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SoftwareSupp integration – connect project with favorite tools

written by

Łukasz Bartoszewicz

Back-end Developer at SoftwareSupp

I'm programming for 15 years in PHP,​​ and over 3 years in node.js​. My experience includes​ administration of Debian server for 10 years​​,​​ databases for 10 years (MySQL​​, Postgres,​​ MongoDB)​,​ ​multi API integrations (eBay​​, Allegro,​​ Amazon MWS​​,​​ about 200 wholesales​​,​​​​ WordPress) eCommerce apps (Shopify​​,​​ Shopper​​,​​ PrestaShop​​, Magento).

Hiring a freelancer online has one serious flaw. You get a lot of external data and notifications that are hard to organize in one place without losing time. SoftwareSupp integration allows you to connect your favorite business tools with the project board to communicate with the expert. You can get automated updates on every new task, change, answer or estimated time on the project and significantly improve the workflow. 

Power up your project with SoftwareSupp integration

We know how valuable is our customer’s time. Integration with SoftwareSupp gives a chance to connect your project board with apps you use every day. It empowers your business with a spotless data flow between tools that help manage the work. It doesn’t matter if you’re running the company independently or have a large team and various departments. Automatization saves your time on unnecessary actions, so you can focus on growth.

Benefits of integrating project board with your tools

It’s not only about getting notifications on every project’s update. Yes, it keeps you informed, but also offers a lot more. You’re able to customize the flow of information between apps. This way you can store all important data in one place or make it a part of project management in your company. By automation, you not only save time but also avoid human mistakes. Having a lot of information makes it easy to cause errors. Integration with SoftwareSupp improves internal communication and keeps everyone in the team updated.

Key features

The project board, which is a co-working space with your freelancer, stores all the information about the work that is planned, ongoing, or done. Naturally, it changes as the project develops. To stay updated, you can choose what you want to be notified about. It includes a new task, task update, new answer (comment), project description, and time reports.

What you need to integrate SoftwareSupp with your apps

First, you need to be registered on SoftwareSupp and have an active project. Once you have the access to your dedicated project board, there are two methods you can integrate SoftwareSupp with your apps.

We highly recommend the first solution – an API-based native integration. If you are a web developer (or have one on your team), it seems like the best choice. Why? This way, you are able to fully customize the process, based on your specific needs. You can control and manage the entire integration lifecycle, without relying on third-party software and its technical issues.

The second option is to integrate the project board with your tools through Zapier. It's software that allows you to build customized workflows (so-called Zaps). This option is recommended if you have a very limited budget. You can integrate projects on SoftwareSupp with your apps, but it comes with a few drawbacks, such as only five integrations in a free plan. Plus, you need to get familiar with the platform, which takes time. It's worth considering whether to invest in native integration development, rather than paying subscriptions for third-party software.

To use the second solution, you need to wait a little longer. SoftwareSupp is currently awaiting approval as a public app on Zapier. Follow us on social media to stay updated.

Method 1: Native SoftwareSupp integration

SoftwareSupp integration is possible to implement in your company by a developer right away. If you don't have a dedicated team, you can always hire a certified freelancer with us and be sure that integration works perfectly. Below, you will learn what steps to take and where to find the necessary information.

1. Log in to your SoftwareSupp account

Go to your account settings and follow the next steps.

Go to your account settings at SoftwareSupp.

2. Get the API key

You will find here the unique API key and endpoints list that will allow you to integrate your business tools with SoftwareSupp.

Get the API key.

3. Create integration with SoftwareSupp

Once you have the API key and endpoints, you can finally create the integration of your favorite tools with SoftwareSupp. Below are example requests to implement.

Follow this link to see the full documentation.

Method 2: SoftwareSupp integration using Zapier

Whenever our app goes public in Zapier, you will find here an instruction. We will guide you on how to create a Zap (workflow) that allows integrating the SoftwareSupp project board with any app you want. To stay updated, follow us.

4 integrations that might help to grow your business

You already might have your favorite business tools. If not, below you will find 4 integrations that can make working with freelancers easier. Remember that every app gives different opportunities. It’s good to consult with an expert which of them are going to be useful for your purposes. This way, you can save time and money on testing irrelevant tools.

Integrate the SoftwareSupp project board with your CRM

You might be asking yourself: is it possible to manage a business without a CRM? Clearly, it gives a lot of benefits and makes companies’ processes faster. If you are already using a CRM platform, we have good news! You can now integrate it with SoftwareSupp. You don’t have to spend time updating your CRM system with external information about freelance projects anymore. They will flow over there, while you focus on different things.

CRM you can integrate with SoftwareSupp:, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, HubSpot

Improve project management and achieve business goals

Project management tools provide an overall view of all processes taking place in the company. The problem is, that without automation, it can give a headache. Updating data manually is not only slower, but there is always room for human error. When managing a lot of information, it’s easy to lose track of changing the project status or notifying the right team. Using SoftwareSupp integration, you can easily combine a freelance project with internal work easily.

Project management tools you can integrate with SoftwareSupp: Jira Software, ClickUp, Asana, Trello

Get e-mail notifications on every update

Do you run a business on your own without using any additional software, such as CRM platforms or other project management tools? Or maybe not, but you still use e-mail as the primary tool for communication? In either case, you can swiftly integrate SoftwareSupp and receive notifications about every change or progress in the project.

E-mail tools you can integrate with SoftwareSupp: Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, MailChimp, Zoho Mail

Make your workflow flawless

Internal communication is key to getting work done faster, more efficiently, and seamlessly. Automated and customized notifications about your project with a freelancer will allow you to be always up-to-date. With SoftwareSupp integration, messages can be sent in a direct message or to a specific channel, such as your development team.

Workflow management tools you can integrate with SoftwareSupp: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Google Chat

Start getting profits from SoftwareSupp integration today

Do you have an ongoing project on SoftwareSupp? Great! You can start using the integration immediately. Connect your favorite tools with the freelance project board and start saving time now. If you don’t have any projects, you can always try the service.

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written by

Łukasz Bartoszewicz

Back-end Developer at SoftwareSupp

I'm programming for 15 years in PHP,​​ and over 3 years in node.js​. My experience includes​ administration of Debian server for 10 years​​,​​ databases for 10 years (MySQL​​, Postgres,​​ MongoDB)​,​ ​multi API integrations (eBay​​, Allegro,​​ Amazon MWS​​,​​ about 200 wholesales​​,​​​​ WordPress) eCommerce apps (Shopify​​,​​ Shopper​​,​​ PrestaShop​​, Magento).

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