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How this company has found the right CRM, integrated the system and started growing sales.

written by

Mateusz Pliszka

Customer Consulting at SoftwareSupport

The company on CRM implementation/integration

Let’s look at a few words from Marcin Zieliński, the Head of Sales at Grupa Terytorium about the implementation/integration process:

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SoftwareSupp: What are the monetary benefits you observe after the CRM system’s implementation?

Marcin: It’s a little bit too early to quote exact monetary benefits, I think these will be able to say after closing the 1Q of 2020. However, no doubt that this implementation and CRM system overall will bring us an increase in revenue.

SoftwareSupp: What are the time benefits you observe after the CRM system’s implementation?

Marcin: I haven’t calculated this in detail but it’s at least 2 hours we save every day thanks to sales process structured in Pipedrive. In the month time, it’s even 40 hours.

SoftwareSupp: What’s your opinion on our CRM system implementation? How does it differ to other implementations you’ve experienced so far?

Marcin: SoftwareSupp is a great example of solid and reliable partner. The implementation process for our organization was extremely quick and efficient. Your representatives were really engaged, professional and helpful. The implementation/integration process was followed with an outstanding support period which only confirmed that was our good choice when looking for a tech partner. I’ll be happy to recommend these services to other companies.
Time of the project: 1 month
Scope of the project:
  • CRM implementation
  • Sales process building
  • Data migration
  • Slack integration
  • Team training

Effect: CRM successfully implemented and team trained on using the system

Grupa Terytorium was looking for ways to manage its contacts and sales. One of the methods to do this was to use a CRM system. Grupa Terytorium didn’t have any idea which CRM system to choose and more importantly how to implement and integrate it across the organization.

Using SoftwareSupp, Grupa Terytorium has found the right CRM solution based on the needed features and integrations. It was able to test Pipedrive CRM for an extended trial period. Finally, it was assigned a dedicated expert specialized in Pipedrive in the company’s location. He helped them implement the software, train the team on its use and configure the solution based on the company’s needs and requirements.

After 1 month, Grupa Terytorium is using CRM software every day, growing its sales and saving time spent on manual tasks thanks to proper software’s configuration and access to all the information in one place, including leads’ sources, companies’ data such as their revenues, activities, email opens, clicks or decision-makers. Grupa Terytorium was able to cut its costs of CRM implementation by even 10x thanks to CRM expert/freelancer, instead of using a large company’s service. Also, it was able to grow sales pipeline and revenues thanks to effective and quick CRM implementation.

Technology options for small and medium teams

Finding and implementing the new technology in your business once your team has grown to some extent can be a painful process. Browsing through multiple solutions available on the market, identifying needs within your organization to allow for proper technology configuration, finding the right person or company to support you in the implementation/integration process. All of these take time, effort, and human resources and can distract your organization from the main operational focus.

That’s something a local Polish company — Grupa Terytorium faced when looking for a CRM solution for their 10-people sales team. Grupa Terytorium is one of the leading local marketing equipment producers and distributor specializing in marketing materials produced for local and international companies.

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They’re selling to some of the leading international businesses, including Tesco, Coca Cola, or LG Electronics. The company was looking for ways to grow sales to new regions and industries, so they decided to invest in the technology that would help them manage their sales pipeline and reach more customers.

CRM implementation/integration

Marcin, Head of Sales at the company was looking through different CRM solutions available on the market through Google and comparison websites, searching for the best fit based on Grupa Terytorium’s business needs: user-friendliness, easy integration with other solutions, user permissions and costs scaling with the growing team.

Even 63% of CRM initiatives fail.

Data, Strategy, Technology.

With 63% of CRM implementation failure rates, it’s crucial to find the right partner guiding the company through the effective implementation process.

He reached out to SoftwareSupp to help him in the process, so we assisted in finding the right CRM fit (Pipedrive). We acted as the local partner and consultant to support the company in the implementation/integration process to grow sales pipeline and automate manual work, including:

  • Database structuring/upload (remote process)
  • Sales process structuring (designed based on guidelines)
  • System’s configuration
  • Email integration (group email)
  • Calendar integration
  • Permissions
  • Workflow automation
  • Onsite team training

Database structuring/upload

As always, the first step to an effective CRM use is filling it with the data. With Grupa Terytorium already having the customer information stored in the Excel files, what we needed to do was to process the stored information, structure it and prepare to be uploaded to the CRM system.

After providing the files through a secured online form, we could start working on the data structuring. As a result, we have successfully filled in the CRM system with the contacts, their names, email addresses, organizations they’re related to and many more.

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Thanks to proper data structuring, Grupa Terytorium is now able to effectively filter through its prospects, depending on the industry or lead acquisition source (e.g. selected trade shows). They also have a products’ database inside their CRM system, letting them filter through the available products and connect them with the deals in their sales pipeline.

Consequently, the company can successfully create, manage and quote deals based on the value of products sold. This helps Grupa Terytorium calculate and forecast the value of their sales, helping the team close more sales by focusing on larger deals and saving time on manual sales calculation.

Sales process structuring

The next step was answering the question — why the company even needed a CRM system? Often one of the major answers is — to have the team follow a structured sales process.

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That was also the case for Grupa Terytorium Without a CRM the company’s sales were pretty chaotic. Even though the company had some kind of sales process in place, this wasn’t something that could be scaled easily with new team members joining.

Hence, the next step in the CRM implementation was structuring the sales process. This involved setting up pipelines and deal stages to represent the current company’s sales planning.

System’s configuration

CRM should work for your team, not your team work for the CRM. This may sound obvious but most often, it’s the other way around with the team finding taking notes of activities, contacts, and emails a painful process, rather than actual help.

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With Pipedrive’s flexible approach, setting up and configuring a CRM system to precisely match your team members’ needs becomes easier than ever.

Some of the work we’ve done for the customer included setting up custom fields, configuring stages’ probabilities or filters. All of these, when connected with the company’s business knowledge means a huge time saving for the team and support in daily work.

Email integration

Once you’re set up with the process and configuration, it’s time to start communicating with your prospects/customers. One of the most important steps to effective CRM use is integrating your CRM software with an email system. We supported the company in the proper integration of every team member’s mailbox, helping them make the most out of emailing the customers. After the implementation, the team can:

  • Send emails directly from CRM
  • Track email clicks and opens
  • Use pre-defined templates instead of copying and pasting the templates from other sources
  • Send group emails with custom fields instead of writing the same email to every person
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This helps the team become more effective, grow sales through proper lead identification (e.g. sending offers on clicks/opens) and save time on manual email sending.

Calendar integration

Managing your schedule of sales calls and meetings is a crucial element of every sales person’s job. Naturally, all of us plan our activities using our own calendar. But once we have a CRM system in place, we want to keep both CRM and calendar in sync.

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With CRM and calendar integration, the team can monitor their work schedule within a CRM. Also, all the company’s CRM activities are synced with the team’s Google Calendar.

This saves tons of time on manual calendar entries. Also, with the Pipedrive meeting scheduler, the team can propose the meetings’ time straight from a CRM system, without the need to manually set up a convenient time for the meeting.


Working within an organization is much easier, once the whole team has access to the system and knows what’s happening in an organization (transparency). But sometimes, we don’t want everybody to have access to all the information we store in our business.

That’s when permissions come in place, allowing us to set access to specific information for particular users or user groups. With the proper permissions’ set up, the company can manage access to specific deal groups (e.g. not disclosing customer names to all team members).

Workflow automation

Some of the tasks we do in our daily work as well as in our CRM are repetitive and can be automated. But how to do it?

That’s where Pipedrive’s Workflow Automation comes in place, letting us set actions triggering another action in our CRM, like data entry or email outreach.

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In Grupa Terytorium, the sales team operates divided into industries (different salespeople handling different industries). With the automation in place, the organizations and deals from specific industries are automatically assigned to the right salesperson.

Onsite team training

The most common reason for CRM implementation failures is lack of team knowledge/training and the team not actually using a CRM in their daily work.

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Training is likely the most important part of the proper software/CRM implementation process. With the team knowing how to handle the system, everything becomes much easier. The team knows uses the system in their daily work, which increases the number of data entries and provides the businesses with an opportunity for data analytics.

For Grupa Terytorium, we provided on-site training with the whole team, supported by individual support sessions to solve the most common issues during the post-implementation process.

Grupa Terytorium after the implementation and integration

Proper implementation and integration of the CRM system now mean additional revenue and time saving for the company. With the proper system in place, the team can now handle all the customer and lead conversations in one place, calculate the forecasted sales and plan sales activities for months, quarters or years.

Every CRM implementation ends with the support period and NPS measurement to ensure the company is actually using the system. Also, the system needs to be constantly reconfigured based on changing company’s needs and new team members joining.

For Grupa Terytorium, the implementation turned out to be successful with the reported NPS (Net Promoter Score — how likely will the company recommend the services to their friends) of 8.5.

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written by

Mateusz Pliszka

Customer Consulting at SoftwareSupport

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