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Top 5 Tips For Migrating To Webflow

The Webflow platform impresses with its key features: a user-friendly visual editor of web pages, a built-in CMS for quick management of store content and products, stunning animation effects, and more.

Rhami Aboud

Certified Webflow Freelancer

Scoping session - How to run an effective scoping for your project?

What is a project scope and how to plan your project with SoftwareSupp? Use our scoping tool or book free scoping session with a SoftwareSupp consultant.

Agnieszka Mutwicka

Software Consultant

App Onboarding – how to guide new users to your platform?

Onboarding is a sequence of steps explaining the most important functions of your website/app to new users. As a developer using the product every day you may overlook how complex it becomes, especially for fresh users.

Rafał Płoszka

React Developer

How to set up a Usability Testing Session as a Developer

As developers, we often live in a bubble-like environment where we build software based on a prepared backlog, user stories, and contact with product owners or other stakeholders that are integrated into our team.

Filip Ogonowski

JavaScript Developer

How to build a reverse marketplace with Sharetribe Flex

A reverse marketplace is an unusual type of service. The difference from a regular marketplace is that the sellers are bidding for a particular offer. The creator of the tender can then choose whom to pay for the services.

Robert Mazelle

Certified Sharetribe & React Freelance Developer

Project Management Academy: How to Implement Project Management the Easy Way

Well, project management seems to be a serious word, doesn’t it? You probably hear a lot of buzzwords about complicated processes taking place in large companies, helping to “facilitate”, “co-ordinate” and “budget” the work of employees.

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

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