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Escrow payment system

Paying for SoftwareSupp Freelancers'
services is safe and flexible

Customers can pay for our freelancers' services with a regular invoice or our safe payment system.

Step 1 - Escrow mechanism

Escrow mechanism

SoftwareSupp's escrow mechanism is hosted by Stripe.

Important! Each Certified SoftwareSupp Expert needs to connect to escrow account by going through identity verification and bank account connection.

Step 2 - Work launch

Work launch

For every work's launch the funds (depending on the payment structure of the project) are deposited on the safe balance account.

Important! To launch any work, we require a small deposit on the balance account.

Step 3 - Work in progress

Work in progress

During the work in progress, funds are locked on the safe balance account awaiting work's delivery.

Important! During the work, the funds cannot be accessed by any side of the transaction.

Step 4 - Work completed

Work completed

On the work delivery, a customer receives a notification about the delivery and the remaining balance based on delivered work. The delivered work is settled based on previously agreed payment structure or hourly engagement.

Important! If there are any issues during the work, a customer can also submit a dispute regarding the provided service.

Step 5 - Payment


Payment for completed work is sent to a connected bank account.

Important! Our experts don't need to have their sole proprietorship to be able to receive payments from SoftwareSupp.

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Escrow mechanism

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Work launch

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Work in progress

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Work completed

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