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5 min read

How to monitor your leads’ activity through Pipedrive CRM

Knowing how far you’re in the relationship with your prospects is essential to assess the chances of your sale’s success.


2 min read

How to integrate Pipedrive with SendGrid

If you’d like to integrate your SendGrid mailing campaigns with Pipedrive, there are 2 ways to do this.


6 min read

How to configure and use mailing in Pipedrive CRM to grow conversion rates

So what are the advantages of using email inside or connected with a CRM and how to set it up in your business?


10 min read

An Ultimate Guide to Integrating Your CRM to Grow Sales and Automate Work

So why does it happen, and why an unintegrated CRM can mean chaos in your organization? Predict events, plan your goals and manage the work of the entire team using CRM integration.