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Best 3 WIX Live Chats and How to Install Them

written by

Mateusz Pliszka

Customer Consulting at SoftwareSupport

  1. Tidio Chat
  2. LiveChat
  3. Formilla Chat

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How to install any live chat on your WIX website?

If you are running your website on WIX, you should know that you can actually use any live chat solution. For example, if you want to use Smartsupp, which we have reviewed this week, you just have to:1) Copy the Smartsupp code2) Add an HTML code block to your WIX website3) Paste the Smartsupp code4) Pin it to the right bottom corner of the screen5) Set the horizontal and vertical offset depending on your needs6) Set the option to show it on all pagesAnd there you go, the live chat is available on all of your subpages.

Integrated vs. non-integrated live chats for WIX

So does it mean any live chat solution may be good for your website? Definitely not. The problem is that even though you can easily put any live chat to work with WIX, there are some bugs and issues if WIX does not provide a special integration. So e.g. the HTML window you use to set up chat on your web page takes a lot of space, even if you don’t have a chat window opened. What does it mean? It means that if something is located behind your HTML window, the user won’t be able to click it which is unacceptable if you want your website to look professional.WIX integrates natively with numerous other applications. This is why we present you the ranking of the 3 best live chat solutions which are best integrated with WIX so they provide a special plugin you can install directly on your WIX website.

#3 Formilla Live Chat

Formilla offers a live chat integrated into WIX system with the basic free version for one-person teams. How does the integration works?After you create the account, in your WIX editor, you just go to the apps market and add Formilla application to your website. Then, a chat window is added to your page and all you need to do is connect it with your Formilla account through settings. You also get access to the quite extensive customization options in a WIX panel, so you can personalize the fonts as well as colors of your chat window.

Formilla Live Chat
Formilla live chat

Formilla live chat is rather basic but user-friendly live chat solution offering all the most important functions but not going into any advanced features. Apart from chatting with your visitors, you can create pre-chat forms, set basic auto responses and get the basic up to date information about the visitors currently browsing through your website. The reporting functionality is very limited with only basic statistics available so don’t count on any heavy data to optimize the work of your agents. You can also chat with your visitors on the go thanks to the Android and iOS applications. For a premium price starting at $11.99 per agent per month, it is definitely not the best live chat in terms of value-for-money but if you’re looking for a live chat well integrated with your WIX website, it might be worth considering.

#2 — LiveChat

LiveChat is another quite popular live chat solution which integrates seamlessly with WIX. As with Formilla, you only need to select the plugin on your website and connect it to created LiveChat account. Unfortunately, LiveChat provides only very basic settings within WIX platform so if you want to customize it in detail, you have to do it within the operator’s web platform.

Livechat chwali się przychodami. Spółka zmieni nazwę -

This chat solution is known especially for its user-friendliness as its interface is just extremely easy to use, with the built-in tutorial guiding you through each step of the installation and handling process. LiveChat comes in especially handy for e-commerce owners with implemented solutions like ticketing system which might help you handle multiple customer cases. It also provides you wide variety of options to track the impact of your chat conversations on realizing e-commerce goals.with $19 per month per agent which is quite expensive comparing to any other software .In the link, you can find our Full Detailed Review of LiveChat software.

#1 — Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat is the solution which is just perfect if you are looking for a live chat for your WIX website. It offers a free version for up to 3 operators, has a modern look and probably offers all the functionality you need.The installation is simple as always, you install the application from a WIX app market, and you’re ready to use the chat. But what’s great about Tidio Chat is that you get numerous options to customize your chat within WIX, so you don’t have to go to the Tidio’s dashboard so often to change any outlook like layout, colors or chat’s content. You can even enable and disable pre-chat survey directly from WIX panel.

Recenzja chatbota Tidio
Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat is an extremely comprehensive app for the price it offers. Apart from the free version which still has a decent functionality, the premium plan starts at $15 per month for each additional function plan meaning additional chat functions like setting opening hours or automation function, which is really well-designed when compared to other live chat solutions. It allows you to easily create events and triggers depending on your visitor’s activity on your website. So for example, if your visitor starts exiting your website, you can quickly send him a message if you can answer any question for him about the pricing. This is quite handy, especially for e-commerce owners as you can proactively react to the potential customers abandoning your website.

Tidio - a great free option to start chatting with WIX visitors

Another live chat solution which offers similar functionality is UserEngage.

UserEngage 2024 Overview: Pricing, Ratings & Details | TechnologyAdvice

Tidio gives you a whole set of functionality for free, e.g. you can collect feedback from your customers, share files with your visitors or easily switch between chat and e-mail messages if you happen to obtain your visitor’s e-mail. It might be quite useful that Tidio Chat integrates with your Facebook fan page, so you can handle any of your customer’s requests sent with Messenger, through Tidio platform. The platform comes in handy for beginning users and allows for a deep customization of your chat window which will look great on any modern WIX website. Summing up, Tidio is a perfect choice for those of you running a website or e-commerce store on WIX.

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written by

Mateusz Pliszka

Customer Consulting at SoftwareSupport

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