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Sales automation by implementing a smooth data flow

written by

Carla Rodriguez

Sales Process Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Observations by McKinsey show that, more than 30% of sales- related activities can be automated.

The client's company helps to build careers for talented young entrepreneurs. They offer comprehensive management services that lead to developing original business ventures. The firm used Asana for project management and also customer relationship management. Pipedrive has already been pre-deployed to automate individual elements of customer service processes. The client needed a specialist who would automate internal workflow and enable these two tools to work simultaneously.

Project time: 6h

Effect: Integration of sales automation CRM tool to the existing activity workflow on Asana.

Asana's integration with Pipedrive was to increase the automation of information and data flow. One of the main assumptions was to automate the data transfer from input boxes to Pipedrive.

I believe that the use of modern tools for automating processes in the company is the best solution. It gives us the opportunity not only to organize sales in a structured way but also allows us to maintain the highest quality of activities while saving time. - Carla Rodriguez, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

I have been working with Pipedrive for over four years. Previously, I specialized in process improvement, which turned into a passion for automating sales methods. In the described project, I helped the client organize sales processes and systematize customer data to enable him to generate advanced reports. In order to complete this project successfully, I used the following skills:

  • Quick research
  • Client guideline facilitation
  • Workflow process map to show the difference between Pipedrive and Asana native integration and Zapier integration.
  • Data structure organization
  • Process automation
  • Use client zap budget wisely

Sales automation through Asana and Pipedrive integration

Successful orderliness of work and systematization of customer data requires appropriate tools. The main reason why Asana is no longer a sufficient instrument for the client's company is that it does not have the function of creating extensive reports. The quality of sales and the increase in conversion all depend on the management of processes in the company. Without appropriate programs that monitor the course of specific transactions, achieving higher and more stable sales results could be difficult. Pipedrive gives the ability to create customizable and configurable reports. The filter function allows highlighting individual results. Additionally, customized Dashboards make it easier to track goals and increase efficiency progress. The client wanted to integrate subscriptions tasks to Pipedrive as deals and integrate a sales automation CRM tool to the existing activity workflow on Asana.

Project’s scope

  • Asana and Pipedrive Integration: Present POC to the client. Explain the difference between Native Pipedrive and Asana integration versus Zappier integration
  • Automate Asana task completed into a Deal In on Pipedrive Funnel. Create a contact related to the organization automatically and a transaction based on Asana task information. Send to Pipedrive key information of a deal.
  • Sales Asana Tags task Automation. utomate every time the sales team tagged a task as won. To win a deal on Pipedrive, send all deal info from Asana to Pipedrive.
  • Build a Sales Dashboard on Pipedrive to measure how many deals enter the sales pipeline and how many closed as sales.
Pipedrive with Asana native integration vs Napier integration for sales automation process
Differences of the Native vs Zapier integration in the sales automation process

Project management tools

Asana is a project and task management tool to organize teamwork. It is an amazing tool to coordinate all the tasks and projects in the organization. On the other hand, Pipedrive is a client relationship manager and streamlines all business initiatives and communications. It has an activity-based selling approach. These two tools combined will help the team to manage projects and relations with clients efficiently. This implementation was designed for sales automation and work improvement. The result will be visible in the increase in sales results. The main assumption was to create automation of the flow of customer data from Asana to Pipedrive.

In this project, the crucial part was the Zapier integration to connect Asana and Pipedrive. Without the ability to use this tool, automation would not be possible. Zapier is a product that allows the integration, combination of two or more applications for workflows and sales automation.

As the Aberdeen Group research shows, companies that use sales automation achieve 53% higher conversion rates and 3.1% higher annual revenue growth rate.

Asana- project management tool
Asana - completed task

Pipedrive automation
Pipedrive - contact created automatically

Pipedrive as a sales automation tool
Customer's details transferred from Asana to Pipedrive

Integration process

  1. Create the data fields structure on Pipedrive
  2. Create new data fields on Asana
  3. Use Zapier to create the integration
  4. Create two workflows automation on Pipedrive

Internal sales automation system

Every time a user completes a task - "Client submissions'' on Asana, Pipedrive (through Zapier) forms a new Person (contact). At this time, Pipedrive creates a Contact and transfers all the information the Submissions Area gathered during the task Management on Asana. Once this is done, Pipedrive establishes an organization (marketing agency) linked to the new Person. Then it creates a new deal on the first sales funnels step- "project submitted" with all Asana fields information. The process is automatic, so users do not need to take any action. Thanks to sales automation, all the data is collected and managed properly. Sales executives have all the records to quote and administer to clients.

The project aimed to create an integration to automate data transfer from input boxes to Pipedrive. During this process, we moved all data that the agency team researches to quote their service: influencers info, campaign launch, platforms used, etc.

The integration allows two different teams to work at the same time and bring together their results and add value. It automates sales and submissions. Moreover, it enables data consistency. Thanks to the integrated system, the client’s data is organized to further business development.

Prioritization of tasks in the project board allows keeping the required order of work. In this case, the priority for the client was to create a Dashboard template. Carla, a CRM and automation expert, did this task at the beginning. The transparent nature of the communication enables the client to mark his requirements. It increases the efficiency of the specialist work who, by following the instructions, can complete the project faster without wasting time discussing details.

Prioritization of tasks on Sales automation project
Task prioritization in the project board
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written by

Carla Rodriguez

Sales Process Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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