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Introducing GDPR checkbox for an online Shopify store

written by

Michał Karaś

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

The customer contacted us with a specific problem. Namely, he needed to know how to make modifications on the website built on Shopify. The goal was to display the checkbox for permission to the processing of personal data. The expert’s job was to develop the code in the Shopify theme. The project consisted in completing two specific tasks in order to solve the technical problem related to the change of the e-commerce platform theme. The client cared about the time because the personal data management regulations require specific page settings. Immediate aid made it possible to maintain the dynamic pace of the development.

Shopify store development - project's details

The client is the owner of an online store built on the e-commerce platform - Shopify. The shop,, sells food and kitchen equipment. The website also includes cooking recipes and various guides.

Scope of the project:

  • Backend changes on the store's website
  • Shopify theme changes

Project time: 1-2 hours

GDPR checkbox
Contact form - desktop version

Implementation of Shopify website development project

The problem with the visibility of the Privacy policy and terms checkbox appeared after changing the Shopify theme from Expanse 1.3 to Expanse 2.0. During this project, knowledge of the use of the Shopify platform and proficiency in HTML coding was required.

My work for the customer consisted in adding a function to the backend causing the display of information on the GDPR (Privacy policy and terms). PHP modifying function has been implemented in the store's contact form.

To accomplish this task, I also had to make a change in HTML CSS in the graphic theme of the store.

Information on the Privacy Policy has been prepared for mobile and desktop versions by adding dynamic content. The changes introduced in the theme are consistent with the style of the store.

Often, details or small elements have key importance from the perspective of the website user. It is worth paying attention to them because they can affect the whole assessment of the presented product.

For most corporate websites, the inclusion of a privacy policy (or at least an information clause) is a duty. It is because personal data is collected via the form. The provisions set out by the European Parliament and the Council (EU) force the addition of the GDPR to the website and the redrafting of the content of Privacy Policies into more detailed ones. The privacy policy is a document whose purpose is to collect crucial information regarding the protection of privacy. When providing personal information during filling in the contact form, the customer must be informed that the website administrator has the right to store the data. It means that every website with a contact form has to give its visitors the possibility to read the Privacy Policy and Terms.

In this project, the regulations forced additional measures that the customer could not cope with on his own. Within 2 hours, the expert solved the problem, and the client could take care of business development and customer service. A similar situation arises in the event of sudden bugs on the website. In order not to lose sales opportunities, it is worth taking care of them immediately. SoftwareSupp freelancers can support you in the expected timeframe. In our global network of experts, we can find the best match in your business hours, or if needed, we can even provide you coverage at a specific time of the day.

Our experts are required to communicate the course of the project weekly. It gives the client a complete picture of the work carried out.
The presented comments are part of the project board available to the client. It is how freelancers report that a certain stage of their work has been completed. Or, as in this case, they provide information on how much work they need to complete the task. Transparency of communication and quick response of freelance enable efficient implementation of the assigned tasks. The client also receives a communicator on the platform at his disposal, where he can negotiate details. The project board shared with every client is a complete project management tool.

The client decided to cooperate with us because he could commission us to perform individual tasks. In case of any necessary changes to the website or technical problems, a dedicated Shopify developer can be hired on-demand. During creating a project, tasks are automatically transferred to the project board. Thanks to the product, a hired freelancer could get to work immediately.

Task's automation
Automation of transferring tasks to project board

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written by

Michał Karaś

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

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