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Zoho marketing automation for a Danish cloud provider

written by

Divya Sundaraju

Zoho CRM Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

My experience spans the IT industry, but I have specialized a great deal in customizing Zoho into enterprise systems. Since I began my career 10 years ago, I've completed 62 projects. I can easily customize the software to fit a client's needs. Moreover, when you work with me, you can be assured of my support in making decisions regarding the functions you require. An expert like me, whose credentials are verified, guarantees quality service.

My professional experience comprises a strong background in product management and development for SaaS and enterprise technologies, and I enjoy working on all aspects of those areas. Knowledgeable in information technology applications, management of business intelligence, and implementation. Extensive experience with customized solutions designed to meet customer needs, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. I help to create and adopt systems from the ground up to meet client requirements. - Divya Sundaraju, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

Zoho is a leading and award-winning CRM service that helps 250,000 businesses in 180 countries convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow revenues. Zoho CRM has a remarkable range of features. It can be tailored to the needs and size of a business. In sales, marketing, and customer service, it is primarily used to increase efficiency. It provides ways of identifying customers, scoring leads, and following up on quality prospects. Using Zoho CRM for sales and marketing, you can generate reports and analyze data that optimize your sales and marketing processes. The application lets you maximize commercial opportunities, automate email and SMS communications, monitor sales, and set up meetings. Additionally, it functions as a database of customer information. In one place, Zoho CRM unifies marketing, sales, and customer service activities and streamlines people, processes, and policies.

Marketing via email is one of the most commonly utilized methods for attracting new and existing customers. Email campaigns can be created, sent, and tracked using the Zoho Campaigns platform. When Zoho CRM is integrated, you can easily create a mailing list with all your leads or contacts.

Zoho CRM has a module called Campaigns that will help you plan any marketing campaign for your business, not just email campaigns. In CRM's in-built Campaigns module, you can analyze responses to emails sent using Zoho Campaigns.

New features for list view in Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM, a system used in the project

The Economic Times reported that 40% of employees for repetitive admin tasks spend more than one hour per day.

Integrating Zoho CRM & Zoho Campaigns allowed the client to automate its marketing processes. The company developed a content management system designed to facilitate business users to create websites easily and develop complex web apps quickly. Many companies from a wide range of industries use their system, including JP Morgan, The Council of the European Union, Streetwise, and Mercedes Benz.

Zoho marketing automation project's scope

1. Requirements analysis

2. Email sequence confirmation

3. Template creation

4. Workflow setup

5. Training & Transition

6. Go Live Assistance

Project completion time: 11h

Client's Requirements

Our Client requested a Cold Outreach Email Sequence that would be tested on A/B versions to determine which email received the most attention and conversions. In this Sequence, they were targeting the Australian market and inviting partners to grow their business.

An article of a partner, Webcoda, was a source of the first set of emails served. The entire list was set up as workflow automation which the team can trigger by syncing contacts from CRM.

Sales outreach - flowchart

Zoho marketing automation Implementation

Zoho CRM can be easily customized to suit the needs of any type or size of business. Modern CRM Systems- Start-ups and large companies utilize CRM tools such as Zoho CRM to increase sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.

The Zoho CRM application helps B2B companies manage their sales operations. From managing customer contact information to monitoring payments and reporting. They can use it to create a common platform to keep their vendors, partners, and stakeholders in sync. Customer life cycles in B2C companies are typically shorter and they require solutions that are direct and easier to use. Lead management, instant surveys, marketing automation, etc., help B2Cs proactively approach their customers.

As a result of features such as: workflow management, advanced analytics, territory management, and sales and marketing automation, Zoho CRM helps salespeople spend less time on mundane tasks, spend more time on their customers, and unify their operations across multiple geographies.
Cold mailing automation
Cold Outreach Email Sequence in A/B versions

Benefits of Zoho CRM

It's easy to identify, nurture, and follow up with quality leads with Zoho CRM. Consequently, you don't waste time and resources on prospects who are unlikely to become customers. Defining and building efficient processes for your business will help your team remain productive. As you execute processes, Zoho CRM helps ensure that standards are being followed. The analytical and reporting tools in Zoho CRM help your decision-makers manage and react to market trends so they can make better decisions. Data collected by Zoho CRM is protected by top-notch physical and digital security measures. No matter where your team is based, Zoho CRM mobile ensures that they always have access to important CRM data. Field sales agents can research nearby customers or make quick trips to busy customers on the fly. In addition to customer histories, Zoho CRM holds information regarding similar issues faced by other customers so your team can resolve customer inquiries as quickly as possible.

For this implementation, email automation was utilized to generate leads to become partners.

Email automation requires the creation & review of HTML templates, the establishment of workflows, testing, and training. The company would like to reach out to a larger number of customers while adhering to GDPR compliance and letting their customers know that they are now available in Australia. Currently, customers' setup is nonstandard, manual, and unable to track and manage leads. With automation, the customer became uniform, trackable, and efficient.

Zoho RM dashboard
Leads dashboard

Zoho Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing and engagement - Send the right kind of emails to onboard, nurture, and move your contacts into your CRM system. Zoho Campaigns allows you to implement each of these steps based on audience interaction, increasing your chances of retaining them. When creating email campaigns it is worth to consider running AB tests for specific market which is possible to configure with a tool like Zoho.

Automation of everyday activities brings results almost immediately from implementation. Since the training was carried out, the employees got to know all the features and gain information on how to use them in practice. Reaching new markets is never easy. However, with proper tools and preparation, the company's development is possible. Moreover, the client's saved time for performing tasks manually.

Software customization requires knowledge and experience. Divya specializes in adapting Zoho to business systems. Assuming that 1 hour a day is spent on repetitive activities among employees, the client will quickly get back the cost spent on the project. The investment in email automation will pay off after around 1.5 months.

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written by

Divya Sundaraju

Zoho CRM Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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