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Quality Monitoring Process

SoftwareSupp monitors quality of deliveries

With a set of quality standards we deliver support on road to successful delivery if required.

Step 1 - Project manager

Project manager

For every project, we deliver our project manager coordinating the recruitment, ensuring security and addressing questions if required.

Important! Project manager might coordinate actual execution if required by the project.

Step 2 - Project guidelines

Project guidelines

During the project, we follow specific set of rules and guidelines, such as weekly sprints, status calls and 1h response time.

Important! Guidelines might differ depending on the project and technology.

Step 3 - NPS measurement

NPS measurement

All our customers and members of the project selected by the customer receive a detailed weekly NPS questionnaire to ensure proper customer satisfaction.

Important! Every NPS lower than 8 is monitored by our team and checked for potential improvement.

Step 4 - Quality check

Quality check

Work delivered from our side might be cross-checked by our team on proper quality and performance before deployed on production.

Important! We use a dedicated ticketing system to check on completed tasks and ensure the quality of delivered work.

Step 5 - Platform and reporting

Platform and reporting

For our projects, we deliver a dedicated platform, helping us monitor the quality of delivered work and used for weekly work reporting.

Important! Our platform is designed to help you run projects in the selected area.

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Project manager

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Project guidelines

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NPS measurement

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Quality check

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