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Separate workspace

"It’s been two years now​,​ I am working remotely and It has given me a whole different perspective of spending time family and working simultaneously. It gives me immense flexibility with respect to time and workplace and I feel I am more productive in this way. The only advise I have to others and for myself is to keep your workplace​/​ home setup separate from your bedroom or living room."

Garv Raj

Organizing remote work

“To organize my time when working remotely, I use a variation of the pomodoro technique. Usually, this technique uses intervals of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest, but I divide working hours into three large chunks with longer breaks. Also, sometimes it is useful to completely change the approach to organizing time in order to avoid routine or increase efficiency.”

Gleb Karpovich

Freedom of choice

From the beginning I have noticed that I have much more time​,​ which I don't have to waste on travel to office etc. Now I can't imagine to work differently than remote. No limits with clients​,​ no time wasting on travel.

Dawid Krawczyk

Work-life balance

Working remotely has provided me with the work-life balance I have always wanted. My biggest piece of advice for successful remote working is to set up a dedicated office space.

Marilyn Brown

Freedom of work

Freelancing gave me freedom to work and travel full time. I've been working remotely for more than 3 years now and I've quickly realised that the key to productivity is creating a comfy and inspiring working space suited to your needs - whether it's a dedicated desk in your apartment​,​ a co-working space where you can chat with other freelancers or a cafe with a pleasant background noise.

Magdalena Nowak

Task management

The most important part of remote work for me is to create your individual system for task management. Personally​,​ I use ClickUp which allows me to keep track of both private and work-related activities. I carefully choose tasks for each day and plan an undisturbed working slot usually between 10-14.

Paweł Kusina