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Hiring IT specialist - recruitment process, its true cost and alternatives

written by

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

The world is changing. But the IT industry is changing even more. From year to year, it affects other businesses that want or must develop technologically. It has been confirmed that work automation has a significant impact on the efficiency of an employee.

In 60% of business, 30% of tasks can be automated. It means that 48 working hours of an employee can be used more effectively.

Possibility of work automation
Possibility of work automation by McKinsey Global Institute

Sounds interesting, right? Now think about what can be improved in your company? What tasks consume these 48 hours of work?

Scientists from McKinsey Global Institute estimate that work automation can increase productivity by 0.8 to 1.4% per year.

The data shows that it is worth investing in work automation. Now the question is how to do it.
Can I hire an IT specialist for a company that will improve the internal system?
Following this point, you would also need to hire a marketing specialist to improve the efficiency of your campaigns. In addition, it is worth thinking about an extra person who would improve the performance of the website. But okay, don't go too far. Suppose you only want to improve the internal system. We will analyze how long such a process takes and, above all, how much it costs.

The cost of the IT specialist recruitment process

The first thing that we need to calculate is the expense of publishing the job advertisement for an IT specialist. A job ad that will be visible to a specific audience of employees on Linkedin costs $ 5-12 per day. It depends on the type of offer. It means that we have to count from $ 150- $ 360 a month. On the popular polish website-, the price of listing an advertisement ranges from 15-150$ per month. On this website, the most frequently chosen option is 90$. At Jooble, the minimum cost is min 30$, which increases with the level of interest in the offer. The website Indeed suggests spending $3 a day on publishing an active ad. It means that the weekly expense of searching for an employee on a reputable website is $ 22.50 because the price may increase depending on the activity. On Glassdoor, the cost is between $ 65 and $ 199 per job posting. Most employers depend on time, so they decide to publish on many portals.

Publication of a IT specialist job advertisement
Prices of publication a job advertisement, researched on the mentioned platforms

Time also costs

Do not forget to count also the time spent on looking for an employee. The average time needed to find an employee is 33-49 days. But it is not uncommon for the process to extend up to 3 months. It is related to a series of meetings that you need to prepare for. According to Eurostat, the average salary in Europe in 2020 was $ 33 per hour, which is about $ 5280 a month. Of course, this amount varies by region and industry. However, it does not change that the month of working time devoted to looking for an employee costs money.

The onboarding process is another expense included in the company's development. The process of introducing a new employee may take up to 90 days - as long as the trial period. Let also take into account that it is a time of numerous internal training. In summary, the recruitment process is very time-consuming and expensive.

Recruitment of an IT specialist

You would like to hire a person to automate processes in the internal system in the company.

By theorizing, you decide on SoftwareSupp services. You connect with SoftwareSupp, describe your needs briefly. SoftwareSupp finds you a suitable IT specialist in about 24 hours. Moreover, the expert is immediately ready to work for you. You are arranging a meeting with each other. He is experienced in the implementation of such projects, so he knows exactly what to ask and what you will need. The dedicated specialist tells you what CRM system fits your company and what integrations will be necessary. The expert creates a list of tasks to be implemented for CRM integration, which he writes down on your project board. You get information on how long this implementation will take and the expert gets to work. Moreover, you can be 100% sure of the qualifications of the employed person.

Recruitment cost comparison
IT specialist recruitment cost comparison

Each SoftwareSupp expert is certified. The certification process consists of checking technical skills as well as identity and communication abilities. The verification is a five steps process. Only after completing them, the freelancer can join the project. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the specialist employed on the platform will perform top-quality work.

Steps to become a certified freelancer
Freelancers verification process

By cooperating with SoftwareSupp, you can ask for sample projects that your expert has carried out. You can be sure that the project will be completed on time. In the event of a mishap, we guarantee project continuity. You will not have to worry that the employee will find a more favorable job offer. SoftwareSupp ensures security in all respects.

Moreover, you only pay for the completed job based on the regular invoice. What is more, during the implementation, you can add tasks or hire an additional expert to help with other cases. On the project board, you can monitor the status of completing tasks. You know exactly at what stage the work is at.

Project board
Project board

If you do not like unpleasant surprises at work, but you like to have everything under control - SoftwareSupp services will be the best solution.

As part of our Terms & Conditions, a confidentiality agreement is signed electronically. The agreement covers business-related matters - our and expert's responsibilities, NDA, copyright, possible complaints. So your company's interests are secured. 

Hiring IT specialist at SoftwareSupp

After cooperation with us on company technological development, the clients enjoy 2x growth in leads' volume and an increase in deals' conversion by 100%. Best of all, customers save several hours a day thanks to work automation.

  • The hiring process is much faster than an independent search for an employee
  • SoftwareSupp service costs less
  • You employ a proven and verified employee
  • You hire an expert within 24 hours
  • Onboarding time takes 1-2 meetings
  • You receive a project board to monitor the work progress
  • Guarantee of project continuity
  • Electronic agreement
  • Safe ESCROW payment

Hiring an IT specialist at SoftwareSupp is faster, cheaper, and safer.

SoftwareSupp and their expert helped us integrate two core systems for our day-to-day marketing, our CRM system and email marketing. This has helped with the efficiency of sales and marketing working together and giving both teams the complete oversight of prospect activity. The integration team were professional and very easy to deal with, no questions were too difficult or silly. I’m very happy to have ongoing support from SoftwareSupp

Emma Dolby Marketing Manager, Direct Air

SoftwareSupp vs. agency, hiring directly or other platforms

Now let's compare SoftwareSupp with an employment agency. Among all the elements provided by SoftwareSupp, the agency's offer covers only the field: legal assurance and quality + project continuity.

Hiring process comparison
Hiring process comparison

SoftwareSupp IT specialist services

At SoftwareSupp, we don't limit ourselves.

In our database, we have experts in various software, programming languages, and technological skills. Depending on your needs and industry, we select people based on experience, language, and demographics. It may happen that we do not have an software expert in our database because you need a specialist for something completely new or niche. Nevertheless, within 72h you will get an IT specialist ready to work on your project.

At the moment, our database of experts includes 276 people. We can help you develop your business, improve your work, increase the quality and performance of your website, and strengthen your market position.

Examples of projects in SoftwareSupp

  • Building an e-commerce store with payment and delivery integrations
  • Built-in CRM system with integration with mailing system and the marketing funnel
  • UI/UX design of a website with graphics
  • Data transfer from one system to another
  • Carrying out the automation of marketing activities
  • Creation of a reporting system
  • Improving the quality and speed of the website
  • Implementation of platform for leads classification

Get inspired by the technological development of other companies and find a field to show off in your industry. There is still much to be achieved. Remember that your competition may already use new technological solutions. Don't let yourself be left behind.

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written by

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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