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CRM system change with native integration - steps for a proper database migration

written by

Michał Tracz

CRM Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

The project concerned the dental industry. The company for which we have implemented the project deals with the consolidation of the stomatologic market. The client needed an appropriate tool to manage the sales funnel. Due to the growing requirements, the customer wanted to change the management software from Monday to Pipedrive. Currently, the customer uses Woodpecker to send emails. After the management system change and database migration, Woodpecker had to be integrated with the Pipedrive CRM- it was performed through Zapier.

Project scope:

  • Monday data export
  • Adjustment of data to match target structure
  • Pipedrive data import
  • Woodpecker integration

Time of the project: 20h

Effect: Implementation of a more advanced tool to increase the possibilities of automating daily tasks and creating extensive reports.

My practical knowledge of Pipedrive implementation and external integrations contributed to I was hired to complete this project. Before becoming a Pipedrive Certified Specialist, I was dealing in broadly understood sales for over ten years. Experience in working in sales helps me understand the client's needs better. Daily, I implement CRM systems and adapt them to a specific company in a given industry.

The combination of an analytical sales approach with the knowledge of Pipedrive CRM allowed, among other things, to manage data after placing it in the software easily. Undoubtedly, the challenge was the technical aspect of getting the proper data transferred to the Woodpecker program. We had to use an additional automation tool. - Michał Tracz, SoftwareSupp Freelancer

Database migration expert’s tasks

  • Pipedrive account creation and configuration
  • Adding fields according to the client's guidelines
  • Native Woodpecker -> Pipedrive integration
  • Integration via Zapier on the Pipedrive -> Zapier -> Woodpecker line

Monday to Pipedrive database migration

Database migration concerned the transfer of information about current leads along with the marking of the cooperation stage. Monday is a project management software. It is a free and intuitive tool that allows monitoring of the progress of your work. Using Monday, users may manage and control the company's activities and employees' work.

Monday CRM software Dashboard
Monday Dashboard

A properly implemented CRM solution can yield an ROI of 45% per dollar invested, Readwrite, 2020

In my opinion, Pipedrive is a much more extensive system that allows a broader look at automation. Thus serves a wide range of facilities that save time for the employee. The layout is clear and fully customizable. First of all, we can take advantage of additional fields that help adapt the software to our needs with ease. By using automation features, we can quickly find the specific data and transfer them to the integrated software. A huge benefit, in the case of Pipedrive CRM, is extensive reports. Thanks to them, users can use filters to display the required information ably.

Pipedrive CRM Sales opportunities Dashboard
Pipedrive dashboard

In order to enable the client to use Pipedrive to manage work in the company, I had to set up an account and configure it properly. The next stage of the project assumed export data from Monday and prepared them for Pipedrive import. Due to differences in the data format, I had to remove the Monday tags after exporting. Later, after giving the appropriate data structure, it was uploaded to the target system. The described tasks were completed within 13 hours of work. For this project, the following information has been transferred:

  • company name
  • contact details
  • information about the company in the form of comments and notes
  • Added Snippets to Woodpecker in additional fields, which I also imported from the table

The client decided for database migration and change the internal system because his requirements regarding available functions increased. As the company grew, the expectations of the advancement of the downloaded reports also rose. Essentially, Pipedrive offers a wide range of possibilities to create reports on work results, unique campaigns, and sales-marketing activities.

Woodpecker integration

Woodpecker is a marketing automation tool. It is responsible for cold mailing and follow-up mailing to potential customers. Woodpecker can be easily adapted to CRM systems or by using Zapier.

Woodpecker was natively connected with Pipedrive -without any middleware. After the campaign is over, it sends details to Pipedrive, mainly:

- Did the email arrive?

- Has it been opened?

Native integration means direct integration via application programming interfaces (APIs). It enables a smooth flow of information between applications, which results in easier access to them.

However, we have also created a reverse integration by Zapier. Thus when the customer enters a contact into Pipedrive, the database in Woodpecker is automatically created or updated.

The client will use this integration to heat up cold leads that are in the database, but:

  • currently, they are not interested in the offer
  • the connection has been lost
  • are undecided

The CRM integration along with data migration was estimated in advance at 20h of integration consultant work. Before the project started, our client could look through the expert’s profile to check recommendations, certifications and previous work completed. This project resulted in the possibility to plan sales more effectively. The client received the advanced CRM implemented. Automation of activities and appropriate programs facilitating planning and sending emails brought on time saved on everyday activities.

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written by

Michał Tracz

CRM Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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