction more human-like, it’s advisable to slow down your bot a little bit and show the “typing” emoji. 

Get applications to your inbox

With Chatfuel, the candidates can send their resumes via Messenger. Once the chat is completed, it triggers an email notification with all the necessary detail that’s sent to the HR department.

Thanks to the chatbot automation, recruiters get the full information about the candidates delivered to their inboxes. They can save a lot of time and focus on finding the most suitable candidates for the company

Recruit with a chatbot

The LG Chem team gained a new recruitment tool that helped them manage the workload of the HR department. The recruiters didn’t need to instantly respond to the chat message, which allowed them to save time and prioritize their tasks according to their impact, not the urgency.

With the chatbot automation, the candidates were able to learn more about the company and get answers to the most common questions. The application process was simplified and available on the most popular social media platform which contributed to the number of applications the team received.

Letting a chatbot help you with a recruitment process can be beneficial for any company that experiences high volumes of applications. If you design a conversation flow that is both friendly and well-structured, you can start building a positive relationship with the candidate even before the actual interview.

Aneta Szotek

Content Marketer

How we use payment and escrow mechanism to ensure security of software projects at SoftwareSupp

How we address contracting issues by using an escrow payment mechanism and how you can use it to make sure that basically any work you contract is processed securely.‍

We can often hear (and have also experienced) situations of dishonest contractors, not transferring the money your way once the project has been completed or transferring only part of the payment, despite all the scope completed and delivered.

The same happens with customers sometimes being scared that the funds/payments they transfer to the contractor have vanished and the work will not be delivered.

Some of the common issues including in transactions between 2 parties include:

  • Lack of delivery
  • Partial delivery
  • Delays outside of the acceptable delay period
  • No customer's payment or customer's collapse
  • Extraordinary event

Let me show you how we address these issues by using an escrow payment mechanism and how you can use it to make sure that basically any work you contract is processed securely.

Escrow payment process

Escrow is the system that allows you to deposit the funds on the intermediary account before it is transferred between the entities.

So what’s the use case? The most common use case for escrow is e-commerce, where you want to make sure that the goods are delivered your way in a secure and timely manner.

Let’s say you’re purchasing a product but want to make sure that you pay only on successful delivery. You can either actually pay on delivery or use an escrow mechanism to secure the transaction. In the 2nd scenario, you pay for the products to the intermediary account, while the funds are actually transferred to the supplier when you mark the products as delivered.

A good example can be Alipay operating as a separate entity to Alibaba, acting as an intermediary and allowing you to securely purchase goods @ Alibaba.

Similar system can be applied to services, where you want to make sure your services are delivered in a timely and quality manner. In this case the funds are deposited on the escrow account before the launch of the service and paid to the supplier on successful service completion (indicated by the party ordering the service or intermediary).

Our payment process

So how do we work at SoftwareSupp ensuring the quality of provided services, safety of payment and delivery of the actual scope of the work performed?

For every offer we send to customers we provide an option to process the payment securely using an escrow account. So once you start the project with us, you will have a few payment options:

  • Payment by credit/debit card
  • Invoice sent to your email address
  • Installment payments for selected projects

You can choose the preferred option once you accept your project and start your work/service/task.

At SoftwareSupp we deliver software projects, so it’s especially important for us to ensure the quality of provided services and safety of the whole process.

First way of ensuring quality service is our verification process which comprises 3+1 steps.

Second one is processing the payment securely using our escrow mechanism.

Our escrow mechanism in practice

Our escrow system is hosted by Stripe, allowing us to run the payments securely through the 3rd party and at the same time, a reliable institution.

Stripe also covers our identity verification process as all experts joining SoftwareSupp need to connect their bank accounts and provide identity documents to be able to join any projects we run for customers.

Once the party successfully verifies their identity and connects their bank account, they are connected to our escrow system and we can then start running the secure transactions with them participating in the process.

Once the customer pays for the services the participant’s remuneration becomes locked on his connected account, awaiting for the project to be completed.

The project can be marked as completed by the customer anytime, simply by using a dedicated option created for the customer in the “My projects” section. Once the project is marked as completed, the funds are released and sent to the party delivering the service.

Dispute, partial payment or refunds

In a rare case of issue during the project, like the contractor not delivering the service, inability to deliver the agreed scope, significant delays or only part of the scope delivered, an issue might be raised resulting in a partial payment or a complete refund to the customer.

Benefits of the escrow mechanism

Escrow mechanism brings multiple benefits to all parties of the process:

For contractors:

  • Insurance that the customer will pay for the services
  • Easy way to collect the payment for the realized work
  • Multi-currency transactions and conversion

For customers

  • Payment only on project’s completion/realization
  • Quick, easy and secure payment
  • Adjusting to the customer’s payment method

For overall process

  • Facilitating the business relationship between 2 parties
  • Safe and secure payment for services
  • Inter-exchange of multi-currency payments

There are probably many more but most importantly escrow or semi-escrow mechanism (e.g. 50/50 payment) allow to deliver high quality of the delivered services as escrow mechanism can be used both for full as well as partial payments.

To sum up, escrow mechanism provides an effective way of managing transactions between 2 parties, ensuring the actual delivery of services, acting in the best interest of both customer and contractor and maximizing efficiency of the whole transaction process.

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

How JIT Team has built custom reporting script and optimized CRM with SoftwareSupp Expert Aaron

JIT Team had clearly defined goals and expectations when it comes to their Pipedrive CRM account. They turned to us with an issue solving a problem with generating proper reports in their CRM system.

I am very happy with the performed services and the quality of communication.

Jacek Zawadzki, Head of Sales at JIT Team

Time of the project: 1 month


  • CRM audit
  • CRM system reconfiguration
  • Team training
  • Insights set up
  • Custom reports planning
  • Google Spreadsheets <> Zapier integration

Effect: 1 day a week saved on manual report generation.

Expert realizing the service:
Aaron Douglas, SoftwareSupp Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ and Monday Expert

Customer's needs and project

JIT Team is a software house located in Gdańsk, Poland, offering services in software development, including multiple technologies such as Java, JavaScript, .NET, DB, BigData and mobile (JS-based and Xamarin). With over 300 people on board, you can be sure that they have the right resources on board for your project needs.

Even though they are an IT company themselves, they turned to SoftwareSupp with the need for support in the below issues:

  • - Generating reports in Pipedrive Insights
  • - Setting up custom reports in Google Spreadsheets
  • - Custom script integration

+ overall CRM setup, audit and configuration.

Upfront estimate

JIT Team had clearly defined goals and expectations when it comes to their Pipedrive CRM account. They turned to us with an issue solving a problem with generating proper reports in their CRM system. Some of the things they were not able to see:

  • - Activities performed by each salesperson
  • - Statistics about the level of contacts they have for each organization (e.g. executive/management/employee)
  • - Weekly statistics of open deals for each organizations

With our support they were able to quickly estimate the cost of the project up front, so from the very beginning they were sure about the price for the service.

Expert’s assignment

JIT Team’s executives needed urgent support as they were in the middle of structuring their sales team and wanted to quickly be able to generate proper data/reports to help them.

They also needed a person with the right set of skills and experience to complete the project.

Once they submitted the project, they were immediately assigned to the person with the right experience (Pipedrive/Zapier/API/Google Sheets) - Aaron, who was supported by an experienced CRM team at SoftwareSupp.

Contracting, agreement and payment

Once the expert was assigned and the estimate was provided, JIT Team was able to quickly accept the offer and process the payment. 

Accepting the project by JIT Team also meant accepting our terms and conditions which include all points related to professional legal agreement such as:

  • - Duty to deliver the contracted scope
  • - Dispute resolution and refund policy
  • - Ownership of the work performed

As the JIT Team requested a separate agreement to be signed, we also signed a regular paper agreement.

Once we made sure to have an agreement in place, JIT Team was able to settle the payment using a preferred payment method which in this case was a regular invoice.

The payment was put on a safe escrow account, waiting for the project to be completed.

Work and project's milestones

Some of the work that we’ve performed for customer included:

CRM audit

We performed a CRM audit to analyze the quality of inputted data and information such as lead sources, contact details and organizations’ data.

Team meeting

We ran a series of meetings to make sure we understand the customer’s needs properly and that we plan the project properly.

Setting up CRM guidelines

We set up CRM guidelines to be followed by the sales team when using a CRM account. The guidelines involved regular CRM setup items such as email integration and information about the sales process to be followed by the sales team.

Pipedrive Insights setup

We set up Pipedrive Insights to make sure that the JIT Team is able to analyze activities of the sales team members.

Google Spreadsheets report setup

We set up the framework for Google Spreadsheets report, allowing JIT Team to get a broader look on their sales activities and deal structure:
- by source
- by contact level in the organization
- by region

Custom integration between Pipedrive and Google Spreadsheet

Together with Aaron, we set up a custom integration linking Pipedrive data to Google Spreadsheet, with the help of custom API and Zapier.


The customer was able to communicate easily through a dedicated platform, including chat, ticketing system and secure password sharing.

They could also keep in touch through email and regular meetings scheduled at their convenience.

JIT Team received regular status updates to make sure they know about the current stage of the project and plan accordingly on their side.

Project delivery

Once the project was completed, the final report was delivered to the customer, including the access to the software and the script integrating their CRM with Google Sheets report.

JIT Team can now analyze the team’s efficiency through Pipedrive Insights. They can also run a custom report from their CRM system, based on their specific needs.

Every Sunday, they receive a link to the updated CRM report in their Google spreadsheet, helping them analyze their sales performance and plan activities for the upcoming week.

A short quote from the customer:

I am very happy with the performed services and the quality of communication.

Jacek Zawadzki, Head of Sales at JIT Team.

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

How we verify and recruit at SoftwareSupp to help hire better and faster

At SoftwareSupp, we deliver on top software professionals to complete the most challenging projects. How do we verify and recruit to SoftwareSupp and projects?

Nowadays, we observe new challenges related to recruitment and verification processes. These relate to issues such as:
- remote recruitment
- soft vs hard skills assessment
- candidate's recruitment and onboarding experience
- recruitment in the fast-paced environment
- matching the budget with the candidate's expectations

These are especially visible in the IT field, where the mismatch between the talent pool and demand for a quality workforce is so large.

There are certainly many more and another big challenge is combining the recruitment automation with the actual human 2 human experience.

In SoftwareSupp, we've built our verification and recruitment process based on some of the challenges we've seen in the technology projects.

One profile, a lot of possibilities

By joining our platform, experts/freelancers get access to potential leads for the services and receive instant notifications about new job opportunities. They can apply for the projects matching their skills and experience. Everything in one place and time.

However, there are quite a few more things included in the package:

- Access to our marketing channel (want to write a blog post or case study? Feel free to post it on our blog, we will also promote it on our social media)
- Access to the dedicated platform, including meeting system, ticketing system, communication channel, collecting recommendations for your profile
- Access to our project management and support services

There are also quite a few more things, coming soon:

- Selling your service packages
- Collecting reviews for your work
- Embedding your expert and services profiles on your website
+ more to be released in the coming weeks.

So how do our verification and recruitment process work in practice?

Profile verification

After setting up your expert profile, the verification process is performed in 24h time. Once the technology stack and skills are confirmed, we focus on the portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and website to confirm your skills and experience. Without this, the profile will not be visible to potential customers.

We run the verification process in-house and you will be informed in case there is any additional information required to complete the verification process.

Once the verification process is completed, your profile will be presented on our freelancers'/experts' list.

Also, for entry-level experts (having basic level of experience, e.g. less than 1 year), we might allow to maintain an active listing to close your first job with the customer, shall they agree to work with you for the offered price.

Important 1! Only experts with confirmed/verified know-how in the specific field can apply to the related job offers!

Important 2! Increasing the number of materials/information/portfolio on your profile will increase your chances of getting positively verified.

Important 3! Having a LinkedIn profile or company website is not obligatory but might increase your credibility in the eyes of the customers.

Software vendor verification

During the profile verification process, we also check on the certification provided by the software vendor/producer.

An additional verification badge is displayed on the profiles verified/certified by software vendors.

Important! Our experts don’t need to be certified by software vendors but if they are, they are getting an additional verification badge.

Identity verification

This stage of verification is required before sending any offers to customers. Each expert needs to connect a bank account and verify personal details. A verification process is performed by our partner - Stripe (so this data/information is securely stored by the 3rd party, it is also used for escrow payment mechanism).

Once the expert verifies his/her identity, additional identity verification is displayed on the profile automatically. 

Important! Only experts with confirmed identity can apply for jobs.

Project recruitment

Verification and recruitment performed for a specific project might be held to make sure that the expert’s profile matches the project’s requirements.

This is mostly held on the customer's request, shall the customer needs to additionally confirm the person's skills and know-how in the specific area.

It can be an additional assessment or interview session with the customer and SoftwareSupp Project Manager. It focuses on: 

  • Review of professional experience in similar projects
  • Know-how and skills required by the customer
  • Any additional skills and qualification based on customer needs
  • Financial expectations 
  • Availability of the expert and the start date of the project
  • Timeline and scope of the project

Through the entire matching process, a properly designed expert and customer experience are what lets all sides (customer, SoftwareSupp, and expert) make a well-informed decision on whether they’ll be a good professional match. 

A customer can also schedule an interview/meeting with the selected freelancer/expert based on the provided availability.

You will find more information about our recruitment process in the upcoming blog posts, soon.

Why did we decide to create the verification process in this way?

  • To ensure the high quality of the provided services
  • To deliver a quality network of specialized experts for our customers
  • To focus on customer's requirements per project in the recruitment process
  • To create a fast-track for new experts/freelancers joining our network (initial verification followed by identity check and per-project recruitment)
  • To provide an opportunity for experts to present their skills, technology, and portfolio to customers

This creates a high-quality recruitment/verification process, ensuring the quality of services provided by SoftwareSupp, at the same time not building obstacles on road to joining our network, quickly and effectively.

If you are wondering, how to become a SoftwareSupp expert you can learn more in this article.

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

App Onboarding – how to guide new users to your platform?

Onboarding is a sequence of steps explaining the most important functions of your website/app to new users. As a developer using the product every day you may overlook how complex it becomes, especially for fresh users.

What is app onboarding and why should you consider using it?

Onboarding is a sequence of steps explaining the most important functions of your website/app to new users. As a developer using the product everyday you may overlook how complex it becomes, especially for fresh users. Moreover, it’s a great way to convey the app's core values.

Main traps and how to avoid them


The first and the most common problem is the tendency to explain every minor step and to forget to pass WHY a new user should click this and that. You can be surprised how easily you change your approach from “it’s all obvious” to “ok, one more step, one more explanation”. Submitting a form is a typical example. If every field has a precise title and placeholder as additional help, there is really no need to create the third place for one instruction. Instead you should...


…encourage a user to submit that form! What are the benefits of submitting the form? Is it safe for sure? It's extremely important to understand that your primary focus when creating onboarding must be value for your users. In case, to pay users attention how to do something you have to firstly interest them, make them feel that they really need it!


The second trap is “attacking” a new user with a wall of text. It is certainly a challenge to reconcile the amount of text with the clarity of the message, but trust me, no one is going to read an essay on your app feature. 


Writing skills.  Therefore, consider hiring a professional copywriter to create content for your onboarding sequence. The text should be long enough to contain the relevant instructions and values, but short enough not to bore the reader. I can also recommend a  simple trickto include graphics or icons. People tend to remember images better and if your recipient is too lazy to read all the text there is still a chance that more information will be left in their heads if core values are passed through pictures.


The form is no less important than the content. Think about your reaction when you open a webpage/app and the very first thing you see is a popup. Let me guess, you are looking for X to close it.


A common solution to this problem is to create an element (typically a button) that triggers the onboarding sequence. It doesn’t bother users, who don’t need help and it meets the needs of users, who are not sure what to do.  If you still want to use a welcome popup, consider waiting a few seconds so the user can have a quick look on your app/website. Take care of variety. For example: when you want the user to click on an element, create a modal near that element, you can dim the rest of the screen. 

Tool selection: code vs no-code

There is a wide variety of tools and libraries for onboarding and the main dilemma you’ll probably encounter is to choose between no-code vs code tools. Coding option has two main advantages: it is free and gives you almost unlimited possibilities, especially in terms of styling. However there’s also a serious drawbackyou have to be able to code it ;)

As obvious as it may seem, you should remember that onboarding is a variable element. If you add a new feature to your app, it would be worth introducing it to your users. There can also be major changes that will affect order of onboarding steps. Coding that changes can be complex, time-consuming and finally - only a developer can do it. Here come no-code tools like Userguiding, where you can easily create and edit various forms of onboarding process so every member of your team can do this. Main disadvantage? The price.

Thus, my final advice: if you can entrust an aesthetic-skilled developer with a constant updating task and spare some money, choose the code option. However if your development team is rather small and busy, consider picking one of many no-code tools available.

Rafał Płoszka

React Developer

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